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10 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2020-07-28, 13:09   #11
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Default Re: Masirah - Feedback

I really enjoy the big cap radii in the city. That way every round can play differently and you do not have to fight over same 2 buildings every time.

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Old 2020-07-28, 17:43   #12

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Default Re: Masirah - Feedback

Originally Posted by Outlawz7 View Post
Aren't 4 shitboxes enough for inland travel?
Indeed! If you loose 2 choppers and cannot do shit with 4 shitboxs ... like it’s GG guys ... GIT GUD that’s all

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Old 2020-07-30, 22:34   #13
Default Re: Masirah - Feedback

-This all reminds me to children's game "deaf phones" or"chinese whispers".

Like ten of us play this map,and others do not know what is being talked about here.It is a pity that those who create the map,and put assets do not play this map(or they play another map,with the same name).
-As I wrote in the topic"PR:WWII General Discussion "-gameplay.And people misunderstood everything with a story about some SQ leaders,it all depends on the people on the server,and bla bla...
-The point of all this is,play,if you something wrong correct ,if not then is ok.


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Old 2020-07-31, 13:48   #14

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Default Re: Masirah - Feedback

Map is in beta, give it time for more layers to be created.

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