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Old 2006-12-01, 15:06   #41

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Originally Posted by [R-DEV]eggman
As a result a 2 man attack helicopter should be *very* powerful when employed properly. It should be possible to sit on the edge of the battlefield and pick off targets using the zoom functions available to the gunner. This is in opposition to the kamikaze rocket bomber tactics most often employed with BF2 attack helicopters
Great, I already see spawnkilling from the edge of the battlefield Will there be countermeasures for situations like this? Stingger/Igla missiles?

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Old 2006-12-01, 15:13   #42

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This will create AA teams like the sniper teams. It will also create a need for Spec-ops teams to go and kill the helo in the enemy base.
The harder you make the game, the more the hardcore will like it.
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Old 2006-12-01, 15:28   #43

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Bad thing about BF2 engine is that you don't see enemies that are on the certain distance away from you, but if you have zoom like Apache now or tanks/AA's/apc's from PR 0.32, you can kill anyone you want over great distances and enemies won't even know where are you. Can't you tweak this game so that player and vehicle models can be seen from greater distances? This way you are trying to implement reality at all costs but end result is that you only make this game more unbalanced.

Maybe ARMA engine can suit this mod much better then BF2?

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Old 2006-12-02, 15:16   #44

Darkpowder's Avatar

Originally Posted by Xizor
40m sounds alright. Means men in the streets around you can be identified, snipers and riflemen in the mountains can't.

Are all riflemen classes going to get scopes any time soon? I really can't wait until I can use an M16 with a scope. :P
Personally i dont find i need one with the m16, its a lethal bit of kit with ironsights.

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Old 2006-12-02, 15:32   #45

[DVB] TRIggS's Avatar

I think the M16 with scope should be designated marksman, make it with a 20 round mag with 3 mags. the spr could be on night maps. just a suggestion for a later release.

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Old 2006-12-02, 21:49   #46

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3 mags for the Spr is the biggest joke ever. Its not a scope really what the USMC use its either the ACOG which has 4x i think or the aimpoint which is a reflex
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Old 2006-12-03, 03:11   #47

Rick_the_new_guy's Avatar


the next patch is looking ever so tight.

After watching the video from the what Genocide posted I may have idea that would correct the long distance sight issues.

Quotes from change log:
"set Attack Helo rockets to real world velocities and damage equivalents
- set hellfire type missiles to real world velocities"
Does this mean they are faster or slower? Particularly the TV missles.

Note: this may have already been handled.
My issue invovles the TV missles.

The problem we have is that the Cobra lacks the long range vision that gives it its nich and greatest ability to engage the enemy.

Just like in real life, the gunship is vuneralbe when closet to the enemy. (small arms fire/RPGs/50cals etc.
With PR, the mod has made it more vunerable with such a (circle of death tatic). The problem is the gunner cannot see very well when the chopper is hanging back.

Now to my idea. I noticed on the video the missles were going slow (it seemed to me that a person on the ground could watch them fly by). In vanillia the missles go super super fast. Hell, i never see them at all.

Perhaps if we slowed the missles down a tic or more the gunner would have more time to make the needed changes to make the target hit.

If we could slow it down enough for it to be seen that would be tight. Granted the thing is still moving fast, and no way you react fast enough to live throught it. Would be cool to see them move through the air and see them hit.

Like someone posted ealier, tactics and communications would need to improve to help the gunner.
Example: Recon or sniper spotting.
SLs would put "demolishes needed here" icon down and then the CO would relay this icon postion to the gunner and right then and there the gunner has the target lined up and the meters in distance! From there they point and click and aim for the "demolishes needed here icon" and guide it the best they can.

The slower speed will give them more time to react and perhaps get the kill.

If anyone thinks useing the smoke icons is arcade like, just pretend it is the same as the recon guy getting a com link with the CO and giving him/her map coordinates and then the CO looking at these coordinates and then getting a commo link with the gunner(SL of course) and giving him/her the map coordinates. The gunner puts the map coordinates into the computer and the distance in meters is shown thanks to global P. System and a vector to aim at (the smoke icon.)

PS notice i did not use the word "spotting" at all, I think spotting needs to go.
PS what are Hell-fire missles?

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Old 2006-12-03, 16:36   #48

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Originally Posted by (3FJ)Armin
This will create AA teams like the sniper teams. It will also create a need for Spec-ops teams to go and kill the helo in the enemy base.
The harder you make the game, the more the hardcore will like it.
In real life, AA gunners are similar to sniper teams. They hide behind trees or somewhere and pick off planes.

Originally Posted by 77SiCaRiO77
ask him if he is an enemy , if he answer you in other language, then fire at him
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Old 2006-12-10, 12:24   #49
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Originally Posted by Rick_the_new_guy
PS what are Hell-fire missles?

"Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone;
but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery."

- Malcolm X
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Old 2006-12-13, 06:16   #50

=*CLA*=StudMuffin21's Avatar

Sounds like you guys have some awesome fixes in the works. PR is by far better than regular BF2.

However!! I still see a lack of teamwork. But that is something that will never change. The only way to get true teamwork is to play with friends who like using real-world tactics. Hopefully soon my clan will have more people to do such.....

Nonetheless......I'm sure this has been covered previously (forgive me if I repeat the same thing someone else has) but this is my own two cents.

First of all...just to let you know my two primary played kits are SF and Sniper. With that in mind:

The new explosives are in my opinion not worth a darn. I don't mind that it seems they lack power but I think there should be two things done with the SF weapons. 1) more than just 2 explosive ordinance devices. When you're behind enemy lines and in need of explosives to destroy enemy assets, 2 just isn't enough. Yeah....I know. Get team members to resupply me.....but I think it should be upped to 3. 2) I absolutely hate the timed devices. It's nice for if you die they still go off, but maybe you could incorporate an option that you can choose before you set the explosives (I prefer to detonate them myself). Either timed (with an adjustable counter from 5 seconds to 30) or an option to remotely detonate. Should a player decide to remotely detonate there should be a minimum of 150 meter radio distance. The SF class also needs to have an option for a suppressor for their pistol. Many times I wasn't close enough to an enemy to knife him, but didn't want to use my pistol in fear of letting a dozen others know of my position - so I had to let him/her go. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the SCAR-L has a bit too high of a DB rating on the report of munitions.

The sniper class still needs work. There have been many times when I've sat stationary for a long time, seen a target less than 100m away, and missed completely!! That's just wrong. The sniper rifles need to be by far the most accurate rifle in the game. BUT!!! They need to have a functional scope to adjust for wind and elevation. This should be something you actually have to CALCULATE - as in real life - rather than just guestimate. The scope also needs to have better magnification as it is still under powered for a true sniper rifle (if used the right way). One last thing on this kit...I think there should be allowed a dedicated sniper squad (consisting of ONLY 2 people) where one is equipped with a sniper rifle, the other with a standard M16 and a GOOD spotting scope). This squad - if used correctly - will aid in another squad who is about to overtake a position - providing feed back on the situation in the area and taking out enemies if necessary.

There should also be a radio-man. Ahem! Sorry. To be politically correct - radio-PERSON! lol This way each squad could have a communications soldier allowing squads to communicate with each other. Because we all know commanders don't often enough let squad leaders know about the status of other squads. This would just be for the benefit of team play and realism. Without a communications soldier, squads shouldn't be allowed to communicate with the commander - only fellow squad members.

From what I've seen, anti-armor weapons are not powerful enough. Yes..they shouldn't be able to take out a tank completely in one shot, but they should be able to take out a small vehicle in one shot (many times I've seen a small vehicle hit head on and take no damage). But as stated earlier in this thread, these kits are in too much quantity and need to be reduced.

Support weapons are still far too accurate. It seams I'm killed by a support weapon 50% of the time. Tell me if I'm wrong, but that is not realistic.

I see a need for larger maps. The one's we have are great for squad tactics.....but if people are TRULY into a reality mod, then we need to have larger maps so it actually takes time to drive to a location and complete an objective.

Operation Greasy Mullet is one of my favorite maps. Mainly because of the effects - lightning. Is there any way to incorporate that into further maps??? Such as snow....rain.....heavy wind?

Now to the thing that pisses me off the MOST!! Jets. I absolutely hate them. About 40% of the time I die it's from a freaking jet. Yes...I know their bomb blast radius and bullet impact still are way too low to be accurate, but come on. It's freaking rediculous. If people want to fly jets then there needs to be maps specifically for air combat. Leave some of the medium-large maps to be equipped with only transport vehicles and a small transport helicopter - no jets, no armor, no big guns.

I love squad tactics.....but squad tactics on medium-large maps where you may only see 20 enemies every 20 minutes. That to me is more realistic. It still seems to be a (let's get in and have craziness with millions of Rambo impersonators). That's just no fun. Think about it for a TODAY'S world, would you really come across 300 enemies in a mere 40 minutes? Most likely not. In Viet Nam or WWI-II yes....but not today. Mostly you spend most of your time running from one place to another...only coming in contact and having a fire fight every so often. Don't believe me? Do some research.

Again, that's just my thoughts of what would make it even more realistic. It is already by far better than regular BF2, but I know it can be better - and everyone else does too....why else would people still support PR????

OH! One final thing. A shot to the head by ANY weapon would be an instant kill! Weather it be from a pistol at close range or a .50 at long range....I've shot many people in the head with my pistol at close range only to have them turn around and kill me.....and myself been shot in the head by a tank and not die.......probably just a small bug.

But again. Many thanks to all those who design and implement Project Reality. I hope it becomes more popular and realistic...and that people take it more seriously - teamwork - after all.....that's what it's all about.

"Deadly as lightning, soft as a breeze, strike FAST, strike HARD........then return unseen."
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