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09 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Question [HELP] v1.5 Manual: Questions regarding Insurgency

Hi everyone,

While translating the manual for v1.5 into Spanish, I came upon a few issues that seem unclear to me regarding Insurgency Mode. Maybe the wise among you can help me get a better picture:

The English version of v1.5 manual says:

The following list shows the amount of intelligence points gained or lost due to different actions.
  • Insurgent killed: +1 IP (within 300m)
  • Civilian or insurgent arrested: +10 IP
  • Civilian killed (violating rules of engagement): -5 IP
  • Destroying vehicles with civilian close (within 50m for the last 60 seconds) : -50 IP
  • Destroying unused civilian vehicles : -5 IP
Issue 1: Regarding "Insurgent killed: +1 IP (within 300m)"

a) What exactly means the "within 300m" part? That BLUFOR only gets IP if the insurgents are within 300m of the caché?
b) Does this mean that kills that happen further away from the caches yields no IP gain for BLUFOR? If that's the case, it kind of has huge implications for gameplay to merely be implied in the manual.

Issue 2: The newer manual includes this bit, which didn't appear in the older ones: "Destroying vehicles with civilian close (within 50m for the last 60 seconds) : -50 IP"

a) Is this information correct? -50 IP seems like A LOT, especially considering that killing a Civilian is -10 IP.
b) Is it correct that a civilian becomes a legitimate target if it enters a civilian car? If so, does this mean that what this rule tries to encourage is to have civilians hanging around in the vicinity of cars?

Issue 3: And finally, a different part of the manual* says:

A civilian will also be punished if he dies within 5m horizontally and 1.5m vertically of armed insurgents.
a) What exactly does this punishment refer to? Increase in spawn time? That they are counted as arrested by BLUFOR?

I appreciate your input!

*: Since Civilians basically are only relevant to the game mode Insurgency, I strongly feel that the description of the Civilian class should be included as part of the description of the Game Mode Insurgency, instead of as part of the description of Kits, as it currently is.
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