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21 Jan 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Feedback Post your feedback on the current Project Reality release (including SinglePlayer).

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Old 2017-09-03, 18:11   #1
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Default hacks

Is there somewhere on server to report identified players hacking server. I've identified 2 players using not sure what hack as I don't use them. They knew exactly where I was on the map. I deliberately moved in a veh to other side of map and they would still find me. And when they did engage me they were very accurate with their fire. With one player I did this 7-8 times and every time he found me. I enjoy playing PR but it pisses me of when some retard who is crap has to use a hack to play the game.
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Default Re: hacks

report them to the individual server forums of the server you caught him on. They can find the battlerecorder,tracker and chatlogs and help the investigation.

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