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24 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Old 2018-12-16, 00:38   #1

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Question VOIP audio settings default 0% ,

This needs a tech guy investigation and a fix if possible for this issue. Since July of 2018 my microphone settings have been defaulted to 0% on transmit and receive even after clicking apply. I've been searching solutions and past problems people have had in PR like my current mic issue. I only found one similar post from 2011 close to my issue that never came up when I went to search again the post from 2011 with no solution. I have also searched it as a generic game issue and nothing came up like this. I know why I think.

I have tried un-installing the game, re-installing, fresh downloads, new accounts, gone into deep computer audio settings giving permissions and stuffs, reading things off the internet, nothing seems to work. The cause is one of two things.

The first possible cause is hacker hacked my settings (if that is possible, look into it if this might be case), I noticed the problem happened middle of July on PRTA after this wannabe CAS pilot who rushed to volunteer for jet on Black Gold, his name was Grafta (I wont forget, I got a whole list). Grafta took off from Chinese hanger in Black Gold with jet, crashed into some type of airfield equipment, it caught fire, he survived, he gets out, jet went boom, I saw the whole thing in front of me by the way. He walks over to me, I tell Grafta off for crashing the jet and say a lot of grumpy stuff, this was the last time I spoke and was heard in Project Reality. I called for chopper just before that, he was actually the pilot is I remember dodging multiple AA missile, he was good. But I told him off and he may have hacked, never seen again and I've searched game tracker SSG, PRTA, HOG and nothing on Grafta.

Second possibility is I installed OBS Studio like the same day or a few days before, but I was being heard that day right before Grafta crashed and the whole time of the year. IGN is Sgt.Grump/Gump.45 . Correspond to help me with this please devs and anyone who could.
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Default Re: VOIP audio settings default 0% ,

Very odd, you mean you set it to desired level and then it springs back to 0% after you click apply in the in gam menu?

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