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Old 2006-07-26, 19:06   #1
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Default Project Reality Roadmap Update - July 26th

Hey Folks,

In our efforts to try and keep y'all updated on progress, we'll try and categorise our updates into the following types:
  • Roadmap Updates
    • general updates about Project Reality planning, information that spans multiple releases and topics
  • Release Updates
    • specific updates on a currently "in development" release
  • Dev Diaries
    • ad hoc stuff that we post whenever we feel like it
  • Media Updates
    • screen shots, renders and such of things we are working on
  • News Updates
    • stuff that doesn't fit the above categories

This particular update is a "Roadmap Update".

Project Reality v0.40 Status
We released v0.401 to test about 10 days ago. And uh.. it's buggy

We knew it would be, but there's a couple of particularly nasty bugs that are making testing rather tedious, so we'll knock those out with our 0.402 test build.

With 0.401 we have the British Infantry in game and are going to release 0.40 with British Infantry (some of the coders just winced when I said that hehe .. still lots of work to do).

With 0.401 we identified some issues with the Brit soldiers. [R-DEV]Stigger has revisited the soldiers to polish them up and we'll be testing Desert and Woodland Brit Soldiers with the 0.402 test release.

Below are a few renders of the Brit Soldiers (and someone from R-PUB is cringing that I am not using the "official" template .. I have no graphics skillz, but these wonderful renders merit public display in any form).

(note: the shemagh on the close-ups below has since been retouched to Brit Issue OD as per the above renders)

With the 0.401 release we also introduced the Land Rover. And discovered that we were not happy with the quality of the model and texture, so we're revisiting that model. Will post screen shots of the revised model once complete.

We're also working on the Saxon (British Heavy Transport) and the Merlin (British Transport Helo). Hopefully those will make it into 0.4.

The Challenger II and Warrior IFV will not make the 0.4 release, but will be in a release afterwards.

New Game Modes with v0.4
As previously noted, we've made some significant changes to XTRACT and are introducing a new game mode called SCENARIO.

[R-DEV]Ghostrider wrote the original XTRACT game mode and has been working feverishly on major XTRACT changes. This ain't your Daddy's "SUV Rescue" any more! Here's an example of a 0.4 XTRACT "briefing":

An Apache gunship has been shot down behind enemy lines. A squad of US Marines has made it to the crash site and must now fight their way out to a rendezvous point with a Humvee column. Once they rendezvous at a checkpoint, they must evacuate the pilot for medical aid. Large numbers of enemy forces are converging on the crash site.

[R-DEV]MasterTom has been working on the SCENARIO game mode (which evolved out of a very simple idea a couple of months back into a very flexible game mode, hence we're calling it "scenario" .. mappers have basically very open capabilities to design military scenarios, instead of just capping flags). Here's an example of a 0.4 SCENARIO "briefing":

An MEC armored column has been mobilisied towards the front lines. British paratroopers must prevent the armored column from crossing the river. Inserting by airdrop, the paras must secure the docks as a base of operations, then destroy the bridge crossing the river. Once the bridge has been destroyed and the enemy's attempts to repair the bridge have been defeated, British forces must secure and hold the local TV station and await evacuation. Paras should be on the ground by 0700, the MEC armored column is expected to be in the area by 0730.

Release Date for v0.4
When it's done We still have a lot of work to do, so we've decided that shortly after BF2 1.4 releases, we'll drop a Project Reality v0.32 Update to y'all.

Project Reality v0.32 Map Pack Update
Shortly after the release of BF2 1.4 we're going to do a PRMM 0.32 update with the following changes:
  • Map Pack with 3 or 4 maps
  • Add Road to Jalalabad AAS support and PR optomisations
  • Any BF2 1.4 "CTD" level fixes
  • 1 server crashbug fix we've identified (not ours, it's a BF2 bug)
  • Map List with mixed game modes again
  • Supply drop height bugfix
Y'all can go blue in the face asking for other features and changes, but don't expect to see them.. we're trying to keep the team focussed on 0.4.

NOTE: If it happens that BF2 1.4 takes many weeks to ship, then we *may* drop the map pack and just roll it into v0.4.

Last Words
Lots of stuff going on to move the 0.4 release forward. Summer time vacations and such are reducing our production capacities, but summer holidays for some folks is increasing it.

As always, thanks for your continued support, enjoyment and feedback about Project Reality!

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Old 2006-07-26, 19:13   #2

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omg first!

Looks good. Cant wait.

There again ive played with half of it so, I dont know why im so excited. :P

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America was a tad late into the First World War. They redeemed themself's and came in slightly sooner in the Second. Now they seem determined to start the Third.
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Old 2006-07-26, 19:13   #3
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great job squad...great job

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Old 2006-07-26, 19:14   #4

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Old 2006-07-26, 19:23   #5
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Default hjip hjip hurray...!

That is powerfull 3D works there.. They look alive..
Good work.

Can i have a couple of these guys in my maps later j/k.

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Old 2006-07-26, 19:25   #6

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Wooah, those British soldiers look amazing, a LOT better than those other images we saw of them. I guess it's just better quality. Photoskinned face looks great as well.

Now I'm getting really excited about this release, I can't wait 'til we see the full readme, that's what got everyone so excited about 0.3.
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Old 2006-07-26, 19:26   #7
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Holy crap, so much awesome info all in one update. I guess the main thing I can say I'm excited about is the Scenario mode. Reminds me of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory situations, where there's multiple interlinking objectives, rather than just running around securing random flags :P
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Old 2006-07-26, 19:30   #8

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lookin better and better keep it up.
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Old 2006-07-26, 19:46   #9

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Excellent work team! I'm all for you taking the time needed to get it right, but the suggestion of a mini-update is fantastic! You guys really do look after your fans!


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Old 2006-07-26, 20:03   #10
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Really looking foward to *SCENARIO* What was gpm_cq again????

Project Reality League Admin
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Closed Thread

26th, july, project, reality, roadmap, update
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