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14 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2016-02-07, 19:03   #1
Arrow Death on exit of APC

Now i missed the opportunity to take a picture but oh well.

Basically me and my teammate were trying to get into an APC on the map Yamalia on the Russian side. But one person from another squad was in the turret, so we told him to get out and he did (I was the driver so no one ran me over). The screen was still black so i tried to get out of the APC and back in but as soon as I got out i died. Here is where it gets weird everyone saw my corpse my kit and on the leaderboards i was dead. But the camera came close to the ground I could still move the camera (it was resetting all the time) so I was dead and alive at the same time so I couldn't spawn, I couldn't commit suicide and i was stuck. At the end i just left and went on with my life.

PS: love the game
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Old 2016-02-11, 08:58   #2
Default Re: Death on exit of APC

TL;DR at the bottom..

you die because its the games way of preventing asset theft (or to new comers, its known as taking a vehicle you are not permitted to take). an example of this is lets say you want to fly a helicopter. the only way to "legally" fly a helicopter is to 1) have a pilots kit (available in friendly supply crates) and 2) be in a helicopter squad (a squad were squad member fly only helicopters and not play soldier). same goes for any vehicle that requires a kit to use, such as APC or Tank squads. if you do not have a kit belonging to the vehicle (pilots kit for helicopters and airplanes or crewman kit for tanks and APCs) the screen will go black. if you stay in the vehicle for long enough with a black screen, the game will kill you, if you exit the vehicle and then enter twice, without the kit, you will be killed as well. however, a specialist kit (pilots kit or crewman kit) is NOT required if lets say you were just getting a ride. meaning if you enter a land based vehicle like an APC and you're not either the gunner or driver, a crewman kit is not needed. similar to transport helicopters. if you're not flying the helicopter, a pilots kit is not needed. the kit is also not needed if using the mounted guns on the helicopter. you do not need a specialist kit if you are driving or using the mounted gun on a logistical truck, transport truck, or transport vehicle (Humvees, jeeps, motorcycles and its equivalent). also beware, you will receive the black screen if you have a pilots kit equipped and are using a transport helicopter that already has a pilot, as a means of getting somewhere. this is to prevent self-appointed 'airborne squads' as the pilot kit comes with a parachute. now, regarding squad based assets. if you want to fly a transport helicopter, you need to be in a transport helicopter squad, which is often named "trans" or something similar. if you want to use a tank, be sure to be in a tank squad often named "tank". if you want to fly an attack helicopter of fighter jet, look for a squad named "CAS' (close air support). if its an apc, look for a squad named "APC". if you are using an asset out of squad, it will be considered as asset theft and could lead to a kick or ban depending on the server admins. if said squads are full or locked (indicated by the lock icon to the right of the squad name) then, sorry, but its full or locked. this does not give you permission to take the vehicle or borrow it. however, speaking out of personal experience, you could ask if you can borrow it, but I wouldn't hold my breath. its extremely rare and a lot of factors play into getting the outcome you're looking for. so just ask for a ride via chat or local radio(H) when near an apc or helicopter.


Upon entering a vehicle and receiving a black screen, look at the bottom left of your screen. a text of yellow words can explain a lot in this game. the same applies for picking up a specific kit off the ground or from a supply crate. or you could just consult the manual that most people recommend beginners to read before playing.
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