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Old 2009-11-20, 16:35   #11

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Default Re: Who is the main force you support? Your infantry, or your tanks?

P.s. All typos are because my Internet is down and I'm using an iphone
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Old 2009-12-03, 20:58   #12
Challenger 2 SWE

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Default Re: Who is the main force you support? Your infantry, or your tanks?

I think that Air superiority tactic is almost only possible for MEC cause those AA vehicles are quite hard to overpower.
So me thinks that tactic is very fragile unless you have really good communication with the infantry.

I think that 2 squads of infantry that are heavily loaded with kits and supported with BMP-3
(I love BMP-3) as fire support and transport should be the main force and all other assets should support them. (AA for an example, MANPAD can´t really hold of Air).

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Old 2009-12-16, 21:41   #13
Default Re: Who is the main force you support? Your infantry, or your tanks?

The majority of the time my assets support my Infantry... The Infantry is the backbone of any military.
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Old 2009-12-19, 19:12   #14

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Default Re: Who is the main force you support? Your infantry, or your tanks?

Establish Air Suppiority first and foremost (that is when enemy air power is present). The Armor should support infantry and vise-versa. The infantry should help by spotting and basically informing the armor of the situation. This will in-turn help out the infantry.

As long as they are working together in some sort of fashion. The number one issue I see on Kashan is that armor and air support take supreme control in the comanders view, and completely disregard the infantry as an effective force.

A good infantry force can be extremely tough to defeat. When you give that infantry force heavy support (armor, air support, logistic, transport, artillery, etc.) they can be near unstoppable.

Infantry should scout and take out enemy forces in close in enviroments where tanks are not exactly useful (such as the bunkers on Kashan). Armor should protect the infantry from enemy armor. Air defence should protect all from enemy air assets. Air support should transport troops, provide air dominance, bomb targets (CAS and such), and observe.
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Old 2010-02-03, 01:40   #15

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Default Re: Who is the main force you support? Your infantry, or your tanks?

as a commander on Kashan i would:

1 mobilize fixed wing aircraft with the obj of establishing air superiority.

2 i would simultaneously mobilize all infantry as mechanized infantry so they have APC support (the BMPs, Bradleys, AA vehicles etc). the mech inf mission would be to first set up FOBs with proper defenses in or near flags cap zones (like in the bunkers or vilalge) and then cap flags.

3 mobilize tanks slightly to the rear of the mech inf. not moving forward until heavy targets are spotted

4 make a special forces inf squad that would be dropped behind enemy lines by a rotary aircraft. their mission is recon priority targets for CAS like enemy FOBs and Tanks, and maybe even engage a tank from behind.

once this is established, ALL forces move as one giant monster devil that kills everything in front of it, pushing forward and throwing massive fire to defeat any threat until the enemy has its back up against the wall at there main.

then artillery or jdam their main ftw

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