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Old 2008-01-19, 04:51   #1
Default A few tips on how to keep your Squad leader alive in between rallies.

This is just a short guide on how to keep your SL alive when moving in between rally points.

Allright let me start off by saying I am not a good SL, I rarely go as SL but when i do i hate getting killed because my Squadies play follow the leader.
So here is a quick little guide to keep your SL alive.

1. Never play follow the Leader! Sl's are much at fault as their Squad member's are. If you dont know what it means look at the illustration below(Yes i know my paint skills suck)

See whats wrong here? Even a newbie with little knowledge of this games knows to shoo the guy infront first as he is most likely the SL.

Solution: Use move markers and choose a fall guy of sorts, That can be wasted until you plant you're next rally. If using follow the leader formation. Best bet would be to avoid it at all costs as you can still be ambushed from the sides.

2. Use different formations other then Follow the Leader. Here is my favorite which took me a long time to finally achieve with a 6 man squad.

(As you can see the enemies are in red)

It's called cross for a reason. Sl is inside the cross and has a human shield on all 4 sides. Increasing you're chance of surviving in an ambush.

Also their is the reverse cross

(It's better to have 2 fall guys then one)

3. What weapon you have out is sometimes a dead give-away to who you are! A skilled player does not look at the model first when trying to eliminate the Squad leader they look at the weapon. This is especially true for the real Spec-ops and Sniper squads who specialize in Interrupting enemy operations.(By true Spec-ops and Sniper squads. I dont mean the guys who get the Kits for the Full auto carbine or the Double zoom rifle, And go solo everywhere. I tell you guys later)

This is especially true for Militia! When in a conventional army it's really no big deal, Because you can always make sure someone else has a Rifle with Optics to keep the heat off you, But the Militia have only 1 guy with an AK101, And As impractical as this sounds switch to your scorpion, Because not once have i ever been killed first holding the scorpion in .6 and .7 when ambushed, I've survived long enough for my squad to regroup on me. Hell most enemies dont deem you a threat if you have a side-arm out. They prefer to go for the guy with the AK47 or SKS.

If you do by any chance get killed first as SL it's either the guy is behind you and sees your radio pack, Or more likely you had your AK101 out.

Note these tips are suited more for militia on fool's road then any other faction and map. And no insurgents because they cant place rallies.
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Old 2008-01-19, 05:23   #2
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Wedge formation (spearhead/Vee)
Blunt Wedge )opposite)
Road column
Staggered Column
line (horizontal, not following the leader)

I like to hang back but stay with someone like a good support gunner or medic to watch the rear


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Old 2008-01-20, 07:29   #3
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Also remember spacing! People can often get into formations fine but end up way to close. Above all listen to the Squad Leader. If he wants you spread out, listen to him!

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Old 2008-01-20, 07:52   #4
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My mantra as SL is skirmish order and good spacing.

If squad is a little shy, get forward and say something like "form line on my position/ridge/whatever.."

Its always best to have an experienced buddy (I like to think of him as my sgt... ) to keep an eye on one fireteam while you keep the rest in line.

Sadist Cain has the right idea, but I tried terminology like that and got "eh"s and "wha?"s in response lol.

I think i can be proud to say my squad has never been taken out by a single grenade.

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Old 2008-01-20, 10:10   #5
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Originally Posted by DeePsix View Post
Also remember spacing! People can often get into formations fine but end up way to close. Above all listen to the Squad Leader. If he wants you spread out, listen to him!
Dam straight. often folks stay close together for comfort as long as noone goes sprinting off all the time then a formation should be easy to maintain

Plus an SL can easily craft a formation

"Support take point"

"medic behind me on my right, rifle behind me on my left"

"form a horizontal line"

All sorts of shapes can be made by just asking one person to stand next to another

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