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Old 2005-08-12, 17:31   #81
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hi guys im jake just a bf2 player looking for a good mod , this looks very nice cant wait to try it out . but im am on 56k so be nice haaha i just play singleplayer does this mod support singleplayer?
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Old 2005-08-13, 12:33   #82

Troels's Avatar
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Hello, everybody. My name is Troels and I come from the great, great country of Denmark. Uh, not really much else to say.... Played BF2 since a few weeks after it came out. Any RO-players here?

And my ingame nick is [RO]Troels.

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Old 2005-08-15, 04:03   #83
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Hello, my name is Justin. I am 17 years old, and going to be a senior in high school. Ive played online gaming the past 5 years, I have been part of the clan Phaze II for the last 3 of those years. I play Forgotten Hope, and BF2 mostly, but i also enjoy playing R:TW. Ive seen news about this mod on several BF2 websites and it looks absoulutly awsome.

nickname: mini_mujgy
xfire: piiminimujgy
BF2 nick: [PII]mini_mujgy21
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Old 2005-08-15, 09:28   #84
nameless sawell
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Hi there. My name is Rok. I come from a small country in Europe called Slovenia. Im 15 years old and i enjoy playing online military games. You can add me on msn, my adress is

My ingame is sawell or nameless.
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Old 2005-08-18, 06:29   #85

Ut-Oh's Avatar

Hello all. Been into realism shooter games/mods since I started playing online, about 5 years ago. Done some modelling and a wee bit of skinning for another mod. Haven't had much time for it in a while but I have much respect for the work of others like yourselves. I like what you've got going here and plan to hang around for a while.
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Old 2005-08-18, 07:44   #86

hey everyone

names lee and i'm bf2 the game and been keeping an eye on this mod for a little while. love the idea of british troops joining the fight but havent been able to get it working so far but havent given up.

living in manchester working as environment modeller in games which i've been in for 3 years and i'm possibly looking into getting into the modding communtiy as i dont get much of a chance to model tanks.

well good to meet you all and hope to see you on PR servers soon

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Old 2005-08-27, 10:27   #87
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Old 2005-08-27, 13:20   #88

Yo I'm KILLA-COW aka ben randall I'm a concept artist and source mapper and amateur modeler and kick ass BF2 sniper lol also i own with the pistols, booyah!
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Old 2005-08-30, 22:13   #89

Lev_Astov's Avatar
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Hi, I'm Lev Astov. I'm currently studying naval architecture and marine engineering, so, naturally, I'd really like to see some more sea going vessels in this game. As it is, I am always an engineer in an armored vehicle. I'll switch to ships if/when any are added, though.

I discovered PRMM when I was desperately searching for signs that anyone might solve some of the problems I've had with BF2, namely, better AA damage. I look forward to any and all improvements PR can make.

ۤ ۤ ۤ ۤ ۤ (| __
ۤ ۤ ۤ ۤ (¯¯¯¯¯¯)== Lev Astov

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Old 2005-09-05, 19:29   #90

Resjah's Avatar

Hi there, my name is jahmar,im 16 and i am planning on going to the AirForceAcademy and begin my career as a fighter pilot.I already take flight lessons and currently hold my solo pilots licences and when i turn 17 i get my Private pilots license

Looking forward to see what you guys do with Aircraft Keep up the good work.

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=r6=, akhbar, allah, ann, baria, commies, community, cool, dano, guy, hoes, introduce, melissa, mitchell, newbie, pla, usmc
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