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24 Jan 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR Highlights Highlights of what work the Devs are currently working on

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Arrow [Changelog] Project Reality v0.95 Features List

Project Reality v0.95 Features

  • Added new faction: German Forces (GER).
  • Added new kit geometries for: British, Taliban, Hamas, Militia, Insurgents and USMC.

  • Added Burning Sands (4km) (MEC vs GBR) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Added Iron Eagle (4km) (MEC vs IDF) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Added Kokan (2km) (TAL vs USA) (Insurgency, Skirmish).
  • Added Wanda Shan (4km) (PLA vs RUS) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Updated Silent Eagle (GER vs RUS) (AAS, Skirmish, CnC, Vehicle Warfare).
  • Updated Lashkar Valley (TAL vs GER) (Insurgency, Skirmish, Coop).
  • Updated several other maps with some layout changes.

Game Modes

Insurgency (INS)
  • Updated Intel Points so killing regular insurgents with shotguns gives regular intel points now, it will only give max intel with civilian collaborators.
  • Updated insurgency so caches are never close to each other (400m, 800m and 1200m for 1Km, 2Km and 4Km maps respectively). It will lower the distance in decrements of 50m if the number of objectives wasn't reached and try again (350m, 300m, etc).
  • Updated Insurgency objective markers for coalition to be more precise (25-50m).
  • Updated all Iraqi Insurgents to now get field dressings.
  • Updated Weapon Cache damage materials, small arms will not damage them at all now.
  • Updated Weapon Cache damage materials, it should take 3 incendiaries to take it out.
  • Updated Weapon Cache damage materials, reduced Unguided Air to Ground rocket damage vs Weapons Caches by 50% to prevent CAS runs taking out caches in cover.
  • Updated Weapon Cache damage materials, they will now blow up twice as fast from a critical damage state.
  • Updated Weapon Cache materials so 1 C4 will now destroy it.
  • Updated Arty IED so it does 90% less damage to caches to avoid accidental cache destruction.
  • Increased time for a cache to be revealed to the coalition from 180 to 300 seconds, to give them more time to prepare the defense.
  • Reduced 50cal vs Weapon Cache damage by 80%.
  • Reduced L-AT/RPG damage vs Weapon Cache by 75%.
  • Removed area attacks for Insurgents (they now have deployable mortars).

Co-Operative (COOP)
  • Updated single player variant vehicles so they can only be driven by bots, but can be gunned by human players.
  • Removed AI spawn points on a few land vehicles.
  • Updated the bot bombs to act a little more naturally in flight since they are 'dumb'.

Skirmish (SKM)
  • Increased starting ticket count from 100 to 150.

General Gameplay
  • Added default 30 ticket loss when losing a Control Point in AAS (neutralized + captured, not recapping or cap from neutral). In Skirmish it's 10 ticket loss.
  • Added option for mappers to define ticket loss quantity using the "enemyTicketLossWhenCaptured" Control Point property.
  • Added ticket loss when going wounded.
  • Added Close Support Bridges (CSB) that can be deployed from Logistics Trucks to cross small rivers or destroyed bridges.
  • Added paradrop supply crates that spawn near a Squad Leader that just landed from an airdrop spawn point. It only lasts for 5 minutes and only serves as a kit request and rearm location.
  • Updated mapper placed Rally Points to only allow 12 players to spawn on it and it disappears after 5 min. Players that spawn on that location have a 10 min delay for placing RPs.
  • Added code that prevents players from using enemy kits other than rifleman variants indefinitely (rifleman, rifleman specialist, rifleman at, rifleman ap). It gives a message for 15-20 seconds (enough time to get ammo/field dressings), then it blacks out the screen for 15 seconds more after which it kills the player if he doesn't drop it.
  • Removed medic kits from the teamkill punishment logic, so you can pickup a medic you just teamkilled by accident and revive him.

  • Added 3D scopes to all handheld weapons.
  • Added functional UGL sights to all UGL weapons.
  • Added G36A1 Assault Rifle (Germany).
  • Added G36KA1 Assault Rifle (Germany).
  • Added G36A1 AG36 UGL (Germany).
  • Added P8 Pistol (Germany).
  • Added DM51 Frag Grenade (Germany).
  • Added MG4 Machinegun (Germany).
  • Added PZF3 RPG (Germany).
  • Added KM2000 Knife (Germany).
  • Added vBF2 MP7 with Zpoint (Germany).
  • Added G22 Sniper rifle (Germany).
  • Added Unarmed Melee (All Factions).
  • Added M16A2 (automatic variant) (Hamas)
  • Added FN FAL Battle Rifle (Militia, Insurgents).
  • Added M60 Machinegun (Militia).
  • Added Mossberg 590 Shotgun (US Army).
  • Added new SVD Dragunov (variants include: Wooden and Synthetic, Scoped and Irons).
  • Added new old-school AK74 (variants include: Bayonet attached, Irons, UGL, Scoped).
  • Added AK47 GP25 (Taliban, Insurgents).
  • Added new AK74M (variants include: Bayonet attached, Irons, UGL, Scoped).
  • Added Makarov pistol (Militia, Insurgents, Taliban, Hamas, Russia).
  • Added new SV98 Sniper Rifle (Russia, Replacing the Vanilla L96A1 on China as well as an improved placeholder).
  • Added G3A3 Bayonet (MEC).
  • Added temporary placeholder QBB88 Ironsights (China).
  • Added L105A1 pistol (P226 clone for British).
  • Added Minimi with SUSAT LMG (British).
  • Added new L115A3 Sniper rifle (British).
  • Added ACOG L85A2 (British).
  • Added L22A2 Carbine (British).
  • Added C8A3 Elcan and C8A3 Eotech (Canadian).
  • Added C7A2 Ironsight and C7A2 Eotech (Canadian).
  • Added AR10T and AR10T ELCAN DMR. (Canadian).
  • Added C7 Elcan M203A1 and C8A3 Eotech M203A1 (Canadian).
  • Added C14 Timberwolf Sniper Rifle (Canadian).
  • Added M14 DMR with ACOG (US Army).
  • Added M16A1 M203.
  • Added M4A1 DMR with ACOG.
  • Added M16A1 Menosar M203.
  • Added M4 Eotech and M4 M203 Eotech (US Army).
  • Added M57 detonator in replacement of the C4 detonator for M18A1 Claymore Mine and BLUFOR C4.
  • Added PM4 detonator for MON50 Claymore Mine and OPFOR C4.
  • Added C13 frag grenade (M67 clone for Canadians).
  • Added MG3, Minimi, C9A2, M60, PKM stationary MG variants.
  • Added new RPG7V2 (Russia).
  • Added new M24 Sniper Rifle. (US Army, IDF)
  • Removed Insurgent browning HP.
  • Removed bayonets on all US factions (too many variants to keep up with).
  • Removed "damage-loss-over-distance" code from all missiles/rockets since it made no sense.
  • Updated all small arms to have correct real life firing velocities.
  • Updated deployed mode firing recoil so it's more side to side than straight up.
  • Updated all stationary LMGs to have sight-in ability.
  • Updated vBF2 stationary LMG's (m249, RPK-74 and QBU88 ) to be up to PR standard.
  • Updated all stationary LMG's overheating values to be the same as handheld ones.
  • Updated all Stationary LMG's to have a 5s delay to use.
  • Updated insurgent stationary PKM to have no tracers.
  • Updated GLTD and some Sniper Rifles with second stage zoom, without the transition.
  • Updated GLTD reticle to be smaller.
  • Updated Elcan sight to have a BUIS (cosmetic for now).
  • Updated AKS74U model heavily.
  • Updated AK47 and AK47s to remove the 'ribs' on the AK47 and AK47S receiver.
  • Updated all UGL recoil with reduced move, turning and misc deviation by 30%.
  • Updated C9A2, M249 and Minimi with cloth bags instead of boxmags.
  • Updated G3SG1 with a 4X Scope in replacement of G3SG1 irons.
  • Updated TAR21 textures.
  • Updated STAR21, M16A4 and Negev ACOGs with a honeycomb filter.
  • Updated M249 series with the Product Improvement Package (PIP).
  • Updated M4/M16A4 series with foregrips and improved RIS foregrip.
  • Updated IDF/HAMAS STANAG mags to hold 29 rounds instead of 30.
  • Updated all shotguns to have the same movement deviation as rifles.
  • Updated L128A1 Shotgun with an Eotech sight.
  • Updated L128A1 shotgun with solid slug, effective to 130m.
  • Updated M1014 shotgun ironsights.
  • Updated tracers for handheld, stationary weapons and coaxial MGs.
  • Updated grapple hook to (in theory) last much longer in the world (originally around 1 minute).
  • Updated FIM92 Stinger and SA-7 Grail to have 3D ironsights/scope and emit lock on tones.
  • Updated all handheld shoulder launched rockets (RPG7, AT4, M72) with a 10-15m arming delay.
  • Updated all ATGMs (Eryx, TOW, SRAW etc) with a 30-40m arming delay.
  • Updated AK74/AK74M 1p29 reticle.
  • Updated handheld AA weapons with realistic acceleration and speed.
  • Updated L85A2 AG36 with an ACOG, replacing the SUSAT.
  • Updated L85A2 rifle series with RIS.
  • Updated C14, SV98 and M14 to have a bouncing lens caps while firing and sprinting.
  • Updated RKG-3 grenades default ammo count increased to 2 from 1 and added ammo counter.
  • Updated SRAW/NLAW reticle.
  • Updated IED's and Claymores to have primary and secondary group detonation options. Users can place multiples and choose which ones to detonate.
  • Increased Artillery IED damage to critically damage APC's that are above them at the time of detonation.
  • Increased UGL smoke grenade count to 6 (5+1).
  • Increased all Bayonet deploy times from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
  • Increased all knife deploy times from 1.2 seconds to 2.3 seconds.
  • Increased Claymore damage from 200 to 250.
  • Reduced UGL rifle magazine counts to 7 (6+1) (for 5.56, rus. 7.62 weapons), 5 (4+1) for G3 UGL.
  • Reduced AT mine and Proximity IED damage to critically damage Tanks instead of completely obliterating them. They'll still destroy them in one hit but there'll be a delay before the tank explodes.
  • Reduced C4 damage radius to 15m.
  • Updated Heavy-AT missile damage vs front/side/rear tank armour values to be more consistent.
  • Updated PF98 with rear missile extension.
  • Updated all Stationary MG, AT and AA emplacements to be reloadable by ammo bags (like the other deployables)
  • Reduced deviation added from turning for all Light-AT weapons by half (includes all RPGs and the few Heavy AT weapons that use this deviation template, such as the Matador and PZF3/RPG-7 w/uber warheads).
  • Updated all Stationary Weapons to be team locked.
  • Added suppression effect to 40mm Smoke Grenades when they impact
  • Added bullet material to 40mm grenades, that deal damage upon direct impact and if unexploded

  • Added 3rd person weapon bolting animations for C14, SV98, M40A3, M24, L115A3, Enfield No.4 and G22 sniper rifles.
  • Updated all UGL animations.
  • Updated AR-15 series animations
  • Updated QBZ95 series animation.
  • Updated TAR21 series reload animations.
  • Updated all Minimi 3rd person animations.
  • Updated Binoculars and GTLD zoom animations.
  • Updated Stone throwing animations.
  • Updated Cell Phone animations.
  • Updated Pipebomb IED animations.
  • Updated SA7 Grail and FIM92 Stinger AA animations.
  • Updated SRAW and Eryx zoom in animation to be slightly faster.
  • Updated all disposable AT/AA launchers to have proper discarding of tube, but only works if you hold down the fire button after firing.

  • Added Thermal Imaging Systems for all Vehicles that have them in real life.
  • Added Su-25 Jet Bomber (Russia).
  • Added MAN Truck (German).
  • Added Eurofighter Jet (German).
  • Added Tornado Jet (German, credits to OPK).
  • Added Leopard 2A6 Tank (German, credits to OPK).
  • Added Tiger UHT (German).
  • Added UH-1D Helicopter (German, credits to OPK).
  • Added Puma APC (German).
  • Added M557A2 ACV (German).
  • Added Gwagon (German).
  • Added MT-LB series. MT-LB, MT-LB with NSVT, MT-LB 6MB, Shturm-S tank-killer, Strela-10 AAV.
  • Added AAVP7A1 APC (USMC).
  • Added Namer APC (IDF).
  • Added SPG-9M Technical - white (Insurgents, Militia, Hamas, Taliban).
  • Added Kiowa Helicopter (US Army).
  • Removed selection icons from most vehicles (all weapon selection HUDs are now accurate).
  • Removed laser targeting from heavy attack helicopters gunners, but updated lasing system on scout helicopters.
  • Removed the ability of aircraft LGB's to acquire lock after the bomb is dropped (pilot must hear lock audio for the bomb to guide).
  • Removed green blur from all Vehicle Gunner views.
  • Updated some vehicles with TOW-style weapons so they need to stay stationary for approximately 7 to 14 seconds to operate their TOW-style weapons (TOW humvee, M2A2 Bradley, Spandrel and Puma).
  • Updated all attack helicopter and jet bombers with click-to-target missiles, replacing the old wire guided ones.
  • Updated vehicle HUD so it always display the little boxes showing which seats are occupied.
  • Updated vehicle HUD so all 8 passengers names are shown in the list.
  • Updated all vehicle weapon HUD names to use realistic names.
  • Updated and standardized all camera movement speeds for helicopters (human view).
  • Updated all vehicle mounted LMG's to have a 5s delay to use.
  • Updated Gary with a 2nd seat for lols.
  • Updated Spandrel with AT5.
  • Updated BMP-3 with AT10.
  • Updated all BTR-60/80, BRDM-2 and VN-3 KVPT ammo to 10 mags 50 rds each.
  • Updated CF MLVW (M35) texture.
  • Updated CH-147D texture.
  • Updated TOW humvee minimap and menu icons.
  • Updated BMP-3 and BTR-80A 30mm ROF to 360 rpm.
  • Updated LAV-25, LAV-3 and M2A2 M791 APDS-T to 1345m/s.
  • Updated VN3, BTR60, BTR80 and BRDM2 ROF to 550 rpm.
  • Updated ZiS-3 Canon to have a vehicle icon and ammo counter.
  • Updated CF Gwagon with C9 (replacing M249).
  • Updated BMP-3, BTR-60/80/80A and BRDM2 tracer ratio to 3:1 for 30mm/14.5mm.
  • Updated Havoc and Z-10 copilot HUDs.
  • Updated Su25 HUD to remove most english writing.
  • Updated M1A2 commander HUD.
  • Updated M231 firing port with an ammo indicator
  • Updated LAV-3 with new crosshair.
  • Updated MiG29 HUD.
  • Updated Scimitar cannon with removed firing deviation.
  • Updated PLA Su-30 (mainly copilot and HUD).
  • Updated Huey's in attempt to "warm up" faster.
  • Updated scout helicopters to have the new click-to-target laser markers.
  • Updated UH-1D skins.
  • Updated BTR-80A minimap icon.
  • Updated VN-3 with new mesh and LODs.
  • Updated T-62 to now use the side tank armor material all over instead of the frontal armor.
  • Updated starstreak HVM acceleration and speed (1250m/s).
  • Updated air to ground bomb physics to be standardized.
  • Updated all Jet/Helo unguided rockets ROF. They now fire at 300rpm for one rocket pod, 600rpm if two and 900rpm if more than two.
  • Updated Challenger 2 and Warrior chaingun firing rate to 600rpm, down from 900. Also added a 1/4 second firing delay as irl.
  • Updated Deployable AT projectiles to be standardized.
  • Updated Bradley and TOW HMMWV projectiles to be standardized.
  • Updated MEC BTR-60 passengers so they have people attempting to apprehend them while they travel ruggedly.
  • Updated Scimitar/Warrior reticules to black.
  • Updated Tornado and Su25 vehicle icons.
  • Updated CR2 crosshair.
  • Updated Chinese Aircraft HUDs.
  • Updated Su25 rockets from S-8 to S-5.
  • Updated RIBs to have the M60 instead of the M249.
  • Updated missiles launched from aircraft so they are released at near 0 velocity and accelerate to full speed.
  • Updated Gaskin with added "sprint" function.
  • Updated BMP-3 gravity (to make it run smoother).
  • Updated G Wagon animation for cupola gunner.
  • Increased APC/IFV/MBT hitpoints but increased the critical/disabled damage point by the same amount. Should result in better crew/passenger survivability but will not effect the vehicles combat effectiveness (exceptions: Scimitar, BTR-60 and T-62).
  • Increased mass of bomb cars by 50% since they're packed full of explosives.
  • increased SU-25A rocket pods RoF to 900rpm.
  • Increased Havoc Attack Helicopter flight speed.
  • Increased arming delay on aircraft launched missiles to prevent self detonation after acceleration update.
  • Increased draw distance of LAV 3 so it doesn't disappear at long range on Archer.
  • Reduced Spandrel gunner elevation to 15 degrees.
  • Reduced Challenger 2 Tank acceleration to 60 for a less arcade acceleration.
  • Standardized traverse and elevate speeds on all APCs, IFVs, Recon vehicles and a few others.
  • Standardized traverse and elevate speeds on all MG/HMG cupola's and mounts that are on vehicles.

  • Added Commander Rally Point that requires minimum of 12 players in the team, at least 6 players close (2 of them SLs), no enemies close and a 5 min interval to set a new one after the previous one or after it got overrun. No expiration while the commander is close to it (100m radius) and alive. It's not available in Skirmish or for Insurgents.
  • Added new Commander UAV so it now flies autonomously and Commander can now zoom in and lase targets (1200 seconds overall flight, 180 seconds to relocate position and 600 seconds to refuel). Conventional UAV's have Thermal Imaging and Unconventional UAV's don't have laser targeting (Militia).
  • Added right-click to "delete marker" option and you delete all markers.
  • Added Commander ability to deploy all deployables instead of just the Forward Outpost, and allow other auxiliary calls like repairs, transport, ammo, etc.
  • Updated the commander HUD to not have fadein and fadeout times, just instant show (except the map).

Spawning and Rally Points
  • Added code so players cannot drop their kit for 15 seconds after you leave a vehicle position or spawn (to avoid exploit).
  • Fixed issue where Rally Points expire too fast when they are placed near a Forward Outpost.
  • Updated Rally Point rearming, once you arrive at a friendly Forward Outpost the RP will be available right away.
  • Reduced Rally Point rearm period from 10 min to 5 min.

Deployable / Team Assets
  • Added deployable mortar. Mortars are disabled if no fire missions are available. Mortars can only be deployed in the same area next to each other (50m radius).
  • Added deployable AT for Insurgents and Militia: SPG-9 Recoiless Rifle. HE-FRAG has a 9m kill radius, 18m wound radius. HEAT is a little more powerful than a regular RPG round.
  • Added a right-click feature to the "DEPLOY ASSET" comm rose button that deletes the closest wrecked asset from the player (6 meters max). Think of it as an "undo" button in case the asset didn't deploy the way you wanted.
  • Added code so that all deployable assets must be deployed more than 200m away from the Command Post (to avoid building stuff too close to the Main Base).
  • Updated Forward Outpost deployment check to 10 meter around the border of the map on AAS, and 200 meters for CnC.
  • Updated supply crates, they will now break when dropped from more than 5 meters above ground.
  • Updated deployable AT launcher, 60% splash damage reduction, 25% overall damage reduction on direct hits, reload time increased to 20 seconds from 14 seconds, second magnification level removed - now only 1x and 4x.
  • Updated deployable weapons (HMG, Mortar, AT and AA) so they spawn 50% wrecked. It now takes some time to get them built up and usable after deploying (not after first shovel).
  • Updated deployable weapons (HMG, Mortar, AT and AA) so they can be rearmed by ammo bags.
  • Updated all deployables so they can no longer be built by repair crates.
  • Updated deployable HMG, AT and AA zoom keys to be Right Mouse Button instead of X.
  • Reduced damage caused by deployables being destroyed next to you.
  • Reduced deployable TOW, HJ8 and Milan rotation sensitivity by a sizable amount.

  • Added Specialist and standard Rifleman to kit request menu.
  • Added new kit bags for: USMC, US Army, Britain, Germans, IDF, Russia, Insurgents, Taliban, Hamas and Militia.
  • Added Taliban Pickup Kits (demoexpert, LAT, PKM, SVD).
  • Added British Specialist alternate with shotgun only for conventional maps.
  • Added Hamas civilian kit (copy of Insurgent civilian kit).
  • Added ammo bags to some Insurgent kits.
  • Removed Molotov Cocktails.
  • Removed Insurgent phone from Militia unarmed kit.
  • Updated all Snipers to have radios now (if SL they can now place markers).
  • Updated Specialist kit to be limited to 1 per squad, requiring 4 man squad, like the automatic rifleman and other infantry kits.
  • Updated Pilot kits, you can't use a pilot kit in an AIR vehicle unless you are piloting or gunning.
  • Updated Pilot kits to have handguns once more.
  • Updated Insurgent Pickup Kits so the kit bag is once again a physical weapon (not spawn kits).
  • Updated Medic, AA, AT, Grenadier and Officer with incendiary grenade.
  • Updated Grenadier kits with 2x hand smoke grenades.
  • Updated Rifleman AT with 2x frag grenades.
  • Updated Specialist with 2x incendiary grenades.
  • Updated Combat Engineer with 4x incendiary grenades.
  • Updated Rifleman AP kits to get 2x frag grenades.
  • Updated AA kits with 2x frag grenades.
  • Updated Insurgent RPK/PKM pickup with stones.
  • Updated USA/CF medics with 8+1 mags.
  • Updated MEC AA and AT kits with 4+1 mags.
  • Updated single player British Specialist with L128A1 as primary weapon.
  • Updated British soldier textures.
  • Updated some models (pouches, backpacks, RPG rounds) on Militia, Taliban, Hamas and Iraqi Insurgent kit geometries.
  • Updated US Army Medic so default and alternative kit weapons have been swapped.
  • Updated Hamas, Taliban and Militia grenadier kits to get AK47 GP25.
  • Updated Insurgent sapper to get 2 pipe bomb IED (used to be 1).
  • Updated IDF kit geometries.
  • Updated IDF Alternative Grenadier and both Hamas Grenadier with M16A1 M203 and Menosar M203.
  • Updated Taliban Grenadier Alternative with G3A3 scoped UGL.
  • Updated Taliban Marksman Alternative with G3SG1 4x scope.
  • Updated all Sniper kit geometry with an added radio attachment.
  • Updated Russian Kit geometries with reweighted pouches and vests
  • Replaced salute weapon with respective handguns on all pilot kits.
  • Replaced molotovs with grenades.
  • Replaced RPG7 standard AT with RPG7 Tandem AT on Taliban and Militia heavy AT kits.
  • Replaced L9 Browning with L105A1 (P226 clone) on the British.
  • Replaced Minimi Elcan with Minimi SUSAT on the British.
  • Replaced old AKM bayonet with AK47 bayonet (handheld knife).
  • Replaced unoptimised AK74m with new AK74ms and variants.
  • Replaced smokes on the conventional Rifleman AP kits with tripflares.
  • Replaced M1014 with the Mossberg 590 on US Army kits.
  • Replaced old vanilla SVD with new PR SVD.
  • Replaced STAR-21 MARS with M4 ACOG on alternative IDF Marksman.
  • Replaced SVD with M4 ACOG as primary Hamas marksman kit (SVD is still alternative).
  • Replaced AK47 from one of the Taliban rifleman kits with G3A3 iron.
  • Replaced G3 on Iraqi Insurgent officer with FN FAL.
  • Replaced Browning HP with Makarov pistol on unconventional sniper kits.
  • Replaced shovel with Makarov on unconventional officer kits.
  • Replaced MP444 with Makarov on Russian officer/sniper kits.
  • Replaced Browning HP and Skorpion with Makarov on pickup AA and arty IED kits.
  • Replaced Browning HP with Makarov on Taliban crewman kits.
  • Replaced scoped AK74 with ironsights AK74 on Militia officer and riflemen for standardisation between the unconventional factions.
  • Replaced scoped PKM with ironsights PKM on Militia automatic rifleman kit.
  • Replaced ironsights PKM with ironsights m60 on Militia alternate automatic rifleman kit.
  • Replaced AKS74U with FN FAL on Militia alternate officer kits.

  • Removed 3D markers for ranges of more than 125m. This applies to all infantry and vehicles.
  • Added 2D indicator to Compass which shows direction to your squad's map marker. This only appears at ranges of more than 125m. This applies to all infantry and vehicles.
  • Added indicator for the range to your squad's map marker which appears when you bring up your map. This indicator only shows increments of 50m (50m, 100m etc). This only applies to squad leaders and players in the deployable mortar.
  • Added delay for deviation indicators appearing while zooming into HATs.
  • Updated map grid to be more detailed and have a scale.
  • Updated the player compass to be more centered (just slightly).
  • Updated the Compass to not be shown at the bottom when viewing a demo.
  • Updated Camera Kit and PR Bot to have Compass and minimap removed when using these tools.
  • Removed ability to use renderer.drawHud 0.
  • Updated bleed out overlay texture.

Menu / Interface / Installer
  • Added installer options to update PB for BF2 and PB Services at the end of installation.
  • Updated installers to now have 3 parts (PR was too big for 2 installers).

  • Update to overall way BF2 PR handles vehicle sounds. Distance delay will now work properly, objects further than 1km will obstruct/muffle sound and distance attenuation should work better.
  • Added new 1st person chain gun firing sounds for Challenger 2 and Warrior.
  • Updated jet/helo rocket firing sounds for new firing rates.
  • Added all new Challenger 2 engine, turret traverse, barrel elevate/depress, ambience and firing sounds from the sound trip.
  • Added new 1st person tank main gun firing sound.
  • Added distant explosion/impact sounds for grenades/mortars/shells.
  • Added distant firing sound for 25-40mm cannons on APC's etc.
  • Added distant sounds to all small arms.
  • Added distant Explosions sounds.
  • Added Tank Cannon distant sound.
  • Added distant impact sounds for medium/large shells/missiles. Like AT launchers and tank shells.
  • Added medium/large distant explosions to all vehicles explosions effects.
  • Added distant sound volumes to make sense dynamically. 50cal louder than 556, 25mm louder than 762, etc.
  • Added AP round distant impact sound.
  • Added extra distant impact sounds for variety.
  • Added T-62 new reload sounds.
  • Added new interior tank ambience to BLUFOR tanks.
  • Added German Leopard new reload sounds.
  • Updated incoming artillery sounds.
  • Updated CR2 turret traverse to sound less annoying.
  • Updated warrior and Scimitar engine, turret traversing, firing and ambient sounds.
  • Updated tank cannon distant firing sound and 1p firing sound.
  • Updated QBZ92 firing sound.
  • Updated TAR-21 firing sound.
  • Updated Land Rover with new engine sounds.
  • Updated 1p firing sound for coaxial MG's to the left side of the gunner.
  • Updated manually loaded tanks with new reload sounds.
  • Updated CR2/Warrior chain gun will now play the sound of the chain warming up before the weapon fires
  • Increased sound occlusion inside all transport and scout helicopters to further help with hearing comms.
  • Reduced volume of grapple latching sound.
  • Reduced Gary and Big Red engine sound volume by 10% and lowered the distance it can be heard by 50%.
  • Reduced engine volume on civi cars, bomb cars and technicals by 25%.
  • Reduced ambient sounds in all helicopters so pilots don't have to lower their effects volume to hear comms.
  • Reduced ambient sounds in all jets so pilots don't have to lower their effects volume to hear comms.
  • Reduced volume of incendiaries by 10% and lowered the distance they can be heard by 50%.
  • Reduced volume of M113 tracks and engine.

  • Added fade-in effect to all reflex sights.
  • Added fade-in effect to GTLD HUD.
  • Added custom muzzle flash and shell ejection effect to BTR-60/80 and BRDM2.
  • Added new smallarms tracer effects
  • Updated ATGMs on Type98, Merkava, BMP3 and T90 muzzle effect.
  • Increased time to live on all effects by significant amounts.
  • Added effects for mortar airburst and smoke rounds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exploit of getting 0 deaths by forgiving TK and getting revived.
  • Fixed issue with Rally Points not expiring when the SL respawns before the expiration time.
  • Fixed CF pilot and unarmed having correct salute.
  • Fixed bugged Forward Outposts not getting deleted, hopefully added method to check regularly for outposts and delete bugged ones.
  • Fixed death count going into negatives, should never go below 0.
  • Fixed the "floating white square" bug over Rally Points, Squad Leader markers, forward outposts etc.
  • Fixed incorrectly flipped 3rd ID patch on one particular US soldier (the one with the mustache).
  • Fixed incorrect kit geometry on RU marksman.
  • Fixed Rally Point expiring effect to be the "small bullet vs dirt" effect.

  • Fixed slight 556/762 rounds vs bulletproof glass bug.
  • Fixed incorrect fire deviation values on the deployed marksman rifles.
  • Fixed Galil magsize (35 rds) and projectile type (5.56x45).
  • Fixed All small arms to have correct real life velocities.
  • Fixed RPG7 rocket only showing after firing.
  • Fixed MEC MG3 tracer interval.
  • Fixed green binocs alpha channel.
  • Fixed missing dynamic shadows on a bunch of weapons.
  • Fixed MG3 w/ Elcan deployed magcount.
  • Fixed Negev + Negev w/ Mepro deployed magsizes.
  • Fixed PLA pistol shell ejection effect.
  • Fixed RPG26 zoom in sight picture to pre-0.91.
  • Fixed weird geometry when standing in 3p on the RPG7.
  • Fixed floating bolt when reloading the G3SG1 deployed in 3p.
  • Fixed finger clipping when deploying G3SG1.
  • Fixed claymores easily blowing up weapon caches.
  • Fixed M203 firing effect to not have the vanilla flash/fire effect, should just be smoke now.
  • Fixed missing QBZ95 bayonet deploy sound.
  • Fixed incorrect hand positions on minimi susat deployed when sighted in.
  • Fixed close distance suppression effect on weapons that use 762_51_g3 projectiles.
  • Fixed holes in the scope lens on the QBZ95 series.

  • Fixed A-10 Flare HUD.
  • Fixed Su25 HUD.
  • Fixed Jet AA crosshairs.
  • Fixed aircraft compasses.
  • Fixed all tank driver smoke launchers not being maglinked.
  • Fixed LAV-3 smoke launcher sounds.
  • Fixed Merkava having missing deployable smoke.
  • Fixed BMP-3 SP 30mm overheat values.
  • Fixed some Aircraft not using a vehicle icon.
  • Fixed EuroFighter flarepod position and some other mirror stuff on the weapons.
  • Fixed SF technical exit point glitch.
  • Fixed BRDM-2 5th and 6th passenger position and seat icon.
  • Fixed SF technical gunner FOV.
  • Fixed Z-11W and Z-10 Helicopters to now use green tracers.
  • Fixed MAN truck collision mesh.
  • Fixed Gaskin and Spandrel meshes.
  • Fixed M2A2 rear firing ports.
  • Fixed center of gravity on LAV3.
  • Fixed WZ551 firing ports (last 3 seats only).
  • Fixed RHIB Boat M249 gunner camera.
  • Fixed Attack Huey having incorrect hitpoints.
  • Fixed LAV25/3 and BTR60/BRDM2 HUDs.
  • Fixed BTR-80/A floating mode (how it lays in the water).
  • Fixed ZiS3 AT Field Gun not having networkable info, BVR fire with them will now render.
  • Fixed Coaxial MG inconsistencies with overheat values.
  • Fixed Support Land Rover to have the same torque then the normal Land Rover.
  • Fixed Stryker z-fighting issues.
  • Fixed Chinook's 1p cockpit textures so they are no longer blurry.
  • Fixed UAZ jeep windscreen.
  • Fixed Material error with 25-30m AP rounds doing less than half the correct amount of damage against old APC armor.
  • Fixed MAN truck wreck explosion effects.
  • Fixed wrong S-8 rocket count on Mi-28, had 2 less than it should.
  • Fixed Stormer AAV wheels.

  • Fixed some dynamic sound issues like bombs being quieter than small rockets at a distance.
  • Fixed EuroFighter being too quiet.
  • Fixed incorrect RoF on 3p Havoc firing sound.
  • Fixed no engine sounds for the support Land Rover.
  • Fixed up JDAM incoming sound.
  • Fixed Artillery and JDAM incoming sound so it is only heard only when the round is actually incoming, not before.
  • Fixed issues with Abrams reloading sound being too quiet.
  • Fixed Rev/RPM sounds on Land Rover being positioned in the back, behind the driver. All sounds now come from the engine.

  • Fixed some of PRs trees/bush draw distance to render further.
  • Fixed vBF2 brickwalls draw further.

"Clear the battlefield and let me see, All the profit from our victory." - Greg Lake
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