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26 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2019-08-23, 12:45   #1
Default New concept music in game

-New concept of creation music in games(mods).Bringing the sound to conflicting countries on a specific map.By combining traditional country sounds(music).

-What is the result?
-Getting to know other cultures music.And changing these stale ones,techno music which most make no sense.
-Now someone will write,this is stolen music.In a sense, he is right.Some things cannot be created on a computer,but they can be combined.But if traditional music can be found it is not copyrighted.



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Old 2019-08-24, 18:30   #2
Default Re: New concept music in game

Sounds good and it works for Sahel.
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Old 2019-08-27, 06:42   #3
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Default Re: New concept music in game

We most likely won't do this, mainly it would need musicians and popular support from the community to make some royalty-free music for PR.

1. Stolen music. As you mentioned, it's a big point. We won't risk breaking any copyright laws including using a song without permission. All music composed are done and given consent to use for the mod and made out of goodwill by talented musicians who contributed to PR. Fans who played it and accepted in the team. If anyone in the community wants, you are free to make original songs that can be included if it's good enough, we like it and you don't mind that it's in the mod, a free game. Also 99% of the music isn't electronica. Most people like it because it's war music, and there's variation like Falklands (Tango music), Dovre (Orchestra), Battle Of Ia Drang, etc. Some people may not like it, but no one will agree on one thing. Yes variation is awesome but it's up to people who feel they want to contribute music to PR. It's good for a resume that's for sure.

2. YouTube bots are intelligent and can detect a good amount of songs, even traditional ones so any YouTuber that records footage won't make money off of it and as a result, the whole audio of the video will be muted.

A good way to test this is uploading a song on YouTube. Even if it is not detected, there's still point 1 + the risk of YouTube getting better at detecting tracks.

3. We don't have any active musicians willing to contribute to PR's music. It is a decent idea, but free royalties are needed for us to do this and of course, up to the mappers whether they want it or not.

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