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26 Mar 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2022-06-24, 22:32   #31
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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.7 Released!

Originally Posted by Stolt_Yugoslav View Post
Yeah, no. What I wrote was what I wrote, you don´t just take a mans post, cut a little swath of it out and then add your own nonsense.
You literally said nobody reads them. Does that not include you?

Originally Posted by Stolt_Yugoslav View Post
I was saying you burried a major change in a highlight changelog in the middle of an otherwise solid but mostly "fix small bugs and visuals" update that wasn´t even listed in the News secton.
You call it 'burried in an update highlight' even though it's one of the three most important points of the highlight. It's a second major paraghraph of the highlight and it literally says in the first sentence that
emplacements will now spawn without any ammo inside
How can it possibly be more emphasised? Does it have to be font size 36, bold and in red?

Originally Posted by Stolt_Yugoslav View Post
But, my point was very few people who see an update post and a few nice changelogs are gonna read through them all in detail. And even if they read through them, its very easy to miss that one small sentence that says "all assets will spawn with no ammo" or what ever it is.

So people will just drop a few words of appreciation for updating in general. Thats my theory based on extensive studies and professional experience in related fields, but fuck it. It doesn´t matter. And it probably wasn´t a conspiracy.

You just put it there. I made a stab at it cause its a lame ass change. "IMO".
Actually, we have the exact opposite: players complaining about things written in changelog even before an update is released. There is even a separate OMG forum alert level precisely for that because it is that common and it contradicts the point you are making.

Every minute spent on writing announcements is one minute not spent on developing the game. If some people are (at least according to you) indeed unable to spend two minutes to carefully read what we posted, I honestly think it would be inappropriate for us to waste even more of our time on writing the same thing two or three times (first in changelog, then in news and in update highlight etc). It's not our problem if people can't read. If they don't respect our time and efforts, why should we bother about their inattentiveness?

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Old 2022-06-27, 01:55   #32
Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.7 Released!

Thank you guys! You are really doing amazing work here!
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