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20 Mar 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Bugs If you find a bug within PR:BF2 (including PRSP), please report it here.

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Old 2019-02-08, 13:15   #1

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Default [v1.5.5.2] IEDs disappearing

IEDs disappearing a few seconds after being planted.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Select Combat Engineer kit (Hamas or Taliban) or the pick-up IED kit for INS.
2. Place any manually activated IED
3. Wait a few seconds


Tested on

1st part was tested on the [CBPR #1] - Test Server. Map was Asad Khal - Skirmish - 16
2nd part was tested on a local server. Map was Fallujah West - Insurgency - 64

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Default Re: [v1.5.5.2] IEDs disappearing

Thanks for the report!
It is known issue and it's already fixed for v1.6 update.

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disappearing, ieds
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