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Off-Topic Discussion For all discussions not related to PR. No Spam.

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Old 2005-05-22, 04:09   #21
Black Beret
Retired Military Advisor

Groom Lake is no longer of any importance. It's the facilities in Dulce, New Mexico we should be worrying about.
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Old 2005-05-22, 11:35   #22

FatJoe's Avatar
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Nicked FatJoe for my beer belly, my real name beeing J├│hannes Sigur├░sson (Don't recomend you try and pronounce that ). I live at an island in the middle of the north Antlantic Ocean, called Iceland. Cold, desolated and way to expensive place, isolated from the outside world.

I'm a modder, mainly a weapons designer and modeler. Started out in Operation Flashpoint, one of the four founders of Project UK Forces mod for OFP ( and a weapons modeler for Vietnam Pack 2.

Aside having intrest in modding and weapons, I like flying and reading history..


Forgotten Hope 2 Developer
Public Relations Terrorist
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Old 2005-05-22, 16:51   #23

Hey, im skrip00.

US citizen here. Live in NJ.

Love realism. I respect Gameplay>Realism though.
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Old 2005-05-23, 10:29   #24

G'day all

I've just discovered PR, and like what you guys are doing. My real name is Keith and i'm from Australia (Queensland).

Been playing online FPS for a while and really enjoy the reality mods that come out.

My interest at the moment is in designing skins for the game. You guys are doing some really neat work.

Anyhow enough of my rabbiting on, have fun and keep up the good work.
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Old 2005-05-23, 13:02   #25
Retired PR Developer

Wolfmaster's Avatar

well, i've been around here for a while, so it's time you know who i am. My real name's Dieko. (that's dutch) i play a lot of computer games (feel free to add me on xfire if you want). i love project reality because i like strategy games and shooters both, and pr bring strategy into fps, which is great. I really hope it'll turn out as well as it looks now. Well, thats all folks.


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Old 2005-05-24, 03:05   #26
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What's up, all? My name is claygast, better known to many of the developers as $parTacu$. My internet 'home' is the Desert Combat Forums, which was my first major involvement in an online community.

There I met RequieM, or 21GunSalute, or whatever his name is now . I also met many of the other Devs, the one coming to memory being Black Beret.

I related to requiem because I envied his skill on Photoshop, and he was my inspiration to create 'sigs' for the forum members there, which granted me TONS of Photoshop experience, which has proved priceless.

Requiem and I were never HUGE friends, but I always had great respect for him and he felt comfortable enough with me to ask me to host a sig here and there.

So when he announced he was starting off a mod, and began recruiting people at the Desert Combat forums, I was suddenly interested. I wanted to help the mod in any way I can, and since my only contributable skill is Photoshop, which he is superior in, I figure the best way I can support this mod is to make suggestions and play it. My ultimate goal is to become a tester though, because this is a beautiful looking mod.

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Old 2005-05-24, 05:08   #27

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I'm sure you met me there as well.
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Old 2005-05-24, 19:15   #28

Hello, i'm Munchies from the PoE team. Your mod's looking great
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Old 2005-05-24, 22:09   #29
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hi guys iv been registered for a couple of weeks but i thought id give a wee hello to evryone so hi
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Old 2005-05-27, 20:25   #30

I am 14 years old and I am from the great country of Canada, I like to play computer games, hockey, football, soccer, and watch tv. I am currently building my dream computer and hope to have it really soon. My favourite show would have to be The Apprentice because I enjoy the business feel to the show. I can't wait until this mod comes out!
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=r6=, akhbar, allah, ann, baria, commies, community, cool, dano, guy, hoes, introduce, melissa, mitchell, newbie, pla, usmc
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