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27 Jun 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2022-05-02, 19:09   #11
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Default Re: Is Project Reality Tactical or MilSim

Originally Posted by AirShark View Post one has license to model a real world vehicles or equipments and studios can get sued, DCS being the only exception
...and Bohemia Interactive, by that logic. The producers of Arma 2 - which had A4's and Colts and Trijicon optics and HMMWV's and tons of other real world vehicles and equipments (not generic, either, but name brands)...

No need to split hairs on terms, military simulator is a valid genre name of PC Gaming, and the term is not meant to detract or replace a training simulator of any kind used for IRL purposes such as flight or military training applications.

It's not even enough to add a qualifier to VBS to call it a 'real' military simulator, it's just a completely different application and approach to human interaction with software for a completely different purpose. Saying VBS is a military simulator but Arma 3 is not is disrespective of the different applications of both - again, comparing how little an apple tastes like an orange.

Take away the sandbox and even mods, and Arma 3 is still a military simulator PC game, above and beyond any secondary descriptions as an FPS shooter or military action PC game. It's quite a distinction from the likes of games like Battlefield, or even the amazing work done by PR to become better than Battlefield. If PR was a mil-sim, it would not be as cool and popular as it is... it bridges the gap between milsim and FPS tactical in a way that no other game can or has even come close to recreating.

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Default Re: Is Project Reality Tactical or MilSim

PR is a shooter with consequences.
To minimize the damage of the aforementioned you need to rely on teamplay.
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Old 2022-06-06, 12:45   #13
Default Re: Is Project Reality Tactical or MilSim

PR is Tactical, with some MILSIM elements
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