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20 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2019-02-09, 21:34   #1
Military Militia
Default Missing some strategic soldier classes

I think in game missing some important characters. Many of units have relative same strategies but something original is not here.

1) Marine (Can swim fast, drive boats +20% akceleration speed, rotation in bots, can use water mines.)
- Effective againts all infantry, specialization river defense and patrol specialist.

2)Commisar (Motivate mens fight on death. Increase morale and on small moment in battle if use special item. He start motivate mans on fight. They mens close commisar refil 3x faster energy on sprint. He can carry AT- grenade.)
-Effective againts all infantry, effective againts light vehicles, support unit, assault boost unit

3)Assault Diver (Can swim fast on water and in water. He cant die under water. Carry C4 explosives, flares and can defuse water mines. Use weapon shooting underwater
-Effective againts all infantry, effective againts all ground vehicles, stealth assaulter

4) UAV Operator (Master of support. Something like right hand of commander. Can drive some drones in battlefield).
-Effective againts all infantry, effective strategy boost. Allow use next skills like what have commander
Equipment possible sellect (1):
-Assemble scout drone (small drone can fly at high altitudes, spotting enemy and can use laser designator)
-Assemble Stacionary Laser designator (very small scout dron can use laser designator and automatic without human hand can mark enemy vehicle every minute. Can be controled with player too.)
-Assemble Stacionary Antirocket system (This system of defense can destroy all rockets moving front. Can destroy 3 rockets.)
-Assemble EOD dron (Can disable all types of explosion and can assist with repair friendly vehicles.)
-Call evac dron (UAV operator call for motorized drone. Start sound bomber fly near area and on parachute slowly drop on ground vehicle without guns but can take 2 pasagers and inside vehicle is pasager automaticaly healed. This drone is drived by AI but UAV operator can take lead on range 2 killometers. Vehicle can use smoke launchers, laser designator, thermal optic, and detector closest enemy units automatic show on minimap enemy units in range 30 meters near drone vehicle.)

5)Heavy Support Machinegunner (Equipment with big bag and heavy revolver. Can assemble or demount stationary Heavy machinegun. Time prepare machinegun 10, 15 seconds.)
-Effective againts all infantry, Effective againts light vehicles, Effective againts helicopters and boats.
-Without assembled machinegun effective againts light infantry units.

6)Heavy Support Grenadier (Equipment with big bag and heavy revolver. Can assemble or demount stationary Heavy Grenade Launcher. Time prepare 10, 15 seconds.)
-Exelent againts all infantry, Effective againts light vehicles.
-Without assembled Grenade launcher effective againts light infantry units.

7)Scout Recon (Sillenced weapons, equipment with C4 and anti-personel mines. Can place radio transmitter like trap on road or somewhere where he need. If enemy arive close this trap scout call airstrike, bomber hit with 250KG bomb precise this radio transmitter and destroy enemy infantry on long range and on short range enemy heavy tanks. 10 second time for arive bomber)
-Effective againts all infantry units. Stealth assaulter. If infiltrate enemy base, effective againts all ground units.

Combat Mechanic (Equipment like pilot but with big bag with some tools. Can repair any vehicle, have some smoke grenades for protect self under fire while repairing friendly tanks.)
-Effective againts light infantry units. Can cover self thanks some smoke grenades.
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Last edited by Military Militia; 2019-02-09 at 22:05.. Reason: Added Heavy machinegunner and Heavy Grenadier. Scout Recon, Combat Mechanic.
Old 2019-02-09, 22:06   #2
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Default Re: Missing some strategic soldier classes

Good suggestion but in all, time is precious

tl:dr time is precious

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Old 2019-02-09, 22:21   #3
PR:BF2 Developer
Project Reality Beta Tester
Default Re: Missing some strategic soldier classes

Good suggestion but most of them are not possible without modifying the core engine.
tl;dr no fastropes

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