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25 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2009-08-09, 00:00   #1
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Default [086] Minor - C2 Tank 50cal gunner teleported

While driving the C2 tank on Al Basrah we ran into an interesting bug. Half way into the round, we got an offer for someone to man our 50cal. So we picked him up at main while re-arming, and drove off to fight. He ended up getting sniped out of the 50cal, so we picked him up at the VCP where he respawned on our firebase. He jumped back in the 50, and we were off. Later on we got hit by a bomb car and the main turret was disabled. I started the long drive back to main to repair, at this time the 50cal still worked and was our only defense. At some point the gunner must have hit the wrong button and ended up jumping out of the tank, he was carried on the roof for a little bit until i stopped and he got back in. But, now the 50cal wasn't turning, firing or anything. I ordered the 50cal gunner to get out and get back in, thinking maybe the driver requirement screwed with his gun. Now here's the strange part, when he jumped out, he was teleported back to VCP where we picked him up. Cue, the bombcar, tank blows up, we're all a little pissed.

The 50cal gunner who got teleported said he was glitched vcp, maybe up in the air, spawned into a wire, i'm not sure, i didn't ask, & he didn't say. But looking at the map he was exactly where we picked him up.

Steps to Reproduce:
Get a tank, 3 crew, pick up the 50cal gunner at VCP, bombcar detonate about 5-10m away, diables the main turret, main gunner jumps out and gets back in. 50cal gunner jumps out and is teleported. Might not work again, but those are the steps.

Tested On:
Al Basrah Insurgency-64, Chicago Insurgency #2 0.86

-Al Basrah
-Insurgency / 64
-Chicago Insurgency #2
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Old 2009-08-13, 17:40   #2
Captain Mactavish

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Default Re: [086] Minor - C2 Tank 50cal gunner teleported

Samething happen to me on ejod desert
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Closed Thread

086, 50cal, gunner, minor, tank, teleported
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