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02 Dec 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality WWII modification.

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Exclamation Re: WW2 sucks for the germans

Originally Posted by chupachupp View Post
I wonder if the idea of allowing two MG's per squad in the Wehrmacht it's worth trying.
The MG 34 and MG42 kits plus 2 HMGs for the super FOBs. Players don't use everything that is available to them. Then when they do have it, they don't use it the most effective way possible.

Too much Call of Duty minded programming on players waiting to see something to shoot it, hit up all camouflage and areas enemy could move behind till you see anything suspect.

They never learned real tactics, and while never trying out the real tactics they seem to object to firing randomly for giving off their location. When the obvious thing is to move or allow yourself as bait for some friendly in view of you with tank shell spread to also be equal bait.

That is 3 MG42 possible plus MG34. You can get 4 HMG emplacements 200 meters from each other. so 6 possible.
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