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28 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-02-10, 20:34   #11
Default Re: polish rifles OP

maybe its the lower full auto firerate makes the weapon easy to control but more effecive than a 3 round burst from a m4. and everyone knows that the m4a1 destroys people but the ROF is so high you use too much ammunition.

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Old 2018-02-11, 07:31   #12
Default Re: polish rifles OP

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Mineral View Post
So you are saying there is nothing wrong with the gun's settings we gave it, but you are still mad? Let's just check the files

So we can see that it's performing worse than the AK74. So what exactly do you want us to do? Give them fewer guns?

Well, good luck on whatever it is you're working on now. No one is putting down your hard work thought KCCO. It's just a game.

I don't think you understood the intent of my original message though, it wasn't about the setting of the gun it was about the gameplay experience and how vastly different it is playing as polish factions compared to that of other factions. Have a good rest of your career man. Take it easy. laters PR
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Old 2018-02-12, 19:45   #13

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Default Re: polish rifles OP

So the numbers are saying it has MORE recoil than the AK but less SWAY?

If I'm to understand this topic properly it has more damage than an M4 and is easier to control than an AK? This is balanced?

I feel there is not enough value given to those "small amount" of differences. The gun feels stronger ingame and the numbers seem to show that it is in-fact over tweaked, or were those numbers being used to defend the current state?

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Old 2018-02-12, 19:59   #14
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Default Re: polish rifles OP


It shares the same projectile with the M4, so it does the same damage.

The up-recoil is in the same ballpark as other 5.56'ers, however it always has the same up-recoil value whereas other weapons have a minimum and a maximum, making them a bit less predictable.
I don't know what happened to the side recoil, it runs on a 1.5x modifier. which makes it really akward.

Fixing this doesn't take more than 3 minutes.

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Old 2018-02-15, 14:51   #15
Default Re: polish rifles OP

Deal with with it people. I don't my polish forces to be nerfed by some random dudes talking about how OP their rifles are. Maybe in close combat this weapon is really good but that's how it is.
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Old 2018-02-15, 17:34   #16

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Default Re: polish rifles OP

Ok, first off all some random dudes have been here 5+ years so ya. Secondly the weapon is much easier to shoot and land hits with than any other weapon currently in the game, the DMG is less than an AK but not enough that the weapon handling doesn't put it above and beyond.

I'm sure there are numbers concerning the performance of the weapons on live servers, so while we have a pretty good understanding of how the weapon looks on paper there is an X factor that comes into play when you combine the weapons merits and throw them into a players hand.

To ignore this many people is to stick your head in the sand. New accounts calling 6+ year members of the community "random dudes" is edgy and cool.

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Old 2018-08-10, 17:34   #17

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Default Re: polish rifles OP

While on the topic of things that might be OP. What about BUIS for the magnified EoTech Sights? Can we expect to ever see that?

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