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20 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2016-06-20, 01:15   #1
PR Server License Administrator
Default PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

One-Life Event - Shijia Valley

PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Factory Setting | 18:00 PRT, 25th of JUNE 2016

Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: contact
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT, 25th of JUNE 2016

The situation

In the war between NATO and the communist states, a cease-fire agreement was held in the Shijia Valley area granting civilians some time to evacuate the cities; however, the valley is a powerful industrial area with a mine and a power plant in question and the railroad now under the control of local NATO forces.

PLA's 6th division is approaching the western bank of the river in order to hold strategically valuable land under their control for the duration of the conflict, but the UK's 1st Bat. of the Royal Anglian Regiment, otherwise known as "Vikings" is stationed on the eastern side, with armour and air support available from other battalions deployed in the region.

The cease-fire lifts in the early hours of the morning and both sides are well prepared for full-on contact. The Vikings' task is to hold as much ground as possible, preferably on the western bank - dependent on the decision of the high command as to which course of action is taken. PLA 6th's interest is gaining control of the western bank and ideally releasing the railroad from NATO hands, thus making the eastern part accessible in the current battle and in the future.

One life?

Fight in the upcoming One-Life event and be a part of one the most thrilling rounds of PR you have ever played! Every decision you make on the battlefield might be your last, as there is no forgiveness with the no-respawn policy. Work closely with your squad mates, keep them alive and listen to every order your squad leader gives you, take your squad on an epic and immersive path to victory as a squad leader or even command the battle if you can take the pressure. Tactical movement, situational awareness, suppression, retreating and many other skills are vital to the well-being of your squad and team. Remember, the lives of others depend on your actions!

One-Life, or perma-death events are created to bring you the ultimate emotional experience PR has to offer. Although the events have a slightly altered game mechanics, the core gameplay stays exactly the same. However, competitiveness and continuous action take the back seat to the incredible adrenaline rush of having just one shot at the mission and planning every move with utmost care.


Once you give up, or the revive timer hits zero and you are forced to respawn (you get 1 on the death count), you are not eligible to play any more and will be automatically removed from the server with a temporary ban for the duration of the event.

There are no other rules (except standard PRTA Server Rules), so the outcome is completely in the hands of the team.

Additional tweaks
  • Round timer set to 4 hours. If neither team is victorious by this time, tickets will be the judge, resulting in a "Minor Victory" for the winning side, as opposed to "Complete Victory", if all the flags had been captured.
  • Automatic temporary ban of dead players. There will be no way to respawn after you die as you will be temporarily banned from the server which lasts for the duration of the round.
  • Start timer is increased to 5 minutes. This gives more time for the teams to prepare their strategy and roles. Squads can be created at 4 minutes.
  • Wounded time is back to default of 5 minutes. Due to client-bound restrictions, the time to revive fallen/critically wounded soldiers stays 5 minutes.
  • Revive time is increased to 15 minutes. After a soldier is revived, he will be killed instantly if shot to death again. After 15 minutes, he will regain the option of critically wounded. This encourages medevac actions back to main.
  • Tickets reduced to 200 per side. Tickets are now an additional end-game factor as they represent overall army morale. Deaths of soldiers, loss of vehicles and loss of ground will have a negative impact on the side you are playing on and in the case of losing tickets/breaking morale, the army forfeits the battle and surrenders.
  • Minimum number of players to capture an objective is increased to 4. You will need 4 players on the objective in order to start capping. The speed of capping has also been reduced by 30%.
  • Scoring is disabled.
  • Rally points are disabled. To prevent any transport exploit and to increase realism.
  • FOB placement needs CO approval.
  • Only 2 FOBs per team. To place an FOB, 3 large crates are needed and for deployables, additional 3 large crates are needed. Double the value with small crates. You can now deploy statics up to 300m from the FOB, if the necessary crates are in 200m range.
  • Max static deployables is 50 per team. This includes foxholes, razorwires, sandbags etc. A team has 50 in total at disposal, they all can be used on one FOB or split in any manner if 2 FOBs are built.
  • 2 TOWs, 2 AAs, 8 HMGs, 3 Mortars. As with deployables, that is the total avaliable number per team and they can be used in any combination between built FOBs, except mortars, which have to be bound to one.
  • Max 3 hideouts. Due to guerilla nature of insurgent/rebel factions, they have more freedom.[/SIZE]
  • CO artillery is not allowed. Due to metagame and indestructabilty. Mortar count has been increased to counter this.

after the event would be much appreciated and can be posted here <Link will be updated soon>.


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― Douglas Adams
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Old 2016-06-20, 08:16   #2
Heavy Death

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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

ProTips - 5 minutes to revive now places much more priority on the casualties. Squads should be even more careful when moving and engaging.
15 minutes after revive, the wounded is vulnerable to certain death. Ofcourse decisions are at the SL's discretion, but sending people back to main as medevac for a 10 minute rest should not be out of the question.
Having only 200 tickets on each side brings a new perspective. Pulling back and forfeiting gained land while inflicting casualties might lose you 30tx, but your force is at full strenght... or maybe hold and defend at all costs but risk losing lives AND the flag, if it gets overrun. The goal should be gaining positions by removing the enemy presence from the area. How it is done is up to players.

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Old 2016-06-20, 09:58   #3
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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

Nice! Shame I can't join that day. Hope there will be more events like this in the future!

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Old 2016-06-20, 19:08   #4

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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

Really nice ! Hope I can make it ! Last time was awesome (minus the server crash)

Com Sink Pack Ram Set M-O-S 92 H-Tack Offspeck Pattywhack

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Old 2016-06-21, 07:47   #5
Heavy Death

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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

Servers should be more reliable now.

Also additional tweaks in regards to FOB mechanics will be implemented. Keep an eye on the OP in the next day or two.

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Old 2016-06-22, 17:07   #6
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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

Will all the assets be claimed by clans? Or is there a chance of playing APC or tank without being in a clan or speaking a strange language (looking at you finland)
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Old 2016-06-23, 05:57   #7
Heavy Death

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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

Whoever makes the squad first, so there is a chance.

On a side note, new FOB tweaks are set, but haven't been tested yet. Should be done today.

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Old 2016-06-23, 08:41   #8
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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

Is this similar to Squad Ops?
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Old 2016-06-23, 09:56   #9
Heavy Death

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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

It is indeed similar, but on a grander scale and with decisions fully in leaders hands. Although scenario events will come eventually.

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Old 2016-06-23, 23:22   #10
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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Shijia Valley - June 25th 1800PRT

Vehicles should not be used again after re-spawn IMO. I doesn't make sense that a tank squad dies but the team keeps returning to main to get tanks although there's only 6 players left. Trans chopper alike. Be careful with what you've got, you can't get it back.
I think the temp ban is a shame. Getting thrown out of the game to the server list from a game you've been a part of and care for just like that, like you weren't even there is not ideal for me. I suggest people who're no longer part of the game leave their squads and for example gather outside main (like dead chess pieces) and follow the game from there, talking local and staying the fuck of all/team-chat. The enemy team doesn't need to know how many units are left on the opposing team anyway. Crowd control (dead people: chatting/wandering about/joining squads) will be a slight problem for admins, but use no-tolerence temp ban for that after rules are given.
I know that I presented a harder solution, but it sucks to be thrown out on the server list like that. The purpose is served when the dead chess pieces are off the board. Not necessarily off the server; that is "unnecessary evil"
Thank you PRTA - more of this.
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