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Default Re: [Weapon] Geballte Ladung 3kg [WIP]

Originally Posted by CTRifle View Post
If that pic is when youve already expanded the "border" area so you dont get bleeding, I would suggest packing it a little bit tighter. The texture should be 512x512, so might as well try to get as much detail as you can on the page. And its a box, so why don't you connect some of the faces that way you can get even scratches on an edge instead of doing it twice if you get what I mean. and if you do it this way, the pixel bleeding isnt as much to manage.
I'm not understanding the first part of your post. I should pack it tighter? Then won't I get more bleed? I understand you have to find a balance between getting the most space out of the sheet as possible while keeping reasonable gaps in between to prevent bleeding. That's what I tried to do.

And then could someone explain stitching to me? Obviously you pointed out the pros of doing so, but what are the cons? I had it stitched above before Lucky suggested I separate the faces. Just wondering what the meaning behind all of it is. Thanks for the help!

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Default Re: [Weapon] Geballte Ladung 3kg [WIP]

Alright, with regards to pixel bleeding, I always put a little color passed the UV map lines to be safe. But imo youre new UV is just a little far apart, its not a major thing, but up to you. Right now you have tons of space.

What I meant about the faces is, especially for the bigger faces (the sides) if you leave them stitched together, itll make a "smoother" texture as itll have more of a flow.

I don't really see any cons to stitching faces together unless they are sperate materials or colors. That would just make more workf or yourself.

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