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07 Apr 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Coop & Singleplayer Suggestions and feedback pertaining to Project Reality Single Player.

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Old 2019-07-30, 15:40   #11
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Re: Please add SP option

Originally Posted by Michael Z Freeman View Post
Is there some advantage or difference of the "SP" mode over the usual Coop mode ?
Yes, teams are split even regardless of bot number unlike gpm_coop with the 48 bots on team1 limit. But the thing to do here is to fix that limit, not reintroduce a half-functioning remnant of BF1942 which is what SP in BF2 was.

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Default Re: Please add SP option

Increasing the max bot count for team 1 over 48 would be nice Outlawz.

The biggest problem i see with 1eam1's 48 bots maxlimit is the respawn time. Bots cannot GIVE UP to repawn. They waiting the whole time till the timecounter hits 0.

Increasing the respawn time result in easy gameplay without challenge. Humans caping the flags really quick without or very low resistence (bots still waiting for death) and the medic got more time to revive human players.

Having a low respawn time results in many stress for the medic and the bots keep coming.
On low server population the humans getting steamrolled when they use no firesupport from vehicles. Atleast when you play on botskill above 9 like we do.

I hope the PR Team find a way to increase the botcount.
If we got more bots on team1 (opfor), the respawn time could be increased without affecting the gameplay.


Your arty script hasn't any additional pythonscripts that reduce respawn time of everyone that wear a [R-BOT] tag???
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