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26 Mar 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2020-12-30, 20:59   #11

Iguanadjy's Avatar
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

This article.... There’s a ninja kit cutting onions I swear!!! PR forever !!!
Been playing this game since 2007 never stopped playing it since!

I had a hiatus in 2014 because I left my country to go live abroad and 1 year and a half later I jump back on it because it became a standalone and I finally got a sort of stable connexion on my island!

I’ve been playing this game for almost 13 years now and no other games ever satisfied that itch like PR did, does and will do!

Omg those pictures are making me so much looking forward for 2021 and many other years!

10 years ago people were already saying “PR is dying” a decade later I want to tell them:

Thanks DEVs <3 This game has always been there for me! <3

Wishing everyone a happy new year!

Supporting this game since 0.6 Never gonna give up!
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Old 2020-12-30, 21:26   #12
Supporting Member

Graysun's Avatar
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

Still wondering how far it can go

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Old 2020-12-30, 21:36   #13

captainfuture's Avatar
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

Can't say it often enough: Thanks to everyone!

Just quite often in the last months I hear people on the battlefield pointing out, that the teamwork, team spirit and skills of the player base make this game unique.

So thanks to the players, thanks to the Devs, thanks to the whole community.

Keep it on. Up into a new decade.

Happy new year and cheers!

captainfuture (formerly known as tfdno31)
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Old 2020-12-31, 02:22   #14
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

Tried to fill out a testing application and the site for retrieving PID is no longer up and the ID# from the PR Launcher does not satisfy the page.
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Old 2020-12-31, 11:27   #15
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

@Iguanadjy Nub commander !

Almost a decade of playing and still going strong.
One of the best games/mods i've played.

Keep up the good work boys !
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Old 2020-12-31, 13:03   #16
Supporting Member
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

Thanks so much to everyone who created this amazing mod!
Countless hours of awesome experience over these past 10 years. I hope the community will last for long.
Happy new year!
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Old 2020-12-31, 21:21   #17
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

Holy crap... been with PR since 2006, when I do the math in my head it seems like it isn't even possible to be that long ago.

Looked for an alternative to Vanilla BF2 because I couldn't stand that the Barrett 50 was a 2 shot kill!!!

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Old 2021-01-01, 14:08   #18
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Filamu's Avatar
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

Especially 2020 has been a great pr year, that's for sure. A great way to round off a good decade. Looking forward to playing this game till we retire
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Old 2021-01-02, 01:27   #19

Coalz101's Avatar
Default Re: Rounding off the decade

Metis to replace Kornet we just got? or are we going to have Standard/Alternative TOW

Or is it going to be a shoulder fired version. (Although it doesn't look so, it's still possible)
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Last edited by Coalz101; 2021-01-02 at 01:42..
Old 2021-01-02, 15:34   #20
Retired PR Developer

Hokunin's Avatar
Default Re: Rounding off the decade


Metis M1 going to be an infantry carried HAT weapon for the Russians, since currently they don't have guided missiles, and RPG is hardly a replacement for it. But there will be limitations, it will be firable only while in prone position and blocked from using on standing and sitting positions, so no shooting from windows.

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