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27 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2014-11-30, 21:47   #1
Post =HoG= Server Racism >

To whom it may concern.

First of all we (JA clan) would like to wish you good luck in your games and have fun.But unfortunately i am writing to complain about unpleasent event that occurred in your server.Our clan has a English problem , most of the time we do not understand what other people are talking abouth.But we are trying to understand and translate via Google Translate.But it is hard as you can imagine. Fighting and trying to translate in the same time.Aynway , for couple of weeks we had to deal with one of your admin called JEVSKI . We have opened our squad and started playing and doing PR things.There was lots of people who were stealing our kits and leaving.Thats why we had locked our squad when we had 7 people.Then all of a sudden one of our clan member " [JA]METALMiLLK " got kicked from server.Then JEVSKI came to our squad and he started to yelling us that why the hell our squad is locked and etc with a rude language.During that time [JA]METALMiLLK is still trying to join the server. after that 30.11.14 around 2:45 Gaza Beach started.And as always we have opened squad again.and i was pretty much full of clan members then again JEVSKI came to our squad.The game had just began so there were vehicles around so the sound was so much.We couldnt hear what JEVKSI had said.So we have kindly asked if he can repeat it again.Then the guy who asked got banned and JEVSKI started to talk abouth server rules and stuffs like that.Every perso who answer him got banned.We were trying to defend ourselves from Google Translate but i "[JA]KunT3R" got banned and he said me go and complain in Forum or stuffs like that in a rude language.I would like to say that we are only having problems with JEVSKI who is also dominant in Forum and we find these atitudes racist and inappropriate.We only wanna play the game like everybody else does and Justice. Please do What is needed.

Best Regards [JA] Clan.

{We want to subscribe to the forum but did not accept our membership. ( Google Translation ) }
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Default Re: =HoG= Server Racism >

This is unfortunate. I'm not sure if this should be dealt with at the HOG forums or here, but either way, it should be handled fairly.

And now, we wait.....
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Default Re: =HoG= Server Racism >

I am very sorry, but ban complaints may not be taken to this forum. You'll need to try to contact them directly, or one of their members.

I'm locking as per standard procedure, please contact the person you have a problem with. If there's trouble between the two of you, and you need help from the Mod team, PM me. But only if it's something that directly concerns us.

HOG staff, if you read this, try to get in touch with these guys, it's easier for you than for them.

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