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25 Jan 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2021-09-10, 18:24   #3461

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Default Re: Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2 Mod)

Italy and Germany vs Great Britain and Commonwealth Forces

In this campaign CMP will rewind time to 1940 and the early years of the Second World War,
as Italian and German forces push back British and Commonwealth soldiers from the Mediterranean and North Africa,
before the Allies begin to turn the tide of the campaign and battle for every mile until they reach Tunisia.

We will return to the Mediterranean and North Africa in CMP's tenth campaign

Devil in the Dawn

Fight under the unrelenting desert sun, over arid desert, mountain terrain and in perilous canyons that will test your infantry skills.
Fight over long distances in the open desert or ambush in the valleys with your tanks, and rise into the clear blue skies to achieve air superiority.

Experience an incredible war-like sensation on new maps such as
Fort Capuzzo - Sollum - Djebel Tahent - El Guettar
El Agheila - Kasserine Pass - Thermopyles
and many others,

Get to know CMP's style: exciting battles, unbelievable comebacks,
outstanding gameplay and the best Forgotten Hope 2 teamwork you can find.

In this FH2 Campaign you will experience:

FH2 action to its limits, close rounds, sneaky / massive attacks and well organized defenses.
12 battles in Greece and North Africa with custom content and maps you won't see anywhere else.
Train and prepare yourself for every battle with your regiment on our training server.
Fight battles with up to 100 players.
Earn promotions and medals for your achievements.?
Communicate directly with your squad using Teamspeak and apply well planned? strategy and tactics not seen on any public servers.
Form new friendships with like-minded people from all over the world.

Taking part is completely free and everybody is welcome!

Click below to join the Campaign
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Old 2021-10-21, 20:09   #3462

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Default Re: Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2 Mod)

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Old 2021-10-26, 21:41   #3463

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Default Re: Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2 Mod)

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

Today we have an unusual announcement: a special event to commemorate those developers that are no longer with us.
Forgotten Hope has been in development for more than 18 years at this point. Many developers have contributed to both FH0.7 and FH2 in these years. Sadly, some of those who shared our passion for this project have passed away. With the loss of chad509 and ArminAce in August 2021, the developer team sat down and decided on a special project: An event to honor those who are no longer with us.
The "Forgotten Hope 2: In Memoriam" event will take place on the 30th and 31st of October 2021!

With this event we will honor these developers and their contributions:

A founding member of the Forgotten Hope project and one of the most prolific and talented mappers for FH1. He was responsible for some of the most iconic and beloved maps, including Sector 318, The Storm 1944 and the ever popular Alpenfestung!

Many of our weapon animations in FH2 were made by him. He was especially proud of his Bren animations, which will be preserved in future FH2 versions.

As a weapons expert, he was responsible for many of the sounds in FH2. Whenever you reload your Lee-Enfield, fire the Drilling as an angry farmer or even just run around, shaking your gear, you are hearing his work.

Another original member from the FH1 days, he was one of the biggest influences on the development of the mod. Many of his BF1942 models were of such high quality that we still use them in FH2 today! He also dabbled in mapping, namely by making Adak island.

What could be a better way of remembering these legends than playing on some of the original FH1 maps, ported over to FH2 by various contributors? The event will include:
  • Adak Island
  • Foy
  • Breakthrough 1944
  • The Storm 1944
  • Valirisk
  • Battle Island
  • Kharkov Outskirts
  • Bombing the Reich
  • Alpenfestung
  • Desert Rose
  • Sector 318

But that's not all: The event maps will include a large number of new vehicles and weapons, including the CMP Pacific content, unreleased vehicles from official FH2 development and assets graciously provided by our friends from the FH:SW development team. Some of these you can see in the screenshots scattered throughout this announcement, others will remain a surprise...

The event files will be distributed through the normal FH2 launcher. We are looking forward to some amazing rounds of FH2 with players, testers and developers!

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Old 2021-10-31, 23:21   #3464
Default Re: Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2 Mod)

Some screenshots from this weekend event.

Hyvät naiset ja herrat, television katselijat. Seuraavaksi? vuorossa

There is no ufo on alpenfestung
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Old 2021-12-07, 22:42   #3465

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Default Re: Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2 Mod)

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Old 2021-12-29, 19:25   #3466

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Default Re: Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2 Mod)

Posted by: CptBocquier and Eat Uranium
29.12.2021 19:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.
Once again we find ourselves in that weird week at the end of the year. 2021 is nearly over but the new year has not quite arrived yet. We'd like to wish everyone the best for 2022, and as a (slightly early) new year present we are showing off some things that have been in the works for a while now. Before that though, we also have a couple of renders of more of the great little detail work that is going into the next release.

After World War 1, French manufacturer Brandt worked to improve the rather basic British Stokes mortar. While their design kept the same basic aspect, it was nonetheless redesigned and paired with better munitions. It was introduced as the Mortier Stokes-Brandt de 81mm Mle 1927, later modified to the Mle 27/31. When set-up, it could fire 20 bombs per minute up to 2 kilometres.
It quickly proved a large success. Throughout the thirties it was sold, built, modified or copied by more than 20 countries including the United States, Finland, Italy and the USSR. Our Mle 27/31 is a reskin by CptBocquier of the US M1 Mortar made by altfuture and Toddel.
The ammunition for the 81mm mortar would be carried in metal boxes, each one containing 3 bombs (infantry) or 6 bombs (cavalry). The ones showed here are the infantry variant, as it was also used by Italy for their own variant of the mortar.
We would like to thanks the people at France 40 Véhicules museum who allowed us to take a large amount of pictures and measurements in their collection, in particular for the 81mm boxes. Check them out at their website here.

Perhaps the most impressive difference between 2.58 and 2.6 is the rework to our ingame HUD. The old design was not much more than a modification to the original BF2 HUD, and apart from some changes to the minimap has been the same since 2.0. We hope that the new design fits the theme of WW2 a lot better, and should also work a lot better on the larger, wider modern displays. Every texture has been doubled in resolution, and the game will now detect your screen ratio and adjust the menus accordingly - no more stretched textures in widescreen.
Much of the design and graphics work can be attributed to Ekiso, with McCloskey and Stubbfan also contributing. Also we would like to thank Mats391 from Project Reality for a HUD related fix for the flagbug issue.
Perhaps the most exciting part of the new HUD is that it comes along with extensive customisation. You can see from the (work in progress) menu that there are plenty of options available for you to try out to get the game looking how you want it.

That's all for this week, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our Discord, our public forums, our Twitter, our subreddit, and/or Facebook pages to discuss this update and other news.
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