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Closed Thread
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Old 2006-12-19, 14:56   #71
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grenade launchers were used as emplaced weapons, jeep mounted, patrol boat and hovercraft mounted weapons in Joint Operations Typhoon Rising.

They produced spam nading worse than you can ever see from an infantryman with a 203 and infinite ammo bags. On the size of the maps in PR they would be a torturous weapon that really doesn't need to be implemented!

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Old 2006-12-19, 17:16   #72
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cotton thread + tape or whatever... because the focal point/aimpoint for all weapons is the direct center of the screen, you can work out the rest (I have a flatscreen LCD)... it actually has shown that one or two of the weapons' scopes are slightly off (center)... it also lets one fire AT from the rest position... but it's accuracy is off a little unless scoped... like everything... most notably rifles and machineguns... it certainly compensates for the .50 cal's lack of a crosshair sweetly... I have had it up for a while but am going to take it down soon... it is a psychological training factor thing... after a while dead-center becomes automatic (I assume), give or take a little bit... and this is what happens, in a sense, with some weapons after high-repetition tactical training...

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Old 2006-12-20, 23:42   #73

Well, now that I've joined I figure I might as well add my two cents to this little discussion.

Great mod, if I can ever figure out whats wrong and get it to work I will be extremely happy.

First of all, I agree, I just got back form a deployment in Iraq, and most of our BN (2-162 IN) was using red dot sights on their M-4, issued by uncle sam.
So adding optical sights would not be unreasonable.

Second, the Mark 19 grenade launcher can and is frequently mounted on top of the humvee, although we were not allowed to fire it at a target closer than ~300m due to the fact that sometimes it would not detonate and hit a wall, bouncing it right back at us, which was not good. I think it takes a certain amount of spins from the greande to activate the detonation.

Other than that the only differrence I noticed form the rea thing is that your combat load is a little heavy.

I know every unit is differrent, but going into theater each soldier carries 7 28 round magazines (for the M-4, M-16, not 30 because it causes feed problems) and a P228 pistol, because the berretta is being phased out. I guess a lot of guys still had the berretta but I was lucky enough to get the Sig P228, which is much nicer. With the pistol we only carried 3 fully loaded magazines.
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Old 2006-12-21, 16:36   #74

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[/QUOTE] get the Sig P228, which is much nicer. With the pistol we only carried 3 fully loaded magazines.[/QUOTE]

nice you got a sig228 on every patrol or mission you went on were you and your unit ALL issued with pistols?

Also: WHENS THE MOD OUT im dying here
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Old 2006-12-23, 02:45   #75
Default Re:"Blowing stuff up Missions"

Know im posting this a bit late, but yeah, thats a good idea.
e.g. September 11 mission - Insurgents/Terrorists have, maybe a team of 5 people or something similar and have to sneak aboard a plane
64 player map so its 5 on 59 and the 5 people have to:
A. Infiltrate Plane
B.Secure Plane area by area - e.g. they start in the cargo hold and they go economy class - business class - first class - cockpit. and then have to hijack the plane by killing the pilot and pressing "enter vehicle" next to the pilots chair
C. The other 4 terrorists have to protects the pilot as the other team can spawn on the plane
Also another option for the non-terrorist team to win is they can spawn back at the airport and take and f35-B to destroy the plane.
Terrorists can use these as well, and right from the start BUT they can only take 1.
The other team can take BOTH but only after a terrorist has got in the pilot seat.
Also the terrorists would have to be careful, because they would have no spawns at the start, but when they have killed e.g. 20 enemies they get 1 respawn and can spawn in the cockpit BUT ONLY WHEN THERE IS A TERRORIST IN THE PILOTS SEAT.
Is this a good/cool idea??
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Old 2006-12-23, 03:46   #76

This may be redundant, but is 0.41 out yet? And why isn't it a full release yet, I.E.; 1.00?
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Old 2006-12-25, 21:42   #77

Damn I thought it would be out by now. Any news?
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Closed Thread

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