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28 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2010-03-14, 21:48   #31
Default Re: The Sad State of Fire Support

This suggestion would be useful if one was on a team truly working together. I play PR all the time, and you find games where the team works together, and you find games where squads are on there own, or individual players are on their own. The later is the reason why all the players have binos. The engine doesn't allow for much in the way of vision, even if your kit includes a scoped weapon, so to see anything over a maybe 200yds - accurately - you need to zoom in. In real life, without vision problems, we can see enemies and obstacles very far away, but the engine limits this and doesn't have the resolution to begin with.

I saw some comments making remarks about the original BF2 arty. I liked the Arty and Commander system Of course, when it worked against you, like when facing a good commander, it sucked. A good commander could control a game. But when it worked for your team it was great. Arty strikes happen in real life. Air Support, mortar sections, etc. I don't see a lot of that in PR. Maybe its hard to code. Maybe people think it will be abused. I think including these things can be done well, and balanced as good as possible, but the fact is that the team that has the best ability to use these weapons is going to do well, and it'll suck to play a team like that, but that just means your team has to do better.

Maybe it can be balanced like it was in BF2 - have the fire support assets as physical objects in game that can be destroyed and repaired. Ever hear of counter battery fire? Players will need to have eyes on target to call in indirect fire, and the assets can be spread out if not entirely randomly placed at the start of each round (to force the other team to recon).

I just more teamwork (which is up to the players), vehicle use (more helos!), and more support features.
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Old 2010-03-14, 22:37   #32
Default Re: The Sad State of Fire Support

But then we'd have to have mobile arty...

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Old 2010-03-18, 13:43   #33

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Default Re: The Sad State of Fire Support

What about a faster reload time but have the artillery cost some tickets?
The artillery already does self destruct after each engagement to accomplish a longer reload time.
So it should™ be easy to implement this.
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