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Old 2012-01-19, 16:15   #1
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Default Power Supply help & Rig Opinion


I'm thinking in upgrading one of my PCs and I come up with this:

Components I'll buy:
MOBO: MSI H67MA-E35 (rev. B3) - Socket 1155 - Chipset H67 - Micro ATX
RAM: XMS3 2 x 2 GB DDR3 1333 - PC3 - 10666 CL9
CPU: Core i3 2100 - 3,1 GHz - Cache L3 3 MB - Socket LGA 1155
HDD: (Probably) SATA3 300GB

Components I have and want to use
GPU: Geforce 7100Gs
1 Floppy Disc
300W supply power

The computer will be use only for Photoshop, Office, video-editing (amateur).

1) Is the Power Supply enough? [Never understood how to calculate this]
2) Is the RIG overpowered to its goals?

Thanks in advance,

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Old 2012-01-19, 18:43   #2

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Default Re: Power Supply help & Rig Opinion

Power supply is quite on limit there, you should have at least 400W for that. If you remove one HDD and that CD-ROM it may work, but I suggest you get stronger PSU, than that. Actually I dont see the point of that CDRom and 30Gb IDE HDD.

As for video editing Id leave the stage for somebody else, I never did that, neither I know much about it, but from what Ive heard it takes a muscle CPU to get it going, while video card is not much of importance here, since in encoding and decoding CPU and RAM takes the beating, not GPU.

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Old 2012-01-19, 19:10   #3
Default Re: Power Supply help & Rig Opinion

U_turista try this power consumption calculator
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Old 2012-01-19, 19:56   #4
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Default Re: Power Supply help & Rig Opinion

If you use the
with integrated Intel HD 2000 graphics
with integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics,
both are substantially better than the Geforce 7100Gs.

IF you do not use the GPU Geforce 7100Gs you will save 30 to 40 Watts.

Only install one DVD drive.
Skip using the IDE drive.

Power Supplies degrade over time, about 5% to 10% a year for common 300W supplies, which means you'll be cutting it close on your new build if that 300W PSU is a few years old..
Electrolytic capacitor aging. When used heavily or over an extended period of time (1+ years) a PSU will slowly lose some of its initial wattage capacity. We recommend you add 20% if you plan to keep your PSU for more than 1 year, or 25-30% for 24/7 usage and 1+ years.

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Old 2012-01-20, 05:15   #5
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Default Re: Power Supply help & Rig Opinion

Massive and Litortalis are right on the money. You should seriously think about upgrading your PSU along with the rest of your equipment. If not, you need to cut back on all the non essentials, like that GeForce 7600, the Zip drive, and the CD-ROM (Hell, even the floppy disk drive unless you feel you really need it).

You also won't be able to use your IDE Hard Drive internally. The MSI H67MA-E35 (B3) doesn't have an IDE connector, so you'll have to pick up an external HDD case for it if you want to use it (Or you can get a PCIe HDD IDE controller, but that's more power your PSU would have trouble providing).
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