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28 Feb 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2021-02-21, 20:59   #1
Default Un-spawn-able fobs


Had two instances now where fobs were constructed, enemies were not nearby, and I could not spawn on the FOBs. Squad members confirmed the fobs were spawnable and I could see people spawning in while I could not. Anyone else experience this bug? The white dot just doesn't show up for me.
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Default Re: Un-spawn-able fobs

Happened to me a few times in my life. It's rare. I guess it's a desync between the client and the server caused by packet loss.

prta is known for his lack of "authority" on cheaters, your server your rules if you want to close an eye on him do so ~ A guy (who was proven to be a cheater next day) right after reporting another cheater

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