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23 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Bugs If you find a bug within PR:BF2 (including PRSP), please report it here.

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Post Aggregate VBIOS Community bug report

Ok, so I'm gonna post summarized bug-log, made by our Community with all bugs and issues been found during Open BETA-test last week(without mostly-known and reported bugs).
Some of these bug's/issues could be already reported, or even been fixed, so I'm sorry for that:

- Seemed like Mosin Nagant rifle had 100% accuracy(no deviation) - need to be tested then

- inside Commanders UAV, Thermal vision didn't work for PLA faction

- sometimes different sounds just suddenly stops/disappears(vehicle engine/Jet or helicopter rotor/some environmental sounds - it can be clearly tested at the round start on Black Gold for example), when it shouldn't be so

- on Black Gold, Russian Main, sometimes you can be spawned outside the base(behind HESCOes) and you have to go around to get back to transport been inside of it's territory

- Flares/countermeasures animations are seems wrong/bugged example on this video

- for ARF Faction on Ramiel is possible to take a sit in Commander post Vehicle(at Main) and request a UAV drone once per map - it's gonna spawn at the center of the map and gonna fly to the East

- possibly ARF medic on Ramiel can repair vehicles, or they(cars) just self-repaired

- BRDM TOW gets destroyed after 3(!!!) direct AP round hits by Tank

- on BlackGold Insurgency Layer, at the Russian Main Airfield(for AAS Layer) there is protective bullet/projectile-proof Dome above it.So Chinese avioation can't engage targets in that area

- some mapping bugs with binoculars use - when zoomed in and pressing LMB it's gonna re-play slow-motioned animation of bringign bino- to the eyes, and nothing happens after that

- When you bail out from V-22 Osprey on the Career deck, you fall through the deck textures

- While pressing "~" "Tild" - button, game crashes without any Errors in 40% of times.

- Ramiel AFR Main, all special kits been placed at old spot(2 snipers, RPGs, AAs, etc.) are invisible - as it was in previous PR versions on some maps

- we re seriously concerned about new visual and sound injury/blood-loss system - unlike in previous versions, now you can't figure out how hard you re hit and even are you injured at all - there is no proper indications/animations or even realistic sounds been animated, when you take injuries or suffer of blood-loss, there is no black screen anymore, so you cant understand should you just call for a medic or you have some time to fight and then heal yourself up - you die abruptly and unexpectedly.
We think you should check these animations out and if possible, make them more reliable and informative for the players - injuries, healing and reviving are serious parts of gameplay and it would be very nice to make it work like in 0.8-0.9 versions before, when it was quite clear how injuries "worked".

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Default Re: Aggregate VBIOS Community bug report

I can confirm that visual bug with the flares. I saw it happening multiple times.
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