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28 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default [086] Littlebirds' M134 won't reload

I was the SL of the dedicated littlebird squad on Karbala. A littlebird spawned while most of the squad was out doing recon. A random blue guy jumped in, and my main pilot who was in the main told him over text to get out, they're for our squad, etc, etc. Anyway, after coming back to the main to take possession of the LB, he was still in it, but not going anywhere, i believe he was firing the M134 but can't remember exactly. Anyway, after he got out and i got in, i checked the ammo and saw there were only about 8 rounds of the M134 left, i fired them off in half a second and expected it to start reloading, since i was sitting on the pad. But, it didn't and nothing i did would make it reload. The 14 hydras worked perfectly, but the M134 simply wouldn't reload. I tried a different pad, i tried getting out and getting back in, nothing seems to make any difference. I told the random blue that he broke my M134 and he just LOL'ed so i don't think he was some kind of hacker or griefer intentionally causing a glitch, i guess it's just one of those random bugs.

Steps to Reproduce:
Run a littlebird squad on karbala, 9/10 times some blue will steal your bird, then try and get it back from him and see if it's glitched

Tested On:
Karbal Insurgency-64, Chicago Insurgency #2 0.86

-insurgency / 64
-Chicago Insurgency #2
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Closed Thread

086, littlebirds, m134, reload
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