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01 Apr 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2015-09-28, 20:34   #11
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Default Re: CTD when entering an APC

It happens to me too often. try to see if the crewman kit is fallen outside or if it disappears. if it disappears may mean that the error is within the apc, perhaps for the screen change (?)
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Old 2015-10-11, 20:46   #12

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Default Re: CTD when entering an APC

While back, Merk server, Black Gold, Chinese APC. Me and my gunner crashed twice together and one and then other after a while. Occupation of other APC had same issue. Hopefully only once while we were in combat...

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Old 2015-10-13, 20:21   #13
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Default Re: CTD when entering an APC

To me, this seems to happen exactly when I'm already in the vehicle and then leave and get in again in a very short time, normally when stopping for a bit to hear outside or throw smoke.
I had a pretty annoying round the other day as a driver for the canadian LAV. Crashed when re-entering the vehicle after a quick stop to throw smoke. I rejoined, drove all the way from main and crashed once again after doing the same thing.
This problem also happen, but less frequently, when I change seats too often as a driver.
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Old 2015-10-15, 17:06   #14
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Default Re: CTD when entering an APC

Python server side crash maybe ?

Because when it happens, it happens a lot on the same round, for several players.
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