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26 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2016-09-20, 06:21   #1
Post New Laptop for PR

Hey guys this is my first forum post. I'm going to be picking up a new laptop soon mainly for internet browsing and other light stuff, but I'm still hoping to play PR as well. The laptops I'm looking at generally have an

i5 6200u (2.3) (2.
8 GB memory
Intel HD Graphics 520

I was wondering what kind of performance I would get in PR with this type of dual core processor and integrated graphics. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 2016-09-20, 16:32   #2

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Default Re: New Laptop for PR

Should perform well enough for PR.
If you set the laptop to performance mode it shouldn't drop below 30 fps on most maps.
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Old 2016-09-22, 07:32   #3
Default Re: New Laptop for PR

Thanks for the reply. I actually ended up buying a Lenovo Ideapad 700 on sale with an i5 6300hq and a 950m. Here's the link if anyone is interested. Don't think the sale will last much longer.

Lenovo Ideapad 700-15ISK 15.6" IPS 1080P, i5-6300HQ, 8GB Ram, 1TB HDD, GTX 950M 4GB, WiFi AC,Win10 Home 64 @ $535 with F/S -
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Old 2018-05-20, 12:42   #4
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Default Re: New Laptop for PR

I too must get a new laptop for PR.

I want all high decent FPS on 1920X1080.

Looking of course to spend the minimum to achieve this. I am thinking 8GB ram, gtx1050 2gb but I believe PR is a CPU eater needing something fast?

Any help?

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Old 2018-05-20, 18:44   #5
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Default Re: New Laptop for PR

Yes, PR is old school and won't take much advantage of your CPU past a single core in it's default stock configuration. You do not need to spend much to get a solid 50+ FPS in PR, the game is built on BF2 from 2004!!

Seriously, heat will be the biggest issue on most systems, as PR games last longer than your normal shooter game, so monitor your temps to be sure your laptop remains in the green and clean the dust out of the little intakes at least monthly. You'll notice a drop in FPS on a laptop when things get really hot, most power profiles allow for speeding up fans before slowing the chip, but when fans are at max, a laptop will be ready to throttle itself down.

If you are thinking of spending more than $750 on a laptop just to play PR, consider looking at entry level Gaming desktop PC's instead... more than twice the performance for the $$ since everything isn't designed to be tiny. Big fans, big cooling, big performance - low price.

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Old 2018-05-20, 19:03   #6
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Default Re: New Laptop for PR

Heat will be the least of your worries as PR takes no more than a core and a half at maximum performance. GPU-wise, unless you're playing on a 4K monitor with x8 AA, any modern GPU will not go past 50% utilization.
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Old 2018-05-21, 09:29   #7
Default Re: New Laptop for PR

I'm playing PR with an integrated intel 520, zero issues, except for fps drop with smoke+thermals combination.

The biggest issues I had with PR were on my old (2010's i5) laptop, which experienced CTD's after 2-4 hours of playtime due to out of memory (4GB ram), and danger level heat on summer (in spain), to the point I had to play with ice packs below the laptop xD.

tldr: 8GB ram, modern-ish i3 or i5, good ventilation and no need for gpu.

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Old 2018-06-17, 13:03   #8
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Default Re: New Laptop for PR

I am still occasionally using my 2009 MSI laptop,
2.3 GHz dual core 4GB RAM nvidia 9600M GT 512Mb runs on low to medium but smoke is a slideshow.

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Old 2019-02-06, 01:25   #9
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Default Re: New Laptop for PR

Agree that laptop should be kept cool if you want it to last, that of course depends on how many game hours it will see, but I've seen some gpu chips die after 2years after frequent use, judging by opinions on the web. It is a recurring issue seen over course of 10+ years, not just with old tops.

PC FPS SINCE 1998 - PR Til I Die
Cheap / fast track upgrade for slow PR computer > Guide
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