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18 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Finnish Defense Forces Discussion pertaining to the PR Finnish Defense Forces faction.

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Old 2013-08-20, 11:09   #1
Default [Sound] Discussion about the situation

There seems to be progress on almost every required field in the FDF-project, but I was wondering what is the current status of the voice acting of the soldiers, vehicle and gun sounds?

Soldier voice acting
I'v got couple of friends that have access to a recording studio of the Stadi Ammattiopisto here in Helsinki, and from what I'v heard, there is a chance that it could be used for the soldier voice acting. We could maybe record with our crappy mics some example shouts to see if we have a manly-enough voice to record some commands - volunteers?

Also do we need multiple voice actors for different classes or just one? I'm quite new to the game so I'v not heard that much difference in class voice acting, thus presuming that they are made by one guy.

Vehicle sounds
Now I believe these are tricky ones to get without any hideous background noise, but just to check: does someone have access to the mentioned vehicles mentioned on the design plan? Someone with more experience could tell if that is even possible, with access to similar or exact vehicles, to record the starting, acceleration, horn etc. sounds for in-game usage? Personally, if they just resemble close enough to the vehicle in hand, it is just fine to use perhaps existing sounds.

Gun sounds
I guess same goes here, getting access to record these gun sounds might be tricky. But the RK for example is based on AK-47, so using some clips from that gun might be a possibility..? What are your thoughts on that, could they be perhaps later on be updated to real RK sounds, or are we gonna go for the real deal here?

Ambient sounds
I believe from reading other community mods that these are not in so much of a thing to be looked at, as the ambient seems to be coming from real gunshots in the game and splash, birds going up in the air etc sounds are working well as they are. I guess there is no need to record any ambient sounds, as the wind does not sound so different here in Finland then in anywhere else
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Old 2013-08-20, 12:10   #2
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Default Re: [Sound] Discussion about the situation

Currently we have someone with access to a studio, and some samples, but every bit of help, helps So we'd love to hear some samples from your recordings.

We need atleast 3 different voice actors; grunt, squad leader and commander.

Vehicle & Gun sounds are a bit tricky, [R-DEV]-=anders=- has sound samples from the Valmet M62 (semi-auto export version of the RK62). So we're hoping to tweak and use those for the assault rifles.

Ambient sounds are of course always nice to have, to increase the authenticity and immersion on our maps. Currently we do not have anyone recording ambient sounds tho.

Hop on to our IRC channel to discuss in more detail, that's where you'll find us 24/7

#fdfpr @ QuakeNet you can use either an IRC client like mIRC or X-Chat, or you can use a browser webchat

FDF Looking for Modellers, Mappers, Texture artists and Exporters!
#fdfpr @ QuakeNet or PM Hulabi
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Old 2013-08-20, 18:21   #3

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Default Re: [Sound] Discussion about the situation

@Jared if you have some voice talents then record and send samples. These sounds what we have right now isnt enough. We need 2 more guys.

FDF Looking for Modellers, Mappers, Textureartists and Exporters! #fdfpr @ QuakeNet orPM Hulabi
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