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21 Oct 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-09-15, 13:22   #1
Default Selectable vehicles/vehicle loadouts for AAS

So i was talking to frontliner on discord about this idea.

What if one could apply the vehicle buying system from his custom CaC mode to normal AAS in such a fashion that SLers of asset squads could select what exact asset or variant of an asset will spawn after 20min.

Of course not like in CaC mode where you could buy them whenever you wanted, instead they still spawn after a set delay and only a set amount of assets like regular AAS, but you can choose which asset or at least which loadout.

For example two F-18s will spawn, but you can select if it will be a CAS loadout or an ASF loadout for each one.

But first it would help to know what is even possible. Would it be possible to change loadouts of assets (different rockets/bombs/AA missiles) or assets themselves (attack helicopter/attack jet/fighter jet) after they already spawned? Maybe by removing them in a designated spot in main and then spawning something else in its place? Or would it only be possible to select which variant will spawn in but not being able to change anything about it or its loadout afterwards?

Not only talking about air vehicles, just using them as an example because they have a higher potential for 'customization'.

Of course if such a system was to make it into the game it is reasonable to impose certain limits on it on probably most maps. Otherwise balance issues would probably ensue. On most maps it would likely only make sense to not be able to select the asset that spawns but to only be able to influence the loadout it carries. Since mappers selected the assets with careful consideration for each map, spawning different assets would probably wreak chaos on most maps.
Maybe one should even just go as far as only having the option the select limited loadouts variants for just a handful of vehicles on certain maps.

Frontliner also brought up the point that the SL selection, if based on spawner commands could be too complicated for many people, but in that case, if nothing is manually selected the 'base version' of the assets would spawn in by themselves, so no harm done i guess.

Anyway the reason why i posted this in this forum section is that once i know what variant of this is technically possible i would at least try to create different versions of the same assets that can be spawned.
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Old 2018-09-15, 15:57   #2
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Default Re: Selectable vehicles/vehicle loadouts for AAS

It is possible, but to do it will require a lot of complex python code and some UI work and ingame object work too, but the python is the key part. I don't know enough about python to tell you how one would code it, I only know enough that it is possible to do, but pretty complex and also getting players to fully understand it and be able to easily use it would be tricky as well and that would much depend on the UI and other elements but yes, it is possible.

BTW the old asset would have to be removed/destroyed by python and you would probably need a rule that the vehicle would need to be empty as well to avoid griefing, and some code to also stop it counting towards the ticket count on object dest (not totally sure if you can not actually have the vehicle blow up or not, if it did have to be blown up then you would want to fly it out of the map or something before it was destroyed so you didn't have an issue of wrecks hanging around on the ramp etc) and you would probably need something a bit like the SL radio in the pilot kit or something to control the selection of loadouts etc and maybe some dummy GPO(s) placed on the map for the python code to know where you can change the assets loadout from etc.

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Old 2018-09-15, 16:43   #3
Default Re: Selectable vehicles/vehicle loadouts for AAS

Then, like i already assumed, a more realistic goal would be to just make a few different loadout variants of some assets, like we already have with some scout helicopters and the two CF-18 jet variants and then just try to make them selectable for spawn but with them obviously being uncustomizable after they spawned.

If that is actually achieved, one can try to add more options from there if necessary. I'll see if i can manage to learn how to do it.
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Old 2018-09-24, 20:52   #4
Default Re: Selectable vehicles/vehicle loadouts for AAS

Just make like 3 hangars with doors, all vehicles spawn but only one of the hangars is available at a moment through code/selection. Only problem is if you could switch in a match then people could cheat by using from multiple hangars. Would also add some aspect of surprise as to not know which hangar/set is chosen.

And of course the problem of who the hell makes it and edits the maps to be compatible with it. so just ignore this stupid comment
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