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Old 2012-04-09, 02:30   #1
Default PR Arma cant get it working

Hello all,

I downloaded the latest PR Arma beta and when I double click on the exe it does nothing at all, I believe it is supposed to be the exe cause I only received 2 desktop icons, can anyone help a beginner set up my PR...thanks.
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Old 2012-04-09, 03:00   #2

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Default Re: PR Arma cant get it working

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Old 2012-04-10, 09:52   #3
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Default Re: PR Arma cant get it working

did you start Arma 2 + arma OA first?
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Old 2012-05-18, 18:33   #4
Default Re: PR Arma cant get it working

Did you ever get this fixed? I'm having the same problem where it doesn't show any errors, just the windows loading wheel for about a second.

Edit: Just to give some more detail on my problem.
-Non-steam (bought through Amazon) versions of each.
-Installed by default to the same folder
-Started the game with arma2.exe and arma2oa.exe
-Installed the 1.60 patch
-Installed PR:Arma2
Then when i double click on the PR exe file (both shortcut and the exe in the folder) it does nothing.
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Old 2012-05-19, 07:26   #5
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Default Re: PR Arma cant get it working

First off, where and how did you download the installer?
Second, did you uninstall the prior beta version first?
3rd, What directory is your Arma2 and Arma2 OA files installed in?

Use a hash checking program to check your file integrity:

Path                                            MD5 Hash                                   SHA-1 Hash
------------------------------------------      --------------------------------           ----------------------------------------
pr_a2_0150_beta_full_setup.exe                  EC4B20443E419305EFB33AF004F9488A           49C1C849CACB2C31A4CF87C267C087E09D292492

Otherwise, make sure you are logged in as admin, and run the installer as an admin.

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Old 2012-05-19, 14:06   #6
Default Re: PR Arma cant get it working

I had the same problem, just right clicked the icon and ran as administrator and it worked. Worth a shot.

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Old 2012-05-20, 19:37   #7
Default Re: PR Arma cant get it working

So I feel like an idiot. It was as easy as running the prarma exe as admin like Feenan said. Thanks for the help.
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arma, working
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