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22 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Clans For all things regarding teams and clans within PR:BF2

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Default Official Project Reality Tournament Teams

Campaign 10 Recruiting!
Official Project Reality Tournament

Designed for newcomers and hardened veterans alike, this campaign is all you need to play PR on its highest level in a competitive environment. The Project Reality tournament will show you how the mod is meant to be played!

In this large-scale campaign, the powerful Pan-Atlantic Coalition (PAC) is fighting against the glorious Eastern Military Federation (EMF). Both teams will play specific factions throughout the campaign and work to overcome their foe in both the AAS and Insurgency game modes.

In the past weeks, we ran a little Signature Contest for both teams and we are proud to present you the lucky winners (one pick from each rank per team):



Join the tournament and work your way up the ranks! Contribute to intelligence gathering, battle-planning, training and practice organization, create team propaganda and above all - play lots of PR!

  • Find new friends to play with - from all over the world!
  • Battles take place every two weeks, Saturdays at 19:00 PR Time.
  • Training sessions are organized by teams and squads.
  • Two new teams: "Pan-Atlantic Coalition" (PAC) and "Eastern Military Federation" (EMF).
  • Dynamic campaign board that requires strategy and planning between battles to win the campaign. Read more here!
  • Extensive forums and teamspeak infrastructure for preparation, communication and organization for both teams.
  • Training and battle servers.
  • ... and much more!

Make sure you apply in time to get a slot in one of the teams! Check here to get more info on the sign-ups. Right now, we have around 4 slots open for each team.

Register & Sign Up Now!

Feedback from current team members:
Originally Posted by [PR]EMF|Aleon
I have been playing PR for a while now, but never really became part of the community. The first month of PRT was really exciting, I've never imagined the community is so vibrant and organized. It was quite a surprise to see how many people know each other.

As far as playing in the tournament goes, we obviously had a rough start (loosing all our training-, and prep-battles). Preparing for Ia Drang was kinda stressful, but really fun as well. I don't think planning was ever so exciting. The officers worked hard, the grunts trained hard, and with a bucket of luck we managed to actually win our first battle in the tournament. It's an awesome feeling to have all our work put in yield result. You bet we're all looking forward to our next fight.
Originally Posted by [PR]PAC|Chip0
The PR Tournament C10 is the most challenging and rewarding experience that a PR player can do today. The battles are fought and balanced and both teams are aggressive and talented. I'm a very proud PAC soldier. After two narrow wins in prep-battles, we lost the first battle of the tournament, in the jungle of Ia Drang, but I'm sure that we'll strike back stronger than ever. My squad is Fox (Recon); it's a great squad, with outstanding leaders and players; we're having great fun playing together in the tourney and pubbing too.

PR Tournament Website
How-To Sign-Up
Tournament FAQ
Tournament Rules
Battle & Practice Schedule

IRC: server: | channel: prtournament (autoconnect)

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to get the latest information on the tournament. Know exactly when the sign ups are announced and be always updated on the battle cycles.

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Default Re: Official Project Reality Tournament Teams

awesome work on the video editing

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Old 2014-12-09, 10:28   #3
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Default Re: Official Project Reality Tournament Teams

^Great stuff

I'd like to throw in my unofficial contributions:

A sign up (music) video -

and a poster of my squad -

The PRT is really running very smoothly and we've had some great trainings and battles.

Cheers, Murkey.

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Old 2014-12-09, 11:29   #4

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Default Re: Official Project Reality Tournament Teams

Like Murkey said,

PR Tournament Campaign 10 is going awesome so far with balanced teams and hardwork put by tournament admins.

If you are looking for teamwork, friendship and a high level of PR Gameplay experience, join the Campaign 10 while there are slots available for both teams.

PS: Join EMF! It's fun!

Kudos to our glorious commander Age for designing this poster.

Fortune favors the insane
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Old 2015-01-01, 12:35   #5
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Default Re: Official Project Reality Tournament Teams

Bump Bump! We're back in business, christmas break is almost over! Join now.

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Old 2015-01-19, 07:57   #6
Default Re: Official Project Reality Tournament Teams

Looks interesting, I will try it out!
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Default Re: Official Project Reality Tournament Teams

This is the 8th Special Purpose Unit after Kozelsk. (Smiddey 2nd from left, taking a brake )

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