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27 Mar 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Default The Great Project Reality Timeline

A Brief Timeline of PR's 18 Year History (and Counting...)

-->>Download the PDF version!!!<<--

Notes from Project Reality's one and only (second) self-proclaimed historian:
  • This whole project came about while I was working on a documentary about PR. I had to keep record of a lot of events and decided to create a timeline. After the cancelation of said documentary I realized the timeline was worth publishing and maintaining.
  • If no source is given then the info is from the History of PR thread by the retired developer CodeRedFox. Almost everything else IS archived, EXCEPT VIDEOS. Those are a lot trickier and time consuming. If you want to go back and archive them I would appreciate it. With all that said, nobody can meticulously archive decades of history if some of it is already behind them. I've done my best here but I'm not perfect and as such I can't guarantee everything is 100% factually correct. I made this whole thing and even I find imperfections in it every time I look at it.
  • It's the worst when I want to double check the answer to some obscure information and the website I logged is gone, so all I'm left with is an archive of it. Or worse, I forgot to archive it and when I go back to do it it's gone forever. Despite all of that I've continued updating this gigantic mess in the hope that it will be useful to somebody at some point, long after PR or me are gone. If even one of those are true - Hello fellow time traveller!

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me on:
Discord: Deviro#8506

Initially published on 13th of October 2018.

Last updated: 1st of January 2023 (v1.4.1).

This project uses data from the Wayback Machine.

If you enjoyed this check out the PR Tournaments chronicle here. Which is all about the official PR Tournaments and the battles. Results and dates are compiled for your pleasure.

The inspiration is born

10th: Battlefield 1942 is released by DICE

20th: Desert Combat mod version .1 for Battlefield 1942 is released by Trauma Studios

Project Reality conceived

17th: is created, a fan site for the Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat mod (by druneto (Drew on PRF))

19th: Battlefield 2 is announced

-> Sometime here Requiem makes a thread in the off topic section of Desert Combat's forums in PlanetForum's Battlefield division which leads to the creation of Project Reality

23rd: First post in the forums, later merged with
26th: Dr. Zero posts on the BF1942 modding forums about Project Reality titled "It's DC: Realism for BF2"

1st: Trauma Studios is bought by DICE for $500K
5th: Earliest post on
25th: Project Reality is announced on the Mod DB forums

11th: Interview with Requiem on

17th: Desert Combat mod's development ends with one last version titled DC: Final

20th: EA owns 19% of DICE and plans to buy 25 more, raising it to 44%
30th: is registered

First steps in transforming Battlefield 2

25th: EA owns almost 60% of DICE

7th: Trauma Studios is closed
21st: Battlefield 2 is released

13th: Project Reality: BF2 Mini-Mod v0.1 is released (Changelog)
New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]JS.Fortnight.A, [R-DEV]requiem, [R-DEV]UK_Force, [R-DEV]ArchEnemy
  • Option between SABOT and HEAT 120mm rounds for tanks
  • Option between buckshot/slug rounds for shotguns
  • 2 new materials to differentiate between 5.56, 7.62, and 9mm. calibres
  • Reduced jump height and distance
  • Changed handheld weapon Muzzleflashes / ROF / Recoil / Velocities / Damages
  • Tweaked Vehicle Physics
  • Gave grenades/explosives more power/radius
  • Altered Sniper Rifles Damage/Zoom
  • Destroyed vehicle model visible time increased
  • Doubled the shake sensitivity of the camera
  • Supplies from Commander no longer repair damaged battlefield assets, such as vehicles and structures
  • Increased the sound radius of weapon discharges
  • Kill and hit Indicator, reticules
  • Parachutes
  • Sidearm
  • All 3rd Person views
  • UAV and Satellite Scan from commander screen

4th: BF2 v1.03 is released
  • Added Wake Island 2007 map
27th: PR: BF2 Mini-Mod v0.2 is released (Details)
New Features:
  • Added HEI/AP rounds for APCs
  • Added zoom to MBTs/APCs/AAVs
Items removed/retired:
  • Call UAV ability from squad leader/commander commo rose
-> Sometime in October JS.Fortnight.A takes over PR leadership from Requiem

21st: BF2: Special Forces is released

3rd: PR: BF2 Mini-Mod v0.2 Revision 1 is released
  • Makes PR compatible with BF2: SF and v1.12

Creating kits and the death of Digital Illusions

-> PR is featured in an article in Computer Games Magazine's February issue
14th: BF2 v1.2 released, removing Dolphin Diving
18th: Project Reality Tournament: Campaign 1 Starts
25th: PR: BF2 Mini-Mod v0.25 released:
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]BlakeJr, [R-DEV]Black Beret, [R-DEV]Eddie Baker, [R-DEV]Evilhomer, [R-DEV]eggman, [R-DEV]TR, [R-DEV]Stigger, [R-DEV]SHEPEIRO
New Features:
  • New Assault and Secure (AAS) Gamemode
  • Minor tweaks to weapons, new visuals, infantry load out adjustments
  • MH-6 Littlebird (USMC)
New Maps:
  • Oasis by Dr. Mabuse (USMC vs MEC)
  • Steel Thunder by Illicit Films (USMC vs PLA)
  • Strike at Karkand 2 by Hrothgar (USMC vs MEC)
  • All vBF2 maps Converted for PR

3rd: Kaos Studios is formed by Trauma Studios veterans
14th: BF2: Euro Force booster pack is released

11th: PR: BF2 Mini-Mod v0.3 is released (Details)
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]JavaMoose, [R-DEV]Happy, [R-DEV]Ghostrider, [R-DEV]AiRfOrCe, [R-DEV]Exel, [R-DEV]RipFire, [R-DEV]KingofCamelot, [R-DEV]Rhino, [R-DEV]TheRealFritz, [R-DEV]Katarn, [R-DEV]Gaz, [R-DEV]e-Gor, [R-DEV]Wraith, [R-DEV]Wolfmaster
New Features:
  • Many Weapon and Class Changes
  • New points system called "Threat and Worth Scoring"
  • New Gamemodes: Xtract and New Single Objective
  • Night vision for night maps
  • SPR S-MOD Rifle (USMC), P226 Pistol (USMC)
  • Black SUV (USMC)
New Maps:
  • Muttrah City v1 by [R-DEV]Rhino (USMC vs MEC)
  • Jabal Al Burj by [R-DEV]Ali-Tom (USMC vs MEC)
  • CP Abadan by [R-DEV]Ali-Tom (USMC vs MEC)
  • Road to Kyongan’Ni by [R-DEV]NikovK (USMC vs PLA)
  • Jungle Fever by Dr. Mabuse (USMC vs PLA)
  • Operation Nightshift by BierPizzaChips (USMC vs MEC)
  • Zhianjing Security Area by Khrimson (USMC vs PLA)
  • El Alamein XXL by Mr. Burns (USMC vs MEC)
  • Sharqi Night by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
  • Karkand Night Ops by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
  • Mashtuur Night by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
  • 8 vBF2 maps converted for PR
25th: BF2 v1.3 released

6th: BF2: Armored Fury booster pack is released
Project Reality Mini-Mod patch v0.31 released (Details)
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]RikiRude
  • Makes PR compatible with BF2 v1.3

5th: BF2 v1.4 is released
  • Added Road to Jalalabad map
12th: Project Reality: BF2 Mini-Mod v0.32 Map Pack Patch is released
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]2Slick4U,[R-DEV]Fullforce, [R-DEV]MasterTom,[R-DEV]NikovK, [R-DEV]qwerty4030, [R-DEV]sofad, [R-DEV]Stinger, [R-DEV]Thomazz, [R-DEV]xW0LFx
New Features and Changes:
  • Compatible with BF2 v1.4
  • Changed round start delays to 90 seconds for all game modes
New Maps:
  • EJOD Desert by [R-DEV]Thomazz (USMC vs MEC)
  • Mao Valley by [R-CON]xtrm2k (USMC vs PLA)
  • Hongshangu Winter by Ga-KnomboeBoy (USMC vs PLA)
  • Goods Station by [R-CON]spfreak (USMC vs MEC)
  • Road to Jalalabad by Customized for PR
  • Songhua Stalemate by Makes a return

2nd: DICE is acquired by Electronic Arts for almost $24 million
17th: Battlefield 2142 is released

8th: Project Reality Dev Team joins Black Sand Studios mod group
11th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.4 is released, no longer a Mini-Mod
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]Alex L.
New Features:
  • Kit Limiting System
  • New Kit loadouts and new kits (Light AT, Heavy AT, Anti-Air, Anti Infantry)
  • New HUD that is less visible/takes up less screen space
  • New sound effects for several weapons and vehicles
  • Reduced name tag draw distance
  • New Insurgent faction introduced
  • New British faction introduced
  • Weapons: L85A2 SUSAT (British), L85A2 Iron Sights (British), L115A1 Sniper Rifle (British), L7A1 Mounted GPMG (British), L1191A (British), L9 Pistol (British), LAW80 (British), RPG7 from BF:SF (Insurgents), Remote Detonated Claymores (All Factions), Molotov Cocktails *early version (Insurgents)
  • Equipment: UGL launched smoke (All Factions), Field Dressings (All Factions), Grappling Hook from BF:SF (All Factions)
  • Vehicles: T62 Tank (Insurgents), Saxon APC (British), A10 Warthog (USMC), ECH365 Scout Helicopter (PLA), Support HMMWV from USI (USMC), Technical 50cal from BF:SF (Insurgents), Civilian Car from BF:SF (Insurgents), Big Red Bomb Truck from BF2:SF (Insurgents)
New Maps:
  • Al Basrah (v1) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs Insurgents)
  • Gulf of Aqaba by Khrimson (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Hills of Hamgyong by [R-DEV]NikovK (USMC vs PLA)
  • Mao Valley by [R-CON]xtrm2k (USMC vs PLA)
  • Operation Ghost Train by [R-DEV]Rhino (GB vs PLA)
  • Operation Greasy Mullet by Ga-Knomboe Boy (USMC vs MEC)
  • Qwai River by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (USMC vs PLA)
  • Raid on Mosykie by [R-DEV]matt.b (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Street by [R-CON]spfreak (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Sunset City by [R-DEV].:XDR:.FRIJJ (USMC vs PLA)

Redefining realistic gaming

3rd: Roadmap for 2007 (and beyond) is released
  • PR will continue to be part of Black Sand Studios
  • Aiming for a 45-60 day release cycles for updates
  • Once the British faction is complete the mod will be v1.0 ready
  • Militia faction to be released that is more militaristic than the civilian based Insurgents
  • Overhaul spawning mechanics in v0.5 and beyond
  • Plans to add new ranking system to prevent new players from using important assets
  • A tease for randomized objectives
  • 3-5 maps every 45-60 days
  • Move Project Reality to an alternative platform (like ET: Quake Wars)
26th: Project Reality wins "Silver Spanner for 2006" on Mod DB (2nd place)
Notable quote from Eggman about the community:
  • "Because of the steep learning curve and unforgiving nature of Project Reality our gaming community has developed a reputation for being "elitist" (that's 3L337157 for some of you btw). If we're not careful, we may become so leet that there's no competition because people will get turned off of being berated about not having read the 3,000 word player guide."

9th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.5 is released
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]duckhunt, [R-DEV]IronTaxi, [R-DEV].:XDR:.FRIJJ, [R-DEV]BrokenArrow, [R-DEV]jarleif, [R-DEV]dbzao, [R-DEV]dizzy, [R-DEV]fuzzhead
New Features:
  • Added new Squad Rally Point and new Vehicle Damage System
  • Added Tank & Pilot Kits
  • Destructible Environments
  • Advance and Secure (AAS) v2 - Several control points at the same time
New Weapons/Equipment:
  • QBZ Rifle Series (PLA), M-14 Marksman Rifle (USMC), AT4 Light AT (USMC)
New Vehicles:
  • Merlin HC3 Transport Helicopter (British), Land Rover (British)
New Maps:
  • Airport by [R-CON]spfreak (GB vs MEC)
  • Al Basrah (v1.5) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs Insurgents)
  • Helmand Province by [R-DEV]duckhunt (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Inishail Forest by |TG|Kilrogg (USMC vs PLA)
  • Operation Phoenix by |TG|Kilrogg (USMC vs MEC)
  • Forward Spawn Points from Flags

23rd: Dev blog: "Update on v0.6"
  • As of v0.5 the mod had become more popular than ever - devs are restricting server side modding (very limited access to configuration files). No access to .zip files :
  • "Server side modifications can dramatically affect how the mod plays. That level of impact on game play is not something the Project Reality team wishes to hand over to server administrators. The mod will play how we designed it."
More tournaments:
  • Enemy Down [seems like a ladder league that went on to for a year or two]
  • 52nd Combat Group [couldn't find when or if they played PR]
  • PR League [notably the current Rusty in Places community from SQUAD was in there. Site was defunct by 2011 it seems]

1st: April Fool's joke that PR is being taken down
PRT C5 is announced

17th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.6 is released (Guide)
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]Spearhead, [R-DEV]Matrox, [R-DEV]Dr Rank, [R-DEV]Jaymz
Major Additions:
  • Militia faction with its own new map - Assault on Mestia
  • First 4 Km map - Kashan Desert
  • Insurgency Game Mode
  • EAX sound support
  • New Weapons/Equipment: Shovel/E-Tool (All Factions), G3A3 Assault Rifle (MEC), QBZ-95 UGL Rifle (PLA), SKS Carbine (Militia, Insurgents), M40 Sniper Rifle (USMC), PPSH (Militia), Stones (Insurgents)
  • New Vehicles: Warrior IFV (British), AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter (British)
Major Changes:
  • New Spawning Systems:
  • 1. Except for main bases, ALL of the spawning systems in Project Reality v0.6 are controlled by players AND destroyable
  • 2. Commanders can build bunkers that the entire team can spawn on
  • Heavy vehicles spawn in waves (delayed)
  • Kit Limiting Updated
  • We have now cut our unlimited kits down to only 4, and made kits like Grenadier and Light-AT limited kits
  • You will no longer see one squad taking up all sniper kits for example
  • Increased engagement distances at up to 1Km. Improved BF2 engine's rendering system to get vehicles and buildings to draw at these ranges and to get the weapons working as realistically as possible
  • Server licensing system implemented
  • You now must click and hold the medic bag to heal somebody
Small Changes and Additions:
  • Insurgent Civilian Kit
  • Commander can put razorwire with the help of engineers
New Maps
  • Al Basrah (v2) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Al Kufrah Oilfields by [R-CON]DarkOverlord (GB vs MEC)
  • Assault on Mestia by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs Militia)
  • Bi Ming (Night) by [R-DEV]Dr.Rank (GB vs PLA)
  • Kashan Desert by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs MEC)
  • Seven Gates by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs PLA)
  • vbf2 Zatar Wetlands (USMC vs MEC)
  • vbf2 Daqing Oilfields (USMC vs PLA)
Items removed/retired:
  • Extract Game Mode
Of note:19th: The Project Reality team meets up at the British Royal Armored Corps' Bovington Camp, to become more acquainted with the British Army's weapons and armoured vehicles.
  • Soldiers Magazine is with them and PR is featured in 2008's April issue
  • Picture with the devs: Dr. Rank, e-Gor, JS.Fortnight.A, Matrox, Rhino, Stigger, Sim, UK_Force, MrD, DarkPowder and Thunder.

1st: Project Reality is 1st place in the FPS category in the GameFlood mod contest
19th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.61 is released (v0.612 Manual)
Major additions and changes:
  • Added WAH-64 Apache (for Kashan Desert, US)
  • Revamped British Woodland and Desert Skins (by Spush and Shiftys1023)
Minor changes:
  • Servers can run localized versions of the server messages for kit request, rally points, commander assets, etc.
  • Ammunition can be obtained from rally points like intended.
  • Insurgency game mode has been overhauled [fixed?].
  • Crewman kit does not have a wrench anymore.
  • Totally new parachute logic (depending on the time from opening until you hit the ground you take different amounts of damage - 30s for no damage).
  • Commander trucks can now be requested at bunkers and firebases.
  • Scoring system encourages teamwork and staying together as a squad.

13th: PRT C6 Sign-Ups are opened:
  • Nato vs CATA teams
  • AAS, Ins and Recon game modes

9th: "River Rapids Effect" dev journal by Rhino (Videos: 1, 2)
"JDAM (WIP)" dev journal by M.J.Patterson (Video)
10th: "Fallujah West (WIP)" dev journal by duckhunt (Image)
11th: "Changes to Commander Assets" dev journal by dbzao
12th: "The Battle for Quinling" dev journal by Rhino
15th: "Revised Spotting System" dev journal by dbzao
23rd: "New icons, markers and textures" dev journal by dbzao
26th: "Distant Weapon Sounds" dev journal by Jaymz (Video)
27th: "Laser Target Designation and CAS Overhaul" dev journal by dbzao (Video)
28th: "Revised AA missile locking and Flare systems" dev journal by dbzao
31st: Project Reality: BF2 v0.7 is released (Changelog, Manual)
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]Outlaw22, [R-DEV]MacNeill_USA, [R-DEV]M.J.Patterson, [R-DEV]AtlantaFalcons, [R-DEV]Rico
Major Additions:
  • Deviation system added for soldiers, emplacements and heavy ground vehicles
  • Jet and Helicopters have laser guided ordinance
  • The Commander, Officers, and Special Forces can laser designate targets with their SOFLAM
  • New Commander Features: GPS Guided Bomb Area Attack and SAT Guided Air Strike
  • Counter-Attack Game Mode - defenders receive reinforcements if they hold CPs for long enough and are able to initiate a counter-attack
  • New Weapons/Equipment: M16A4 ACOG and Iron Sights (USMC), RPG-7 (Insurgents / Militia), IED (Insurgent)
  • New Vehicles: Scimitar Recon (British), Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank (British), Eurofighter Jet (British), BRDM2 Spandrel (Militia), ZIS-3 Anti-Tank Emplacement (Militia)
Major Changes:
Squad Leaders can now build assets/emplacements
  • Removed many of the 'auto' rearming places in Project Reality and made ammunition resupply a much more easily identifiable location and a much more strategic element
  • Game play in v0.6 was far faster paced and arcade like than we thought it would have been. New system puts the spawning capabilities of a team ENTIRELY in the hands of the players
Minor Additions and Changes:
  • Added Compass
  • Ground vehicles only resupply from structures and can only be repaired by engineers
  • No tickets are used for building structures
  • Only the bunker, fire-base and sandbag wall need active construction
  • All structures need to be placed within 50m of a supply truck
  • For every 2 CPs under the team's control a bunker and a fire base can be built
  • Added sounds for weapons at long range (cracking)
  • All infantry weapon sounds redone or tweaked
New Maps:
  • Battle for Qinling by [R-DEV]Rhino (GB vs PLA)
  • Bi Ming (Day) by [R-DEV]Dr Rank (GB vs PLA)
  • Fools Road by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs Militia)
Items removed/retired:
  • Removed the Auto-Spotting system
  • Infantry Minimap
  • Spawning on SL
  • Saxon APC (British)

Becoming more and more professional looking

1st: Project Reality wins "Best Mod" on Total Gaming Network Awards 2007[Most anticipated game was "Battlefield 3" (the to be released Bad Company)]
23rd: Project Reality Chat on Xfire

2nd: Project Reality is 2nd in Mod DB's "MOTY 2007" awards
3rd: "Spec Ops Kit changes" dev journal by dbzao
4th: "Crewmans get PDWs instead of rifles" dev journal by Jaymz
6th: "The message system to display awards, ranks and ribbons is replaced by player specific messages for rules, kits, vehicles, etc." dev journal by dbzao

1st: "Sangin Map (WIP)" dev journal by Dr Rank (Images)
17th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.75 is released (Details)
Major Additions:
  • New suppression effect (New Shader Effects by [R-CON]jodonnell)
  • New bleed out effect and black screen when dead or critically wounded
  • Smoke launcher batteries in tanks and IFVs have 3 sets of smoke
Major Changes:
  • New iron sights for most handheld weapons
  • In Insurgency only up to 3 weapons caches exist in the game world at any time
  • Added a delay to use for all stationary and vehicle weapons
  • Added silenced pistol, grappling hook and C4 to special operations kit
Minor Additions and Changes:
  • PR tips to loading screens
  • Heat signature and flares back to light helicopters
  • Gave carbine rifles to crewman kits where available (China, MEC, US)
  • Added deviation model to grenades. Also lowered throw distance and raised timer
  • Jeeps and IFVs can drop small ammo boxes now
  • Replaced pistols from anti-tank kits with rifles (2+1 mags)
  • Commander assets can be built within 50m of two supply crates
  • Replaced deployable AA gun with deployable AA missile system
  • Added slugshot shotgun to engineers as secondary weapon for door breaching, moved the mines to the 9th slot
  • Added trip flare to marksman kit
  • Added Molotov cocktails to insurgent AA and RPG
New maps:
  • Bi Ming (day) by [R-DEV]Dr Rank
  • Operation Archer by [R-CON]DVB-PARAMEDIC.CA
  • Ammo bag from AR
  • Flashbangs from officer and special operations kit
  • Missile lock warning tone from all armored vehicles
22nd: "Suppression effect tweaks" dev journal by Jaymz

9th: Project Reality featured in Soldiers Magazine
12th: "Operation Barracuda" dev journal by Dr Rank (Images)
26th: "Chinook Heli" dev journal by UK_Force
"New Afghan compound statics" dev journal by Rhino

2nd: "Medic systems overhaul" dev journal by dbzao
4th: "Deployable .50 cals" dev journal by Rhino
6th: "Loading Menu Redesign" dev journal by AncientMan
12th: "Korengal Valley" dev journal by CodeRedFox
18th: "Major changes to Deployable Assets" dev journal by dbzao
19th: "Stormer HVM" dev journal by Stigger (Images)
22nd: "Fallujah West progress" dev journal by duckhunt (Images)

27th: "Smoke grenades and their colours" dev journal by M.J.Patterson
31st: "PR v0.8 Soundtrack" dev journal by Jaymz (Video)

8th: "Korengal Valley progress" and "WIP Cave-ins and Landslides" dev journals by CodeRedFox
13th: "New Training, Skirmish and CnC gamemodes; standardization; AAS v3" dev journal by dbzao (Images)
25th: "Mutrah City v2.0 overview" dev journal by Rhino (Many Images)
26th: "3 different Area Attacks - Mortars, Artillery, JDAM" dev journal by dbzao
27th: "Ramiel" dev journal by OkitaMakoto
29th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.8 is released (Manual):
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]AfterDune, [R-DEV]AncientMan, [R-DEV]A.J.Sawyer, [R-DEV]CAS_117, [R-DEV]Cheeseman, [R-DEV]Chuc, [R-DEV]CodeRedFox, [R-DEV]foul_killer, [R-DEV]LeadMagnet, [R-DEV]Masaq, [R-DEV]Mosquill, [R-DEV]Nickbond592, [R-DEV]ohnomelon, [R-DEV]OkitaMakoto, [R-DEV]TrahnLee, [R-DEV]Undies
Major Additions:
  • US Army faction
  • Total animation and sound overhaul to immerse the player in the battlefield
  • Deployable Heavy Machine Guns for All Conventional Factions and Militia
  • Commander deployed off-map artillery, mortars and JDAM strikes
  • AAS V3, includes random control points
  • Command and Control (CnC) "Hardcore, open ended" mode of play
  • Skirmish Gamemode: "perfect for clan matches"
  • Training Mode
  • Underbarrel Grenade Launchers - M4 M203, M16A4 M203, G3 HK79, L85A2 AG36
  • New Weapons/Equipment: M4 Carbine (US Army), M249 SAW/Minimi (US Army, USMC and British), SSGP1 Sniper Rifle (MEC), G3SG1 Rifle (MEC), RPG26 Anti Tank (MEC), L85A2 Bayonet (British), L86 Light Support Weapon (British), Zipties on Insurgency (BLUFOR Factions), Lee Enfield No.4 Rifle - Ironsights and Scoped (Militia and Insurgents), Medic Tools - Resuscitate Compression and Epinephrine Auto Injector (All Factions), Cellphones, RKG-3 Anti Tank Grenade and Molotov Cocktail (Insurgents)
  • New Vehicles: M2A2 Bradley APC (US Army), UH-60 Blackhawk (US Army), M1126 Stryker ICV (US Army), HMMWV (US Army / USMC), Stormer Anti Air Vehicle (British), RAF Tornado GR4 (British)
Major Changes:
  • Slowed down sight transition and reload times for all weapons; Handheld missile launchers have extended deploy times, with animations accompanying them
  • New visual effects such as smoke, missile trails, cannon fire, impacts, grenade explosions and area attack impacts
  • Deviation System Overhauled Again
  • Enterable Command Post - Required for all commander functions
  • Spotting system for squad leaders and commander
  • Deployable Hideouts for Insurgents
Minor Additions and Changes:
  • Commander placeable map markers to help team coordination
  • SKS updated (Militia and Insurgents)
New Maps:
  • Korengal Valley by [R-DEV]CodeRedFox (US Army vs INS)
  • Muttrah City 2 by [R-DEV]Rhino (USMC vs MEC)
  • Operation Barracuda by [R-DEV]duckhunt and [R-DEV]Dr Rank (USMC vs PLA)
  • Ramiel by [R-DEV]OkitaMakota (US Army vs INS)
  • Tad Sae by [R-DEV]Nickbond (USMC vs PLA)

9th: "Fallujah Minimap compared to real life" dev journal by duckhunt (Images)
13th: Project Reality LAN party with devs and players is organized, around 30 people show up.
28th: "Siege of Ochamachira map" dev journal by IronTaxi (Making-of)

2nd: "Karbala" dev journal by ~KILL~Pirate (Images)
5th: "Deviation tweaks" dev journal by Jaymz
9th: "Feyzabad map" dev journal by CodeRedFox (On indefinite hold since Apr 2009)

5th: ".50 cals with more cover" and "Sandbags deployable" dev journal by CodeRedFox
7th: "Insurgency changes" dev journal by dbzao
9th: "Operation Archer Redux" dev journal by PARAMEDIC.CA (Images)
13th: "7Armd Bde - Desert Rats" Weekend Event
  • UN kits
  • Lots of armoured vehicles
  • Slightly different Kashan
"Booby traps" (Video) and "Fallujah West overview" dev journals by Rhino (Many Images)
15th: Project Reality: Singleplayer (PRSP) v0.8 is released
  • Supports 16 maps, but no Ins and CnC
19th: "New field statics" dev journal by Rhino (Images)
29th: "Sprint and Stamina changes" dev journal by Jaymz

First community faction and last BF2 patch

1st: "Logistics overhaul" dev journal by dbzao (Audio Interview)
8th: "BMP-3 Progress update" dev journal by Jaymz (Video)
10th: "German Forces progress update" dev journal by marcoelnk (Many Images)
14th: "Kozelsk" dev journal by Deer (Images)
18th: "Asad Khal" dev journal by Deer (Images)
23rd: Project Reality: BF2 v0.85 is released (Details, Manual)
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]bosco, [R-DEV]Deer, [R-DEV]Drav, [R-DEV]GeZe, [R-DEV]Hitperson, [R-DEV]~KILL~Pirate, [R-DEV]Nosferatu, [R-DEV]PRC_Heavy_Z, [R-DEV]Pride, [R-DEV]ZZEZ
Major Additions:
  • Russian Faction - first community faction added to the game
  • Taliban Faction - replaces Ins on Afghan maps
  • Added new Foxhole deployable, improved HMG and AA
  • 2 man logistics trucks carrying crates which are necessary to build FOBs and request kits. They also deploy repair stations for vehicle repairs
  • Added new incendiary grenade, which primary role is destroying enemy deployables, as well as unmanned trucks and jeeps.
  • New Weapons: Several New AK-47 and AK-74 variants, Al-Quds RPK (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban), Artillery IED (Iraqi Insurgent), Grenade Trap (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban), PF-98 Heavy Anti-Tank (PLA), RPG-7 Tandem Warhead (Russians), Trip Flare (All factions)
  • New Vehicles: BTR-60 APC (Russia and MEC), Gaskin Anti-Air Vehicle (MEC), Humvee Avenger Anti-Air Vehicle (USA), Logistic Trucks (All Factions), Lynx AH-7 Transport Helicopter (British), T-72 MBT (MEC)
Major Changes:
  • Added new team specific large supply crates, which can be used to request kits
  • Crates are now faction specific
  • Increased soldier sprint times and distances. Soldiers can now sprint continuously for 30 seconds, taking 90 seconds to regain all stamina back.
  • Increased volume and distance of engines and tracks on most Jeeps, APCs, Tanks as well as civilian vehicles
  • Vehicles can now repair and reload at the new Vehicle Depot located at the main base.
  • Updated Insurgent and Chechen factions with new models and kit loadouts
  • Kits can now be requested from Faction-Specific Supply Crates and friendly APC
Minor Additions and Changes:
  • Increased wounded time to 3 minutes.
  • Updated dirt bike with new driving mechanics and leaning ability using the mouse
  • Added new kit icons for all kits
  • Overhauled BMP-3 weapons
New Maps:
  • Asad Khal by [R-DEV]Deer (GB vs MEC)
  • Fallujah West by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs INS)
  • Karbala by [R-DEV]KillPirate (US Army vs INS)
  • Kozelsk by [R-DEV]Deer (RUS vs CHECHEN)
  • Operation Archer Redux by [R-DEV] (USMC vs TALIBAN)
  • Counter-Attack game mode from v0.85, will return in the future, bundled together with the new "Scenario" game mode
  • Player and soldiers direction indicators on map.
  • Wrench ability to repair vehicles, instead it is able to remove mines and traps
  • Jeep spawning from Forward Outposts
  • vbf2 Vodnik (MEC)
  • vbf2 Nanjing (PLA)
  • Ghillie Suit from all Snipers
  • Spec-Ops Kit
  • Weapons from pilot kit
  • Dirtbike passenger ability to fire weapons (no more drive-by IEDs) [lol]
25th: "Mortar system teaser" dev journal by Matrox

16th: "Devils Tower - CF map" devblog by PARAMEDIC.CA (Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

2nd: Project Reality wins MOTY 2008 on MODDB
3rd: Project Reality is awarded "MOTY 2008" and "Best Multiplayer", the former grants the devs a Torque Game Engine license as a prize
"Sangin progress update" dev journal by Dr Rank (Images)
7th: "Auto Deploy" dev journal by AncientMan (Video)

1st: "Sangin Valley Map Open-Beta" April Fool's Joke
5th: "Iron Ridge" dev journal by ~KILL~Pirate (Images)
11th: Saluting animation teaser devblog by Chuc (Image)
19th: "Lashkar Valley overview" dev journal by Hans Martin Slayer (Many Images)
22nd: "Dili - Timor map" dev journal by CodeRedFox
28th: "Spawn menu kit changes" dev journal by dbzao
Events sub forum is created for upcoming official and community ran events

25th: Project Reality Official Server Provider is announced
  • Communities can buy PR servers from Alpha Networks (defunct since 2016)
  • PR is also sponsored by them

2nd: AD Online Admin tool is released
8th: Soft announcement of Project Reality 2, using C4 engine
17th: ArmA 2 released
19th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.86 is released (Details)
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]Twisted Helix, [R-DEV]Kaijleor, [R-DEV]Hans Martin Slayer, [R-DEV]77SiCaRiO77, [R-DEV]Z-Trooper
Major Additions:
  • Added 360 degree Commander periscope to all APC driver positions
  • PLA WZ551A with new QJC-88 MG (Chinese APC)
  • New sounds for several weapons and vehicles
Major Changes:
  • Updated insurgency to only have 2 caches available at a time instead of 3
  • Added officer requirement to the command post
  • Added new medic system, after being revived player has a 60s timer, if shot again within this 60s timer, player is killed instead of critically wounded
  • Increased wounded time to 5 min
  • Combat Medic is now a limited kit
  • Heavily improved the server browser in the main menu
  • Added new code to not allow gunners without drivers in tanks, APCs
  • Standardized vehicle engine sound distances. Cars/wheeled vehicles = 200m, tanks/tracked vehicles = 600m, helicopters = 800m, jets = 1000m.
Minor Additions and Changes:
  • Added new background movie, greatly decreasing file size
  • Added "Auto-Deploy" to automatically join full servers when a slot is free
  • Changed all faction LMG's to now have 4x zoom on the deployed mode, and no zoom on undeployed
  • Many weapon damage and accuracy tweaks
  • Commander radio voice messages for all spottings (only shows text now) to lessen the unpleasant audio spam when CO is doing heavy spotting

10th: "Dragon Fly" dev journal by Nickbond592 (Images)
20th: "New commander UAV" dev journal by dbzao (Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4)
24th: "Commander informants for Unconventional forces" dev journal by dbzao
29th: "British MAN trucks" dev journal by Stigger (Images)

3rd: "Honda CB500 bike" dev journal by tupla_s (Images)
"Things you come across while testing..." dev journal by ReaperMAC (Videos: 1, 2, 3)
4th: "New jungle vegetation statics" dev journal by GhostDance101 (Images)
17th: PR:BF2 "Highlights Reel #1" - Dev Blogs detailing what the devs are working on
20th: "3p animations show weapon mode" dev blog by Chuc (Images)
21st: PRT C8 announced
22nd: "Tavor Assault Rifle" dev journal by ZZEZ
"Uruzgan 4km WIP map" devblog by Hans Martin Slayer
27th: "New Chinese statics" devblog by Z-trooper

1st: Battlefield 2 v1.5 released:
  • Euro Force and Armored Fury are now free and included in the base game.
  • Added Widescreen support
  • BF2.exe can now use more than 2GBs of RAM
  • Added Battlefield 2142 style prone deviation (going prone will now cause reduced accuracy for a brief period)
4th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.87 is released (Details)
  • Compatibility with Battlefield 2 v1.5.
  • Added commander UAV to conventional armies (full color) and Chechen command posts (greyscale)
  • Added informants logic that will report to Insurgent and Taliban commanders if 6 or more enemies are near a waypoint set in the map. The report takes around 60 seconds to reach the commander and it takes 5 minutes to start reporting contacts after the marker is placed. Vehicles are reported no matter the number of players in them.
20th: PR:BF2 "Highlights Reel #2"
27th: Project Reality: BF2 Single Player v0.87 is released
  • Supports 25 maps

7th: "Merkava and Namer" dev journal by motherdear (Images)
11th: "Russian soldier models" dev journal by THE.FIST (Images)
12th: "PRSPY coming soon" dev blog by GeZe
24th: PR:BF2 "Highlights Reel #3"
27th: "Uruzgan map flyover with Apache" dev journal by Glimmerman (Initial thread)
31st: "MG3" dev journal by Kaijleor (Images)

2nd: Project Reality: BF2 v0.874B - Public test to tune the spawning systems of PR
  • Removed Rally Point spawning
4th: "Armoured Command Vehicles" dev journal by Rhino (Images)
7th: Charity and Remembrance Day Awareness (Help for Heroes)
11th: "Bayonets" dev blog by Chuc (Image)
15th: "Artillery Update" dev journal by dbzao (Video)
17th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.874C - Further tuning of PR's spawning systems
24th: "Eyl Somalia map" dev journal by CodeRedFox (Videos: 1, 2)
25th: PR reaches 500 MBs in statics, compared to BF2 with its 750 MBs
27th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.874D - Final spawn systems tuning event

8th: "Bamyan progress" dev journal by HangMan_ (Original announcement)
9th: "Lashkar Valley media update" dev journal by Hans Martin Slayer (Images)
15th: PR:BF2 "Highlights Reel #4"
16th: "Silent Eagle (formerly Airborne)" dev journal by marcoelnk
17th: "Operation Snow Storm" dev journal by Rhino (Minimap, Images)
21st: Project Reality v0.87 Holiday Map Pack is released:
  • Desert Rats - Kashan Desert redux (GB vs MEC)
  • Helmand's Return - Helmand Province redux (GB vs TALIBAN)
  • Operation Outlaw - Brand new desert map (GB vs TALIBAN)
  • Operation Snow Storm
26th: "New USMC base in Fallujah" dev journal by duckhunt (Images)
28th: "Russian desert camo" dev journal by dbzao (Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
31st: "ATGM emplacements" dev journal by Rhino
"Map loading backgrounds" dev journal by AncientMan (Images: 1, 2, 3)

PR: BF2 maturity and the infancy of PR: Arma 2

4th: "Improved Area Attacks for v0.9" dev highlight by Jaymz
11th: "Introduction of prbot" dev highlight by AncientMan (Image)
15th: "Introduction of SL radio and spotting overhaul" dev highlight by dbzao (Video)
21st: Deviation changes and heli sound bug fixing dev blog by Jaymz
"Al Kut map" dev blog by OkitaMakoto (Based in RL, never released)
"Sangin mini-update" dev blog by Dr Rank
23rd: "Major gameplay changes in v0.9" dev highlight by dbzao (Images: 1, 2, 3)
26th: "Beirut" dev highlight by Deer
"20 new tracks from Alkali in v0.9" dev highlight by Jaymz (Video)

1st: "Yamalia" dev highlight by Deer
5th: Project Reality: BF2 v0.9 is released (Details)
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]Alkali, [R-DEV]GhostDance101, [R-DEV]J.F.Leusch69, [R-DEV]motherdear, [R-DEV]Ninja2dan
Major Additions:
  • Canadian Forces (CF), Israeli Defense Force (IDF), Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas (HAMAS)
  • Co-Operative/Singleplayer (AI controlled soldiers) is now fully integrated into PR v0.9
  • Vehicle Warfare, a mode that focuses on large amounts of heavy armour
  • Added many new weapons, ranging from suits of IDF and CF to many more
  • Vehicles: Added M1A1 Main Battle Tank (USMC), M1A2 Main Battle Tank (US-A), Chinook Transport Helicopter (CF, GB, US-A), MAN Supply/Logistics Truck (GB), Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank (CF), LAV-3 APC with fully modeled interior (CF), G-Wagon Jeep (CF), BTR80 APC (RUS), BTR80A APC (RUS), MiG 29 Fighter (RUS), Merkava MK4 Main Battle Tank (IDF), M113 Light APC (IDF), VN3 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (PLA), CROWS HMMWV (US-A), Dumpster Bomb Truck (INS, TALI, HAMAS), unarmed variant of BRDM-2 (RUS, MIL), unarmed variant of Big Red Truck (TALI, INS, HAMAS), different colored variants of civilian bomb cars (TALI, INS, HAMAS), Ammunition Resupply Technical (TALI, HAMAS, INS, MIL), Alternative Technical from BF2:SF (TALI, HAMAS, INS, MIL)
  • Maps: Added Beirut (IDF vs RU) (AAS), Dragon Fly (GB vs MIL) (AAS), Gaza Beach (IDF vs HAMAS) (INS), Iron Ridge (RU vs MIL) (AAS, Insurgency), Lashkar Valley (GB vs TALI) (Insurgency), Siege at Ochamachira (GB vs MIL) (AAS), Silent Eagle (US ARMY vs RUS) (AAS, CNC, Vehicle Warfare), Yamalia (CF vs RU) (AAS, CNC, Vehicle Warfare)
  • Added new Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) emplacements, limited to 3 placed at once
  • Added new Foxholes with better construction and protection against artillery and high explosives
  • Added alternative kits selections to nearly all main kits
  • Added new "Unarmed Kit" - right-click on the kit request button this will "drop" your kit, you now need to pickup the unarmed kit that spawns at your feet
  • Added PR Mumble integration into the v0.9 installer as an option
  • Added New loading screen and main menu music
  • Added new Spectator "PR Bot" vehicle for movie makers and server admins, with six axis of movement and camera zoom abilities (Only available on passworded servers, spectator camera deletes itself when you exit)
Major Changes:
  • New soldier variants to all conventional factions and also Militia
  • Added new soldier faces for most factions
  • Added new US Army and Russian Army Kit Geometries
  • On Insurgency decreased amount of caches needed to be destroyed by BLUFOR (from 10 caches to 7)
  • In CnC tweaked Forward Outpost deployment rules. The objective is to deploy and defend only 1 FO, and simultaneously hunt and destroy the enemy FO. Destroying the enemy FO (while your FO is still deployed) will cause the enemy to bleed tickets
  • Readded Remote Detonated Anti Personnel Mines (All Factions)
  • Added Squad Leader Radio "weapon" to use Squad Leader tools and commands
  • Added new third person reload animations to most weapons
  • Updated all third person weapon animations to represent a lowered, resting stance when not in action
  • Changed all APC passenger cameras with generic HUDS to not have any rotation control
  • Tweaked all tanks to have realistic turret depression/elevation values
  • Removed requirement for Commander to be in the Command Post/ACV to use his Command Screen. Commander can now use his Command Screen anywhere (but still needs to be in the ACV to use the UAV)
  • Updated Mortars/Artillery, they no longer damage ammo caches
  • Updated Commander requested Mortar strike, they are now representative of a 2 x Mortar team firing a 30 second barrage of 30 81mm HE rounds. Approx. 20m kill radius, up to 40m wound radius
  • Updated Commander requested Artillery strike, they are now representative of a 4 x Battery team firing a 60 second barrage of 105mm M1 rounds. Approx. 35m kill radius, up to 80m wound radius
  • Updated Commander requested "JDAM" strike, , they are now approximately representative of a GBU-32 or KAB500L. Approx. 175m kill radius, up to 350m wound radius.
  • Increased the maximum number of Forward Outposts available from 4 to 6
  • Changed Forward Outposts build rules, they now only require one supply crate to build (decrease from 2)
  • Changed all deployable assets (HMG, AA, TOW, Foxhole, Wire) build rules, they now require two supply crates to build and can now be placed up to 200m from the Forward Outpost (increase from 150m)
  • Changed deployable asset maximum amount of assets deployable per map for a team (3 TOWs, 12 AAs, 24 HMGs). For AAs and HMGs is more than they can actually place, but still a limitation just in case it gets too much for the server to handle
  • Changed maximum amount of static defences on a map (foxholes and/or razorwire) to be 100 to avoid any issue with server crashing
  • Updated Vehicle Depots, they now only give vehicle ammo/infantry ammo/kit request to a specific team
  • Increased Limited infantry kits requirement. You now need a squad of 4 to request or spawn with: Automatic Rifleman, Medic, Grenadier, Rifleman AT and Marksman (increase from 2) Officer kit still requires only 2 players in squad to request
  • Increased incendiary grenade count on all kits to 2, and for rifleman specialist to 3
  • Updated drop kit geometry to stay for 5 minutes, the same time a wounded soldier can survive for
  • Added new SL "Radio" spotting system, Squad Leaders can now place their own markers on the map (max 3 spotted markers per SL)
  • Updated HUDs for a lot of ground vehicles
  • Updated kit slots order. Conventional forces = officer, officer alt, rifleman, rifleman alt, specialist, medic, support. Taliban/Hamas: officer, officer, insurgent1, insurgent2, scout, medic, support. Insurgents: officer, insurgent3, insurgent1, insurgent2, insurgent4, civilian, sapper. Militia: officer, officer, militant, militant alt, scout, medic, support
  • Updated 16/32/64 layer information in create local to be Inf/Alt/Std to better represent the layer
  • Increased volume of tyres on ground so wheeled vehicles should be heard further away now and increased distance of third person tank firing sounds
  • Updated JDAM, Artillery and Mortar sounds, they should not be audible until they are incoming
  • Tweaked all Insurgency maps to have a Vehicle Depot for Insurgents in their main spawn (placeholder until we get an insurgent specific vehicle depot)
Minor Additions and Changes:
  • Added new British Desert Soldier Textures
  • Added new Rifleman AP kit with remote detonated anti-personnel mines.
  • Changed faction name for Chechen Militia to Militia (MIL)
  • Added new bot names from the PR Team
  • Tweaked the amount of deployable assets that can be built in CnC, now you can deploy double the amount of defences: 20 static defences (foxhole and/or razorwire), 2 AAs, 2 TOWs and 4 HMGs. All deployable assets can be built 400m from the FO (up from 200m)
  • Increased points for neutralizing and capturing flags to 50p each (used to be 30p each)
  • Increased the time you need to avoid getting critically wounded again after revive to 120s (was 60s)
  • Changed all destroyable runways to be Non Destroyable since it did not have the desired effect on gameplay and contributed to a program error
  • Changed the bridge on Fools Road to be Non Destroyable since it impacted negatively on gameplay
  • Added Salute and Surrender "weapons" on pilot and unarmed kits
  • Decreased the effective range on buckshot shotguns, these weapons will now do very little damage past 50m
  • Updated Melee system to be less spammy and more a matter of timing and positioning
  • Anti Personnel Mines have a 25m kill radius and 50m wound radius in a 60 degree forward arc, with a maximum of 4 mines deployable at any one time
  • Updated all IED's and VBIED's to now have realistic blast radius and damage values
  • Changed High Explosive UGL grenade reserve capacity from 9 to 20 rounds on Grenadier kits
  • Tweaked AA Missiles to only do 1/10th their damage to non-air assets (vehicles and buildings)
  • Changed the parachute to be less manoeuvrable, can only control left/right rotation, you move forward constantly, very slightly
  • Changed free-falling soldiers to go straight down, with no forward movement
  • Updated prone third person animations for Surrender "weapon" so it appears like the person is covering their head with their face in the ground
  • Updated prone third person animations for Cellphone "weapon" so it appears like the person is talking on the phone while lying on his stomach
  • Added a new vehicle-deployable Wooden Ammunition Resupply Crate for unconventional factions
  • Updated all tank commander view levels to be 2.5x, 8x and 20x (used to be 1x, 2.5x and 20x)
  • Updated Tank Driver position and removed black/white screen from tank CO view (All Factions)
  • Changed all technicals to have the new DShK MG
  • Added new commander mutiny system accessible to Squad Leaders
  • Added Armored Command Vehicle (ACV) for all factions, this replaces all Command Trailers for most factions and is where you can use the UAV (Carriers still have command post)
  • Decreased number of players needed to be close to disable RP to one (used to be two)
  • Changed Rally Points, they now expire after 60 seconds from being placed.
  • Changed Rally Points, they now cannot be placed with a single enemy close (100m radius)
  • Changed Rally Points, they are now limited to only one placement before needing to be "rearmed"
  • Updated spawn time code so if you are supposed to have less than 5 seconds to spawn (killed while wounded, wounded time is over or gave up after 30 seconds) you will have 5 seconds to select a new spawn point instead of insta spawning
  • Changed Forward Outposts build rules, they can now be built 200m apart (decrease from 300m)
  • Updated Insurgent & Unconventional Faction Weapons Caches with new weapon & ammo models
  • Decreased Sniper's field dressing count to 1 (reduced from 3)
  • Swapped Field dressing and Incendiary Grenade keybinds, 9 and 8 respectively
  • Reenabled selecting and reserving kits while wounded
  • Added new custom deployable and request comm rose per faction
  • Added new GLTD comm rose system to place CAS marker on map
  • Added new "spotted" markers to the list of spotted commands
  • Added many new different support requests (armor, cas, technical, bombcar, jeep extract, etc)
  • Updated all comm rose options with new graphic icons
  • Updated mine markers code to limit the creation of markers to 3 per player
  • Updated various weapon selection and kit selection icons
  • Added new Next Map List feature to the Server Info menu, providing the server supports it
  • Added PR protocol, adding direct launch support to PRSPY. Open a PR server by going to pr://iport/
  • Updated pr.exe with BF2 (Steam version) support, profile fixes and various other bug fixes
  • Updated credits menu with randomised PR Team pictures
  • Added New Russian and Hebrew Commander, SL and Grunt voices
  • Decreased volume of all waterfalls/waves/rapids ambient effects by 6dB
  • Changed the way factions, inits, and spawners are loaded on each map. It "should" decrease loading times and resource usage
  • Changed Small-arms damage to small ammunition crate drops. This should prevent small crates and trucks being destroyed too easily by small arms fire
  • Updated code that blocks people using the wrong kit on limited vehicle positions, so they can't just switch position and drive for another 10 seconds. It will decrease more and more the interval of time the player has to switch seats, but if he stays off any wrong seat for more than 30s it resets back to the default interval
  • Fixed TOW Launcher vulnerability to small arms fire
  • Dynamic light flash on firing both small arms and large caliber weapons
  • Sunset City map
  • Training mode
  • vbf2 M1A2 retired
  • Identifiable kit bag for conventional factions as it's just too much work to maintain and resource hungry, will eventually replace all kit bags with weapon models
16th: "Mil Mi-8 'Hip' trans" dev highlight by Stigger
21st: "3D scopes tease" dev blog by Chuc (Image)

12th: PR: ARMA 2 Mini-Mod v0.1 is announced:
  • Project Reality in ARMA 2 - bringing PR's style of gameplay and philosophy to the RV3 engine
  • Will start off with a British and Taliban faction, mirroring PR: BF2
  • Self contained development - devs don't want to use assets and features developed outside of their group
  • Initial concept by UK_Force. ARMA 2 moders have joined the team in official capacity to develop the mod: [R-DEV]StalkerGB, [R-DEV]DeanosBeano, [R-DEV]Dr_Eyeball and [R-DEV]trini_scourge
  • Created by "Project Reality Studios" (later renamed to Reality Studios) [website was never launched fully AFAICT]
25th: PR: ARMA 2 - Highlights Reel #1:
  • Expanded the dev team, adding R-CONs
  • Stamina/Weight System - dependant on equipment, health and speed of traversal
  • Medical & Wounded System - more intricate behaviour (falling unconscious, resuscitation)
  • Firing Personal Weapons from Helicopters and Vehicles
  • TS3 Plugin - adding more radio channels
  • RCON Tool for Server Admins
  • Complete Sound Package - planning to make combat sounds more realistic, also planning to change the voice sounds
  • PR Atmospherics - AI civilians reacting to the battlefield
  • Gameplay - Better AAS, Ins, transport methods, logistics, firebases, deployables, squad management
  • Afghan Island - 25x25km map

1st: PR: Vietnam is announced on April Fool's day
5th: PR: Vietnam is confirmed not to be an April Fool's joke
9th: PR: BF2 v0.91 is released (Manual):
  • Forward Outposts can't be deployed too close to the edge of the map.
  • Lowered maximum number of TOWs per team from 3 to 2.
  • Medic kit requires 2 players in the squad to be requestable, instead of 4.
  • Updated Deployable MG nests to have 4x zoom.
  • Added rangefinder to GLTD
12th: PR v0.9 Soundtrack with 25 songs by Scott Tobin is released (Link to store page)
21st: "PR WorldCup event" is announced (Website)

9th: "Baghdad community map test" event by UKWF
10th: PR WorldCup Semi-final results
14th: "Mosul map" dev highlight by Outlawz7
19th: "Alpha Project Launch" event is announced with custom objectives
23rd: "Jabal 2 beta testing" event by Tactical Gamer

1st: "Jormdarreh Range beta" event
3rd: "PR inspired event in ArmA 2" by ISAF
4th: "Norwegian Forces weapons, equipment, etc. showcase" dev highlight by pleym
6th: "New light choppers" dev highlight by Rhino
9th: "Wake Night with Wake Atoll map" event by PX
10th: "Jormdarreh Range map" dev highlight by Amok@ndy
12th: "Close Support Bridges system" dev highlight by Rhino (Video, Making-of)
19th: Project Reality: BF2 "Highlights Reel #6"
23rd: "Orbiting UAV change" dev highlight by Sniperdog (Video)
24th: "PR v0.5 Retro" event by Tactical Gamer
26th: "Skirmish Tournament" event by Blackwater

16th: Project Reality Sound Recording Trip 2010 is announced:
  • PR Sound engineers go to the Armor Centre in Bovington Camp to record large calibre guns and British vehicles.
  • Organized by UK_Force, who works there.
  • Bohemia Interactive Australia is offered to join them, with a deal to be made after the recording session is complete. Lead developer from BIA is sent.
  • The trip was from 18th to 24th of July
  • Daily diary is kept of the process (Pages 1, 2, 3)
18th: "Mumble Zombie Madness" event by OD-S
19th: "MT-LB series announcement" dev highlight by DankE_SPB

2nd: "German Forces infantry preview" dev highlight by Chuc
5th: Project Reality: BF2 "Highlights Reel #7"
13th: PR: ARMA 2 "Highlights Reel #2 Part 1"
16th: PR: ARMA 2 "Highlights Reel #2 Part 2"
"US-A and AusF in PR: V" dev highlight by HangMan_
19th: PR: ARMA 2 "Highlights Reel #2 Part 3"
20th: "Improved distant sounds" dev highlight by AfterDune (Video)
"BMP-2 IFV tease" dev highlight by SashaSK8
21st: "Adjustable 3D sights for UGLs" dev highlight by bosco_ (Video)
22nd: PR: ARMA 2 "Highlights Reel #2 Part 4"

3rd: "Karez Offensive test" event by PRTC
5th: "Deployable mortars showcase" dev highlight by Sniperdog (Video)
"Al Basrah II" event by Battlearena
24th: "More Canadian weapons" dev highlight by bosco_ (Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
"Burning Sands map" devblog by Rudd
27th: "More unconventional weapons" dev highlight by bosco_
28th: "Initial results from the 2010 soundtrip" dev highlight by Jaymz (Videos: 1, 2, 3)
29th: "Wanda Shan" dev highlight by Outlawz7 (Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
30th: PR: ARMA 2 "Highlights Reel #3"

1st: "More US/UK weapons" dev highlight by bosco_
2nd: "POW" event by RealityModLa
5th: PR Teamwork Alliance (PRTA) is founded
7th: "Kokan" dev highlight by Deer
8th: Start of PR Developer Weekend 2010
  • Organized by UK_Force and StuartCADT
  • At the AFV Gunnery School in Lulworth, UK - from 8th to 10th of October
  • 14 developers attending the event
  • Daily diary is kept (Pages 1, 2, 3)
15th: PR: BF2 v0.95 is released (Details, Manual)
New Project Reality Developers:
  • [R-DEV]DankE_SPB, [R-DEV]Hauteclocque, [R-DEV]marcoelnk, [R-DEV]Outlawz, [R-DEV]Rudd, [R-DEV]SashaSK8, [R-DEV]Sniperdog, [R-DEV]strima
Major Additions:
  • German Forces
  • Maps: Added Burning Sands (4km) (MEC vs GBR) (AAS, Skirmish), Iron Eagle (Bijar Canyon) (4km) (MEC vs IDF) (AAS, Skirmish), Kokan (2km) (TAL vs USA) (Insurgency, Skirmish), Wanda Shan (4km) (PLA vs RUS) (AAS, Skirmish)
  • Added Close Support Bridges (CSB) that can be deployed from Logistics Trucks to cross small rivers or destroyed bridges.
  • Added 3D scopes to all handhelds and functional UGL sights
  • Added various German specifics weapons (G36, MG4, RPGs, etc.)
  • Added new Canadian weapons; vBF2 MP7 with Zpoint (Germany), M60 Machinegun (Militia), more AK, M16 and M4 variants; Added detonators for C4 and claymores; new snipers: SVD Dragunov (variants include: Wooden and Synthetic, Scoped and Irons), SV98 (Russian), L115A3 (British), M24 (US)
  • Added Thermal Imaging Systems for all Vehicles that have them in real life.
  • Vehicles: Added Su-25 Jet Bomber (Russia), Eurofighter Jet (German), Tornado Jet (German, credits to OPK), Leopard 2A6 Tank (German, credits to OPK), Tiger UHT (German), UH-1D Helicopter (German, credits to OPK), Puma APC (German), M557A2 ACV (German), MT-LB series (MT-LB, MT-LB with NSVT, MT-LB 6MB, Shturm-S tank-killer), Strela-10 AAV, AAVP7A1 APC (USMC), Namer APC (IDF), SPG-9M Technical - white (Insurgents, Militia, Hamas, Taliban), Kiowa Helicopter (US Army)
  • Added Commander Rally Point that requires minimum of 12 players in the team, at least 6 players close (2 of them SLs), no enemies close and a 5 min interval to set a new one after the previous one or after it got overrun. No expiration while the commander is close to it (100m radius) and alive. It's not available in Skirmish or for Insurgents.
  • Added new Commander UAV so it now flies autonomously and Commander can now zoom in and lase targets (1200 seconds overall flight, 180 seconds to relocate position and 600 seconds to refuel). Conventional UAV's have Thermal Imaging and Unconventional UAV's don't have laser targeting (Militia).
  • Added deployable mortar. Mortars are disabled if no fire missions are available. Mortars can only be deployed in the same area next to each other (50m radius).
  • Added deployable AT for Insurgents and Militia: SPG-9 Recoiless Rifle. HE-FRAG has a 9m kill radius, 18m wound radius. HEAT is a little more powerful than a regular RPG round.
  • Added a right-click feature to the "DEPLOY ASSET" comm rose button that deletes the closest wrecked asset from the player (6 meters max).
  • Updated map grid to be more detailed and have a scale.
Major Changes:
  • New kit geometries for: British, Taliban, Hamas, Militia, Insurgents and USMC.
  • Updated Silent Eagle and Lashkar Valley (TAL vs GER)
  • Updated several other maps with some layout changes.
  • Updated Intel Points so killing regular insurgents with shotguns gives regular intel points now, it will only give max intel with civilian collaborators.
  • Updated insurgency so caches are never close to each other (400m, 800m and 1200m for 1Km, 2Km and 4Km maps respectively). It will lower the distance in decrements of 50m if the number of objectives wasn't reached and try again (350m, 300m, etc).
  • Updated Weapon Cache damage materials, small arms will not damage them at all now; it should take 3 incendiaries to take it out; reduced Unguided Air to Ground rocket damage vs Weapons Caches by 50% to prevent CAS runs taking out caches in cover; 1 C4 will now destroy it.
  • Increased time for a cache to be revealed to the coalition from 180 to 300 seconds, to give them more time to prepare the defence.
  • Removed area attacks for Insurgents (they now have deployable mortars).
  • Added default 30 ticket loss when losing a Control Point in AAS (neutralized + captured, not recapping or cap from neutral). In Skirmish it's 10 ticket loss.
  • Added ticket loss when going wounded.
  • Added paradrop supply crates that spawn near a Squad Leader that just landed from an airdrop spawn point. It only lasts for 5 minutes and only serves as a kit request and rearm location.
  • Updated mapper placed Rally Points to only allow 12 players to spawn on it and it disappears after 5 min. Players that spawn on that location have a 10 min delay for placing RPs.
  • Added code that prevents players from using enemy kits other than rifleman variants indefinitely (rifleman, rifleman specialist, rifleman at, rifleman AP). It gives a message for 15-20 seconds (enough time to get ammo/field dressings), then it blacks out the screen for 15 seconds more after which it kills the player if he doesn't drop it.
  • Updated grapple hook to (in theory) last much longer in the world (originally around 1 minute).
  • Updated all handheld shoulder launched rockets (RPG7, AT4, M72) with a 10-15meter arming delay.
  • Updated all ATGMs (Eryx, TOW, SRAW etc) with a 30-40meter arming delay.
  • Updated all Stationary Weapons to be team locked.
  • Added and updated many animations
  • Updated some vehicles with TOW-style weapons so they need to stay stationary for approximately 7 to 14 seconds to operate their TOW-style weapons (TOW Humvee, M2A2 Bradley, Spandrel and Puma).
  • Updated all attack helicopter and jet bombers with click-to-target missiles, replacing the old wire guided ones.
  • Updated vehicle HUD so it always display the little boxes showing which seats are occupied also all 8 passengers names are shown in the list
  • Updated missiles launched from aircraft so they are released at near 0 velocity and accelerate to full speed.
  • Increased APC/IFV/MBT hitpoints but increased the critical/disabled damage point by the same amount. Should result in better crew/passenger survivability but will not effect the vehicles combat effectiveness (exceptions: Scimitar, BTR-60 and T-62).
  • Standardized traverse and elevate speeds on all APCs, IFVs, Recon vehicle turrets and also on all MG/HMG cupola's and mounts that are on vehicles
  • Added Commander ability to deploy all deployables instead of just the Forward Outpost, and allow other auxiliary calls like repairs, transport, ammo, etc.
  • Added code so players cannot drop their kit for 15 seconds after you leave a vehicle position or spawn (to avoid exploit).
  • Added code so that all deployable assets must be deployed more than 200m away from the Command Post (to avoid building stuff too close to the Main Base).
  • Updated Forward Outpost deployment check to 10 meter around the border of the map on AAS, and 200 meters for CnC.
  • Added Taliban Pickup Kits (demoexpert, LAT, PKM, SVD).
  • Updated Pilot kits, you CAN'T use a pilot kit in an AIR vehicle unless you are piloting or gunning.
  • Updated Medic, AA, AT, Grenadier and Officer with incendiary grenade.
  • Removed 3D markers for ranges of more than 125m.
  • Added 2D indicator to Compass which shows direction to your squad's map marker. This only appears at ranges of more than 125m.
  • Added indicator for the range to your squad's map marker which appears when you bring up your map. This indicator only shows increments of 50m (50m, 100m etc). This only applies to squad leaders and players in the deployable mortar.
  • Updated installers to now have 3 parts (PR was too big for 2 installers).
  • Update to overall way BF2 PR handles vehicle sounds. Distance delay will now work properly, objects further than 1km will obstruct/muffle sound and distance attenuation should work better.
  • Added distant sounds to all small arms; explosion sounds; impacts for artillery, cannon shells, etc.; distant firing sounds for heavy ground vehicles
Minor Additions and Changes:
  • Updated Insurgency objective markers for coalition to be more precise (25-50m).
  • Updated all Iraqi Insurgents to now get field dressings.
  • Updated single player variant vehicles so they can only be driven by bots, but can be gunned by human players.
  • Updated the bot bombs to act a little more naturally in flight since they are 'dumb'.
  • Updated vBF2 stationary LMG's (m249, RPK-74 and QBU88 ) to be up to PR standard.
  • Updated all Stationary LMG's to have a 5s delay to use.
  • Updated GLTD and some Sniper Rifles with second stage zoom, without the transition.
  • Updated IED's and Claymores to have primary and secondary group detonation options. Users can place multiples and choose which ones to detonate.
  • Reduced C4 damage radius to 15m.
  • Updated all Stationary MG, AT and AA emplacements to be reloadable by ammo bags (like the other deployables)
  • Updated all vehicle mounted LMG's to have a 5s delay to use.
  • Updated MEC BTR-60 passengers so they have people attempting to apprehend them while they travel ruggedly.
  • Reduced Rally Point rearm period from 10 min to 5 min. Once you arrive at a friendly Forward Outpost the RP will be available right away
  • Updated supply crates, they will now break when dropped from more than 5 meters above ground.
  • Updated deployable AT launcher, 60% splash damage reduction, 25% overall damage reduction on direct hits, reload time increased to 20 seconds from 14 seconds, second magnification level removed - now only 1x and 4x.
  • Updated deployable weapons (HMG, Mortar, AT and AA) so they spawn 50% wrecked. It now takes some time to get them built up and usable after deploying (not after first shovel).
  • Updated all deployables so they can no longer be built by repair crates.
  • Updated deployable HMG, AT and AA zoom keys to be Right Mouse Button instead of X.
  • Added Specialist and standard Rifleman to kit request menu.
  • Added new kit bags for all factions
  • Updated all Snipers to have radios now (if SL they can now place markers).
  • Updated Pilot kits to have handguns once more.
  • Added all new Challenger 2 sounds from the sound trip.
  • Added new 1st person tank main gun firing sound.
  • Updated incoming artillery sounds.
  • Reduced volume of grapple latching sound.
  • Reduced volume of many Ins vehicles
  • Reduced ambient sounds in all helicopters and jets so pilots don't have to lower their effects volume to hear comms.
  • Added fade-in effect to all reflex sights and GTLD HUD.
  • Added custom muzzle flash and shell ejection effect to BTR-60/80 and BRDM2.
  • Insurgent Browning HP.
  • Bayonets on all US factions (too many variants to keep up with).
  • "Damage-loss-over-distance" code from all missiles/rockets since it made no sense.
  • Molotov Cocktails.
  • Ability to use renderer.drawHud 0.
  • vbf2 SVD and M24
19th: Start of PR: BF2 v0.957x server side hotfix releases (b, c, d, e)

15th: "Op. Ghost Train Revival" event by NEW (Trailer)
17th: "Extra asymmetrical POW RP" event by MeRk
18th: "Raid at Dawn map for NL" dev highlight by Glimmerman (Video, Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
24th: "Community Matches are back" event by PRTA

5th: Project Reality Progress Update (Part 1)
6th: 2nd Annual PR WorldCup is announced, hosted by PRTA
8th: Project Reality Progress Update (Part 2)
11th: Project Reality in Mod Hall of Fame & 2010 Christmas Map Pack is released
  • Project Reality is selected as top mod for 2006 on this new (now defunct it seems) initiative by Mod DB
Christmas maps:
  • Northern Lights
  • Barentz Invasion
  • Operation Snow Storm
13th: "CSB improvements" dev highlight by Rhino
14th: "AASv4 - randomized clusters of flags on routes" dev highlight by AFsoccer
18th:"Siege of Barentz Xmas map" event by UK Warfare
29th: PR: ARMA 2 receives an award for "Best Upcoming Mod" for 2010 on Mod DB
31st: "Jungle Fire map update" dev highlight by Amok@ndy

Branching out

11th: PR:ARMA 2 "Highlights Reel #4"
16th: "Fences and doors overhaul" dev highlight by Rhino
26th: Start of a series of 128 player server tests, eventually going as high as 256

1st: "Burning Sands v2 test" event by PRTA
3rd: Battlefield 3 fully announced in GameInformer's March cover story (More)
7th: PR: ArmA 2 small arms sounds teaser devblog by TwistedHelix (Video)
19th: "Operation Marlin playtest" event by PRTA (Thread)
26th: "Chinese weapons overhaul" dev highlight by motherdear

5th: Project Reality Podcast #1 is released
  • Members of the dev team answer questions about PR: ARMA 2
  • Participants: AfterDune (Host), UK_Force, MotherDear, Burton, DeanosBeano, DeadFast, Trini_Scourge, WormEaten
  • UK_Force says he is the last member of the dev team from the inception of the mod, he started as a military advisor
12th: PR WorldCup Sing-ups opened

1st: "Reality Studios bought by EA DICE" April Fool's Joke
5th: "Sangin update" devblog by Dr Rank
20th: PR SP v0.95 Map Pack is released
  • 14 maps can be played in Co-Operative gamemode
"The Golden Easter Egg" event by UK Warfare
24th: "Xiangshan playtest" event by NEW (Trailer)
25th: "128 player playtest on Karez" event by PRTA

17th: PR:ARMA 2 "Highlights Reel #5"
2nd: "Black Gold playtest" event by PRTA
13th: Kaos Studios is closed
15th: "PR: ARMA 2 Training for the PR Community" event is announced
  • Prior to releasing v0.1 devs are organizing training sessions for newcomers to the ARMA 2 engine

4th: Patrick Söderlund from EA confirms "we are not going to make any modding tools" for Battlefield 3
9th: MeRk Retro server is online
15th: PR: BF2 v0.96 is released (Details, Manual)
Notable New Additions
  • Added Shijia Valley
  • Added Panther CLV, Kiowa with AGM114 Hellfire rack (US Army)
  • Added new game mode: AAS Routes (AASv4), to compliment, not replace, previous versions of the main game mode. Control points are ordered in a logical battle route. Multiple routes are then predefined and chosen randomly upon map start. Unlike AAS Random (AASv3) where flags could be selected resulting in illogical flag orders.
  • Added new shovel for all factions
  • Flags that cause ticket bleed now have different color attack and defend markers to identify them as bleed flags.
  • Added new destructible gate effects
  • Added spawn block to prevent accidental spawning. You need to click "done" when you want to spawn.
  • Added prbot2 spectator camera vehicle with a "steadicam" style control mechanism
Notable Changes
  • Updated bleed/hit screen effects; getting hit and bleeding produces a sharp eyes-shut 'wincing' effect as opposed to the original method of covering the screen in semi-transparent red blood.
  • Updated Burning Sands, Dragonfly, Jabal Al Burj, Iron Eagle, on Kokan added Canada to Alt layer and other maps with different tweaks (tickets, mortar shields and more)
  • Updated the server browser to only show servers running the version the player is running
  • Updated the installer heavily with several new features
  • Updated commander rally point to require 5 team members close and squad leader
  • Increased soldier movement speed
  • Increased minimum energy required to sprint
  • Decreased sprint recharge time
  • Decreased soldier movement acceleration time to let momentum impact more
  • Updated various civilian vehicle and all tank cameras
  • Updated all AA's, AT's and Rifleman AT's to launch their missiles from their barrel
  • Updated grappling hook staying now 180s
  • Removed arming delay from mortar rounds. This means they will detonate if fired underneath anything
Notable or Funny Bug Fixes
  • Fixed 9mm pistol distant sounds travelling the entire map and loud volume
  • Fixed Lynx "sleeping" passengers [?]
  • Wanda Shan
  • Zeev jeep
"Basic Infantry, Gameplay, Vehicle training" event by TGU
27th: "One-Life" event by PRTA
28th: "New tent statics" dev highlight by Rhino
30th: "128p layer maps" event by Sisu

[B]21th: PR: BF2 v0.97 is released (Details)
  • Added field dressings to civilians
  • Increased number of field dressings for all factions medics to 12
  • And various improvements, fixes and tweaks
Sangin update devblog by Dr Rank

2nd: PR: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA is released (Details, Manual)
Retired Developers and Contributors:
  • Deanosbeano, Stalkergb, Foxhound72, SNKMAN
Important Additions:
  • Added Suicide Vests, VBIED's, Cargo & dragging, Hesco structures (WIP), FX and Mines addon, Class selection and customization, Squad management, ROE violation tracking, Scoring and scoreboard, CommoRose,
  • Added missions for Takistan, Zargabad, Afghan Village
  • Added A&D, A&S, CI modes
  • Added Warrior, British MTP Soldiers, Merlin, Chinook (WIP), Apache, Jackal, SV MAN Trucks
  • Added Vehicle Maintenance system - Rearming, Repairs, Refuel at certain service points, plus offsite tyre repairs. These are manually initiated.
  • Added Airlift system - for cargo transport via helicopter; and Basic airdrop options from aircraft.
  • Added Medic system - for limited self first aid, plus assistance first aid, plus full medic first aid.
  • Added Drag out unconscious wounded from vehicles.
  • Added Respawn dialog, Squad comm's menus, Player name & Crew Names HUD.
Important Changes:
  • Changed: AGM-114K Hellfire Missiles are now optically guided (Mando Missile ArmA)
  • Added Various mini HUD's: compass, range finder, messages, etc.
  • Added all British Weapons (BAF Retexture - Placeholder)
  • Removed all automatic rearming, refuelling and repairing from all trucks and ammo crates.
  • Removed Jackal (BAF Lite Jackal used as Placeholder), SV MAN Truck Variants (BI MTVR Placeholder)
17th: Start of "PR CON 2011" (Diary, Video)
  • In Rivermead Leisure Complex in Reading (Berkshire, England, UK) from 17th to 18th
  • 2 day LAN party with a capacity for 100 players, plus devs
  • Features guest speakers and devs presenting their developments in PR
  • Includes PR: BF2 and ARMA2, ARMA 2 (AO) and Red Orchestra 2
  • Attendants must pay an entry fee. All profits are donated to the "Help for Heroes" charity
20th: PRT CX/10 preview #1
21st: PR: Vietnam update devblog by Matrox
25th: "Zombie/Scenario" event by OD-S
29th: PRT C10 is cancelled and the PRT is on hold

1st: "Skirmish Championship 2011" event with cash prizes by Blackwater
8th: "Teamwork and Reality Tournament (TART)" announced (Website)
12th: Sangin update devblog by Dr Rank
16th: "Complete overhaul of Airbase system" dev highlight by Rhino
25th: Battlefield 3 is released

11th: "PR: Mumble Public Beta v1.0" dev highlight by dbzao [hard to tell what the original announcement was, post was edited in 2015]
22nd: "Only objective: kill the enemies" event by PRTA
27th: PR: Normandy is released

1st: "v0.973 map pack interviews 1 of 4: Black Gold" dev highlight by AFsoccer
4th: "v0.973 map pack interviews 2 of 4: Vadso City" dev highlight by AFsoccer
6th: "v0.973 map pack interviews 3 of 4: Operation Marlin" dev highlight by Afsoccer
7th: "Christmas Map Pack" event by NwA
12th: v0.973 map pack interviews 4 of 4: Pavlovsk Bay" dev highlight by Hauteclocque
13th: BF3: Back to Karkand is released
16th: PR: BF2 v0.97 map pack is released
New maps:
  • Black Gold
  • Operation Marlin
  • Pavlovsk Bay
  • Vadso City
Old maps, updated and overhauled:
  • Assault on Mestia
  • Operation Ghost Train
  • Tad Sae Offensive
"Christmas Gaming Week" event by PRTA
21st: 200 player server test event
30th: "PR: Normandy 64p test" event
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