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18 Mar 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2019-03-06, 01:32   #1
Default Charlie's Point

floating tree
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Old 2019-03-08, 17:35   #2
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Default Re: Charlie's Point

Thanks for the report!
The issue has been added to the bug tracker.

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Old 2019-03-09, 06:56   #3
Default Re: Charlie's Point

Why do you keep saying "The issue has been added to the bug tracker."? Why don't you just fix the issue and say "The issue has been fixed for the next update." or better yet fix issues like this and release an update. I would gladly fix issues like this quickly myself but I am unable to open PR maps in the editor for some reason. Why am I not able to access in-game maps in the editor? This access would also help myself and other map makers learn how certain aspects of maps are designed and help to easily find the names of unique desired objects instead of rummaging through the content list.
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Old 2019-03-09, 07:29   #4
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Default Re: Charlie's Point

Hey hollywood. We use an internal system to keep track of issues. So we can easily follow who fixes what and what still needs fixing. It's called organisation.

Unfortunately we will not be releasing an update for your floating trees any time soon.

There is also absolutely nothing stopping you from loading in our maps into the editor. You probably just failed to setup your editor correctly.

Also, feel free to report bugs. But if you continue to insult us you'll likely need to make another forum account soon.

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Old 2019-03-09, 17:04   #5
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Default Re: Charlie's Point

Also to add to what Mineral has said, many of these issues I doubt you could even fix, especially if you can't even work out how to load maps with the editor. The above issue is most likely needing to recompile the terrain and the overgrowth, without altering the current tree positions of all the trees all over the map. It is very unlikely to be one hand placed tree that just needs moving down slightly, and even if it is, then it also likely needs the terrain patch and maybe some objects it casts shadows onto to have their Lightmaps regenerated although in this case, you could get away with not doing that but still it is something that should really be done.

But there really is nothing stopping you from loading up our maps and "Fixing them".

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