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11 May 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: Balancing Khami Ins!

Originally Posted by LimitJK View Post
how about INS INF layout.

revolving around a long range recon type formation akin to HBOs generation kill.

2x humvee mk19
4x humvee uparmored
normal humvees and trans humvees in a healthy mix + logis
2x huey
1x kiowa ATGM (10 min respawn)

maybe TOW humvee (1)

mostly mobility assets (trucks, UAZs (only very few with dshk), trans heli)
1x tank (one of the slow ones)
1x bmp 1
1x shilka (10 min)

no thermal assets that completely dominate the map (especially no CROWs anything).

mk 19 humvee allows area supression for pushes, while still being vulnerable.

kiowa deals with the heavier stuff without dominating outside of its domain.
tow humvee if that isnt enough.
I like this asset layout too. Missing only the support vehicles for supplies but i think that's standard.
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