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26 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-08-23, 17:40   #1
Smile Simple Question (What laptop i should buy)

So i've been working lately, and i'm able to buy an Laptop i'm just wondering right now if these spec'(s) are able to run PR on around 30 FPS, and which one i should buy for now.

It has an AMD A9 9425 Proccesor 2 CORES / 2 MB Cache, clocked on 3.1 ghz turbo up too 3.7ghz, it has an integrated AMD R5 IGPU clocked on 350 - 850 mhz with 1024 mb of VRAM, for the memory it has 8 GIGS of DDR4 running at 2400MHZ, and for Storage it has an 256 gig ssd.

It has an Intel core i3 5005U dual cored also clocked at 2 ghz (no turboboost), 3mb cache and its broadwell, it has an intel hd 5500 and it has an 128gig ssd for the ram it has 8gigs of SO-DIMM DDR3L mem clocked at 1600mhz.

1: it's faster i suppose bcz of the processor and intergrated R5 IGPU and it has 1024mb of vram and it has 8 gigs of ddr4 mem....

2: i mean it can handle fortnite at 78 fps on low so idk

would i be able to run pr on one of those laptops for now? till i repair my main desktop.

( and i know intergrated GPU's are sh*t )
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Old 2018-08-24, 12:40   #2
Default Re: Simple Question (What laptop i should buy)

To be honest both are a very similar kind of garbage...

Judging from the i3 5005u has a tiny lead in single-thread-performance (which is important for PR) and is much faster in multithreaded stuff because of having four threads (which is not so important for PR).

The AMD GPU is slightly faster. Intel one scores ~1000 points in FireStrike11 while the AMD one sits at 1100-1400 points.

The amount of VRAM doesn't matter because both will use part of the system's memory as VRAM.

Also I couldn't find any reviews of laptops with the A9-9425 so I looked for the A9-9420 variant which is the same apart from 100mhz less on the CPU and 50mhz less on the GPU.

So if you are limited to those two laptops and your top priority is PR check if one of them runs its RAM in Dual-Channel (2x4gb instead of 1x8gb) and buy that one. Dual-Channel increases performance in particular for the integrated GPU and is very often left out in cheap laptops for whatever reason.

If both have the same RAM-configuration PR will run slightly faster on the Intel laptop in CPU-limited scenarios (city maps; lots of objects) and slightly faster on the AMD laptop in GPU-limited scenarios (desert maps; looking in the sky).

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