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Old 2005-05-27, 21:00   #31

I use "Phoenix" as nickname from Wolfenstein 3D !
I'm 43 years old...eheheh....and i can assure u i have played every serious FPS post that incredible and innovative game, the first in which u played in First person View !
In the last years i focused on WW2 and modern combat FPS
So i played C-S (from beta 1 still on my HD for memories), Rainbow-six, COD, MoH:AA, MhO:PA , VietCong, CoD-UO, BF1942 with FH mod and DC mod, BF-Vietnam, and now stop !
Too lomg list for !
I live in Italy....and i'm almost sure i'm the only italian guy here !

Cheers from my sunny country !
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Old 2005-05-31, 05:28   #32
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my real life name is Riki I''m 19, from upstate New York....let me rephrase that, I LIVE in upstate NY, my fathers in the army so im from all around (Cali, hawaii, n. carolina) I've been playing first person shooters since i first played doom in 3rd grade. i first really got into FPS when i played RTCW. I then went on to play some of the MOH games, RTCW: ET, dabbed a little in BF42, alot in BFV, POE mod mostly, and played alot of COD, mostly the realism mods on there.

In my free time i watch military channel or G4while playing the POE mod for BFV, play bass/sing in a band, or work on a movie (my friends and i are making a zombie movie), I also like to go shooting with my family when I have the money (30-06 ammo is kind of an expensive habit). I own a WWII M1 Garand, fire my dads M-40 sniper rifle, his M-14, and my moms SKS. So to a certain extent I know what I'm talkign about when it comes to RL =)
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Old 2005-06-01, 00:43   #33

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Hello, been here a while. Im 14 (15 on July 5th), my real name is Zach.

I love paintball, (want to get into airsoft guns, some sports, and games. I don't play many games though, mostly BF42 and ill probably like realistic FPS games.

After High School I plan to join the Marines and either go to college then or go to college afterwards. Not sure what I want to focus on exactly yet either. Either weapons development, space exploration, something with games, or future transportation.
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Old 2005-06-08, 10:56   #34


Real name is Mikael, nick Bleak. Im 30 and currently living in London (but born Danish) trying to breake in to the game industry as a level designer (might have some luck soon ) i have been looking for a realism mod for BF2 and found this great looking mod. Im planning to do some maps based on real life missions (more about that later) I enjoy playing AA:SF Americas Army (for the realism) And im very interested in tank and helicopters tactics and use.

Anyway, just a little about me. See you out there.

Over and out.

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Old 2005-06-09, 00:00   #35
Retired PR Developer

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hey guys,

I usually use the name BrokenArrow in games and lately ive been playing alot of Forgotten Hope and Desert Combat on the PC and im pretty big on Ghost Recon 3. im interested in the PR mod because realism is a pretty huge thing for me in games.

hope to see alot of you guys on the PR battlefield
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Old 2005-06-12, 08:32   #36
Retired PR Developer

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I'm Paladin-X and I'm not an alcoholic.

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Old 2005-06-12, 08:36   #37
Retired PR Developer
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It's nice to see you here, Paladin-X

Retired PR Lead Coder
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Old 2005-06-12, 13:55   #38
Tactical Advantage

Good to see you Paladin, hope you enjoy the forums...

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Old 2005-06-12, 17:22   #39
Black Beret
Retired Military Advisor

Yo, Pally! Great to see you here.
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Old 2005-06-14, 19:30   #40

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Never really got a chance to say hi, so here goes.

Hi, I'm M0ldyM!LK. Many of you may know me from the Desert Combat community. I'm a junior in highschool, and I'm currently working in any way I can to prepare my self to be of service to my nation, the United States of America. I'm currently active in the cadet programs of the Civil Air Patrol, Auxiliary of the USAF, as well as AFJROTC, where in each program I serve as my squadron's First Sergeant, and begining next semester, Deputy Squadron Commander in AFJROTC. After highschool, I plan on enrolling at Virginia Tech, majoring in International Studies, Middle East, as well as taking part in the ROTC programs there, Army preferably. After college, I will enter military service under the branch of the Army, where I hope to fly helicopters. My interests include swimming, football, paintball, airsoft, history, and a stong love of shooting sports. I enjoy rifle marksmanship, handguns, but my real natural talent is with clay shooting, and of course, I'm also enthusiastic about anything to do with the militaries of the world. On another note, I'm also a gamer (dirh), and I've been a tester for several mods, and I'm currently a tester for the BF2 mod US Intervention (

As for the shooting sports, you can see a couple of my 'tools' here:

And that's a life story from the milk man...
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=r6=, akhbar, allah, ann, baria, commies, community, cool, dano, guy, hoes, introduce, melissa, mitchell, newbie, pla, usmc
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