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29 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Default One-Life Event 2

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Default Re: One-Life Event 2

I'm stuck at 1:40 thinking - is it worth my time to watch If I continiue (TL;DR - basically after first two minutes I feel like I've seen this terrible uncoordinated mess happen to me in most terrible games in mega PUB mode a lot of times before; so why experience it again?).

Damn, the feels must be strong knowing that this kind of match should be at least semi organized (at least with SL's... although nowadays noone would probably bother for that kind of setup: I mean, why go only semi-organized if there still be one vital missing component (a guy who at least uses the spotting/providing intel actively by being a commnader)). Fuck it, two many words.

Ok, guys, this is one life event - one life, one chance, one victory, let's fucking gooooo!!!

00:14 - video starts, you can instantly hear the chopper to the west, anyway squad just chilling in da friendly emplacements (foxholes, TOW, AA)
00:20 by the looks of the squad composition it seems they have 2 active anti air units - a hand held AA and an emplacement;
00:24 - squad mate basically angry at the SL/squad who/that as it seems doesn't give a shit (I kno that feelz brah)
00:30 yep, CAS casually sneaks up and point-n-clicks a hellfire on one of your squad mates (10 seconds ago - 2 active AA's, after the hellfire - just the handheld is active; though the hellfire didn't destroy the AA emplacement as it's seen in squad list - only the guy who is the autor of the vid got splashed).
- should I continiue? whythehellnot, maybe at the end this will be the essence of the greatest low-pub-level experiences put together in one awesome experience
01:16 squad leader is saying something (you can't really understand though you understand it's english)
01:19 mortars landing near their squad - at least it's bit of a silence after the initial "morrrtarrrss!"
01:29 "ok, gonna hide from rain of mortar projectiles under these wooden stairs" (because of chances, fuck chances)
08:13 this video is officially "my worse PR experience mixtape compilation" (only thumbs up I give the medic for getting the squad back on its feet and doing SLs job after SL dies in the beginning of the vid)

Now I'm really sad because I came here with expectations of excitement (therefore some interesting SL'ing) and people actually AT LEAST roleplaying for their lives. But I understand, it also could have been a emotionally negative experience for the player who expected something (out of his squadleader, as come to my conclusions after watching his part in this vid).

Anyway, was it so bad as it seemed from watching this vid?
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Default Re: One-Life Event 2

Originally Posted by Mouthpiece View Post
Anyway, was it so bad as it seemed from watching this vid?
Join the next One-Life event and find out.

Maybe you can show us how to play as a SL.

PRTA - Project Reality Teamwork Alliance
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Heavy Death

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Default Re: One-Life Event 2

As jevb said, visit us. Tge third one was a bit more organised and next time we are going on an open map with long visibility

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event, onelife
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