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Old 2009-05-14, 01:39   #1
Default CTD When Loading

Hey Guys,

I have had the issue with PR when loading into games, after I click the join game button, the game loads to about 14 -> 15 (ish) %; [It says that It is loading the Objects]. However, every time it gets to this point, the monitor readjusts (flickers), and the screen goes totally black, I can still hear the sound playing and if I alt+tab I go to the desktop, but if I click on PR again, the screen is still black.

I think that the problem is my graphics card: [Radeon 9250 (its old, don't remind me.. I am upgrading it in a few weeks) ] But it works with Battlefield 2 ; Sandbox 1.0 ; (I don't know about the Assault Mod for BF2. I am going to test to see if I have any issues on there. )

Thanks for the help,

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