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25 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: Flying Kitties!

Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
do the Army operate from there now too? Guess there is plenty of room for them to do so for the last 10 years
Yeah 1 Regt AAC moved to Yeovilton in 2014 from Gutersloh. Around the same time 9AAC disbanded I believe.

Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
Ye, would be a nice feature indeed. A shame the Army refuses to use the LMM on their Wildcat but I bet as soon as a war brakes out they will be strapping them on in next to no time.
I asked the same question (albeit hellfire or it’s replacement) of the Colonel commanding the ARF. Quite simply had they done that the Apache E model purchase could have been lowered. We discussed the Kiowa/Apache teaming concept as that’s what we’ve started doing with WC (nothing new to Gz/Lynx teaming back in ‘91).

Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
Ye, most likely a cost-cutting exercise but one that did make a little sense (unlike most of them) since they could then take the engines from them and put them straight into the new WCs.

It was cost saving for the Army/AAC. Lost the liability of the SF Sp Sqn (657). The RAF with Puma force taking up that mantle. Manpower could then be reallocated to other units that held significant gaps.

There’s a lot of commonality between them. The AFCS computer is the same as the Mk1!!

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