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27 Mar 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Old 2023-03-16, 03:40   #1
Default Gungame suggestions.

Gungame is at its best when you're running and gunning. What breaks the flow are weapons that require you to wait out the deviation before firing. And require having you to camp to get a kill. Scopes also mess up the flow of gameplay too, because anything past 4x is way too much zoom.

Please remove sniper rifles, marksman rifles, most machine guns and any weapons that require you to deploy them for best accuracy. The fr-f2 and hk417 with french optics are especially painful to use. And not in a fun way.

Remove all weapons with scopes above 4x. But make them a treat. Spread them out once every few levels instead. Iron sights should be prioritized for all weapons when possible.

The current gungame is way too heavy on machine guns. Please minimize machine guns too, to once every few levels. Retain magazine fed machine guns like the rpk, rpk74, qbz95, etc. Keep a handful of belt fed machine guns. But iron sight only on all machine gun/automatic rifle variants.

Remove the mp7 and vz.61 because they're way too weak.

Grenade launchers aren't fun. Rocket launchers too. Please reduce them to only 1 kill needed to advance.

Shotguns need to be spread out more. I dont like having three levels of shotgun/shotshell back to back.

Need more pistol layers. I would make pistols appear every 6-7 levels. Progressively getting weaker.

The maps.

Al Basrah: Best gungame map. It's nearly perfectly balanced. The village has plenty of space to move around and a few high spots to camp from. I would love to another version of the map with the main combat area being focused around the former facility; aka GAMMA 9/10 and HOTEL 9/10.

Asad Khal: Suck for gungame. Too campy. Too open in spots, too condensed in others. No way to flank on the edges because every single corner is campable. If you spawn wrong, you are screwed. I believe that Asad should have it's gungame moved to the center of the village. Echo 4-9 to Gamme 4-9.

Black Gold: The standard layer is ok, but a bit too much vertical gameplay for my taste. The infantry layer at the construction site is absolute garbage. It's too small, too vertical and too easy to disable the enemy team's spawn. I believe the solution lies in merging both layers into one.

Bijar: Needs a gungame layer. Somewhere around the city in Juliet 11/12 and Kilo 11/12.

Brecourt: Needs a gungame layer. The village in Eecho 11/12 and Foxtrot 11/12.

Carentan: The current skirmish infantry layer would make an excellent layer for gungame.

Kassel/Korbach: Gungame layer in the south village would be nice. Hotel 12/13 and India 12/13.

Kafr Halab: Would make an excellent gungame map. Especially the city portion around Echo 3-5 to Gamma 3-5.

Kozelsk: Delta 4/5 and Echo 4/5 bunker complex would be interesting.

Kashan: The north village in Hotel 4/5 and India 4/5 would be great for gungame.

Masirah: The palace/mansion from bf2 special forces at Charlie 10 and Delta 10 would be interesting.

Musa Qala: The city in charlie 9/10 and delta 9/10.

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Old 2023-03-17, 15:53   #2

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Default Re: Gungame suggestions.

Gungame is there to learn how to use diffrent weapons from all of the game. I don't see point at removing them especially if they are "weak" like mp7 - those supposed to be end game weapons just like knife or claymores. I think you missing whole point about this game mode
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Old 2023-03-19, 02:17   #3
Default Re: Gungame suggestions.

Originally Posted by Corvin View Post
Gungame is there to learn how to use diffrent weapons from all of the game.
I completely disagree. The weapon handling skills learned from gungame can also be learned in 'vanilla' PR, but in a much more practical environment. Gungame is primarily used for seeding servers. But it can be more than that. I personally would love to have a true 100 man gungame mode, if the right map can be found for it. Asad Khal's entire village and the whole city on Bijar might suffice.
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