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Default Basic Commanding Tips

-The problem isn't as much the way VOIP is set up as it is the lack of ordered communication. I often find myself holding in the V or B button stuttering along, not being clear, using too long sentences when three words would suffice and so on. I also recommend making the minimap transparent and keeping it up most of the time for more efficient communication(Can you do that in game? In case someone in the squad needs to do so). Anyways, here's an example of my blabber on the comms and how it should be:

"Ok, we've got some hostiles to the Northeast of your position SL"

"(Ok, we've got some) Hostiles (to the) Northeast of (your position) SL"

-At least 2/3 of the time is shaved off there. I've also found that identification is lacking, SLs don't state their squad number, COs don't specify squads(Though that wouldn't be a problem if they only spoke to one squad at a time), etc. The use of directions such as "left" and "right" don't do much good either, I always use NSEW. The SLs should also use their markers to signify the location of hostiles in buildings as well. Basically, there's alot that could be done to make comms more efficient that does not involve TS or coding.
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We start winning a round, some random guy connects to server, applies for a commander and starts spamming assets, which no one will build and no one actually needs them. Then we lose 30 tickets and it just starts to go down....
And servers, that want squads to use VoIP, while commanders can be asset spamming lone wolfs, that dont communicate in any sort of way...the irony.
There was a lot of SL to Commander communicating in 0.5, but thats becuase Commander was a living UAV sitting at base and stalking the enemy.

I just want the CO2SL communication back, not some yellow guy, that spams assets and puts pressure on the team with losing tickets.
Learn off this, just my 2 cents

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Whenever i squad lead the first hing i do is

*pushed V* "Com do you have VOIP"

If he says no then its up to the squad leaders to take controll.

The most important aspect of being a commander is GOOD communication.

Bad communication usually ruins the game for everyone. an example of BAD communication is.

"OMFG theyre raping the main, is there an admin in here".

And also if a squad is giving you tips never say "squad 5 says to go to bunker"
or "squad 5 says to stop getting the planes crashed"

If its important and you wanna follow their advise then just say
" ok guys were about to loose east tower i need squad 2 and 3 to go over to bunker"


"hey squad 1 you might want to have better pilots flying because we need that air support for longer than 2 minutes."

Communitation is key.

"You know we've had to imagine the war here, and we have imagined that it was being fought by aging men like ourselves. We had forgotten that wars were fought by babies. When I saw those freshly shaved faces, it was a shock "My God, my God?" I said to myself. "It's the Children's Crusade."- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughter House Five
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-Fuzzhead stole my post! Haha, I'm so proud right now...
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-A tell-tale sign that a friendly is dead, is that they're icon on the minimap will always be pointing north and static. This is easyest to see of SLs.


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Old 2007-08-06, 02:14   #6
Default Commanders Assets and Building...

Could someone please post on the different commanders assets available, where and when they can be built, and for what purpose?
I haven't been able to find anything on the Wiki about it, says it's in construction or something.

Also, what are the costs and such for different items to be built? I'd just on a lone server and play around with it...but you need engineers, or rifleman to monkey around with the shovel for ya and such.

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Another CO tip.
Do not build the command post at a forward location.
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Old 2007-09-07, 22:12   #9
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Commander Strategies by =HR=Drayu (PR 0.5)

In Project Reality the Commander position has been greatly reworked in an attempt to introduce more realistic elements and improve game play. The commander is one of the most vital positions in any map. The commander has the 'big picture' of the entire battle and can see where the front line is and is going to be. He has the power to supply his troops, direct them to targets and help them communicate between squads. In PR, a commander has limited assets compared to vBF2 (supplies, and vehicle drops only) and those assets require a squad leader to call them in (you can not drop supplies where you please, the squad leaders need to call them in, see the squad leader guide for more info). Your dependence on SL's may make you frustrated, but be persistent on VOIP and most squads will come around. In Project Reality, Commanders are rare, but when you find a good one, you talk to him A LOT! Try not to get into the fight if at all possible. If you have to go into battle do not offer yourself up to the enemy very easily, rather find a hiding place towards the rear of the battle where you can use binoculars to see the battlefield and still be undercover. Using that position, you can be in your commander screen and safe or out with your binoculars to direct traffic.

A commander relies acutely on his lower ranks. What you really have to look out for is positioning yourself relative to the enemy. Never put yourself where you give the enemy an advantage:

Always go for the heart (i.e. the objective, supplies, etc.). Identify it and attack it with overwhelming power and synchronize your attacks to maximize damage. This simple principle can give you victory against a numerically larger enemy.

Make sure your:

* Orders are clear and understandable
* Squad Leaders know what you expect of them
* Plans are easy-to-follow and simple
* Men are properly equipped for the mission


* Hesitate on orders
* Leave a squad alone on the field, evacuate or tend to them.
* Cross an open field (yes this rule applies to officers too)
* Attack a fortified target with light weapons
* Do something stupid

= Initial Thoughts =

1. Use VOIP! A silent commander is a bad commander! There is no way you can type the information fast enough for your squads to be aware.

2. Do not use assault vehicles as you are too valuable to spend time piloting or driving when you could be directing squads and using the commander abilities.

3. You should try to avoid being engaged in direct combat or even near the frontlines. Everything you can do, you can do with your command console from base.

4. Always request an officer kit as soon as you spawn so you can place down assets when needed.

=Commander Assets=

== Artillery ==

In PR v0.6 there is only one map with artillery, Hills of Hamgyong. Only the British get artillery in this map and you should use it constantly to rain down on the Chinese defensive positions. Vanilla artillery is not coming back to PR so not much more to write about it.

== Supply Crates ==

In PR, Supply Crates do more than offer supplies to your squads; it also gives them one of the requirements to [[Kit Limiting|request kits]]. Take note that supplies take a long time to air drop to the ground!

1. Communicate with the squads to let them know that supplies are available upon request.

2. Drop supplies when asked, but know the location of the drop. If it seems wrong, maybe it is, ask for clarification.

== Vehicle Drop ==

In PR, the Vehicle Drop functions much like the supply drop. It requires a SL to request and commander to approve. It has a 10 minute reload timer and is not on all maps. They take about the same amount to time as a supply crate to drop.

= Communication =

As a commander, COMMUNICATION is of the utmost importance! You can never communicate too much on the battlefield. As commander you should be aware of how to communicate with squads.

== VOIP Usage ==
By pressing the commander chat key (default V), you will talk to all squad leaders at once. If you highlight a squad or several squads by holding control and clicking the squads, and then use the Squad Talk key (default B), you will talk with just those squads. Battlefield information for one squad may not be necessary for other squads. Be sure to talk to all squads when necessary and only selected squads when necessary.

Communication Tactics

* You should be telling squads what they are to be doing, defend this flag, attack that one, hang tight, take cover, etc.

* Announcing when assets are available is important, but don't forget about vehicles. As the fight progresses, most squads stay near the front fighting it out. They end up forgetting about tanks or helicopters or APCs that may spawn at the main. As commander, you should be relaying to all squads that these vehicles have spawned and are available. Tanks can be as deadly as arty when used in the right hands; it is your job to put them in the right hands!

* You should always be clear and to the point. Try to get your point across to the squad leader clearly in as few sentences as possible.

* Always complement squad leaders for effective completion of an objective.

Commander Strategies

* Be sure to tell squads what you need. If you need one squad as transport (helicopter), let them know. You will have an easier time if you set up your squads appropriately.

* When directing your squads, know their location! The worst thing you can do is send a squad across a map when there are closer objectives for that squad. If you need to send a squad somewhere, make sure you tell them why, or you make sure they have transportation. (Anecdote: The best ever is when I had 1 guy who was a squad leader be a chopper pilot. The only thing he did the whole game is pick up squads that I asked him to and transported them to other flag locations! It was the epitome of teamwork!)

* Always have a few squads assaulting and the rest defending flags that you have taken. The best way to win a map is not offense, but rather defense!

* Always have your assets ready to deploy for squad leaders when they ask for it, nothing better to get them to follow your orders than to supply them with what they need.

* MAP KNOWLEDGE! You should know which flags you need to make the tickets run! Know the order of the flags to be captured!

* Use tactics; don't send squads directly into battle. Think flanking, think pinching, don't be a Rambo with your weapons!

* When near the front lines stay near a squad so that if you go down you can be revived.

* Remember you can select multiple squads using the shift key.

* Remember it is only a game, have fun!
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huh? Why post a 0.5 commander guide?
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basic, commanding, tips
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