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25 Apr 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: Adding Ambient Sound Effects To Your Map (Video)

Originally Posted by derg View Post
is there a different tutorial for ambient sounds? maybe im just plain stupid, but i cant get those sounds to work following this tutorial! set them up nicely, but they wont play ingame.. if anything, the global sound works, but no locals

I have the same problemm on map with sounds.
If I place on map global ambience sound and other multiple local sounds - work only ambience sound.
If I place only local multiple sounds - work only the first local sound from AmbientObjects.con.

I tried to copy AmbientObjects.con from official map and place to my map, but it doesn't work - everything stops working except the first sound from AmbientObjects.con.
I did find solution of this issue - the problemm is in Low sound quality in Options. Need to change from Low to Medium, High, or Extra(?) in game(Battlefield 2->Options->Audio->Audio Settings->change setting from Low to other.
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