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06 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: [Coding] bf2 meshes python lib

This would be more useful for small, low-poly objects so you could have lots of details but very few drawcalls.

And yes, how do you handle lightmap UVs?

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Default Re: [Coding] bf2 meshes python lib

Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
Also for merging all those buildings together means that when you get close to the edge of just one of those buildings, you will be drawing them all in LOD0 detail rather than only the nearest building/floor in LOD0 and the others drawing in much lower detail so for doing huge blocks like this isn't a good idea for that reason as a lot of PCs will really struggle with drawing all that high detail that the player can't appreciate since they are nowhere near the details to see them and will for some PCs, have a bigger negative impact than removing all the draw calls.
I bet lods matter for crappy PC's only because they have less materials, so less drawcalls. I'm gonna tests on various crappy laptops anyway, but have a feeling even weak GPU wont be bottleneck.
Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
So ye, I would limit how many objects you put together to really just one building, unless it was something like a surrounding terrain block of buildings that were already low detail to start with.
Main issue are stuff like Outlawz mentioned, my first aim is to reduce drawcalls from lots of small objects in small area. At the moment i'm selecting objects for merge by hand, but pretty sure will come up with some algorithm for analyze later.
Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
There is also the small issue of losing the flexibility of having different types of floors done the original way but they are only different colours in the case of the T buildings, which are the only ones really to do this so not really much lost but ye, something to consider.
This could be easily done tbh - just have all textures packed in atlas, and have different UV offset on that atlas. But that's for later.
Originally Posted by Outlawz7 View Post
And yes, how do you handle lightmap UVs?
Didn't approached that yet, but i have full control over vertices parameters(everything you see in bfmeshview in vertex attributes, position/normals/tangents/uv's/etc), so i guess it's only a matter of properly recalculating them, if required.

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